Cafe de Paris and photos that speak for themselves.

The Tenerife North Cafe de Paris of Puerto de la Cruz is unique  for many reasons.

It's a true  Parisian corner cafe with its two  terraces in two roads.  Its amazing Art Nouveau style shown by the photo gallery below speaks for itself.

Short, important information

Address: Ave.Cristóbal Colon and Corner C/Venezuela
on the ground floor of Hotel Valle Mar
in a quiet, secluded pedestrian zone
38400 Puerto de la Cruz
Tel: +0034 922 384000

Business hours: daily 9a.m.-1a.m.

Recommended: To watch the world go by and a stunning sunset with a bit of luck.

Best consumed:  Long and short drinks, tarts, pastries, short snacks and salads.

Cafe style: French design, Nouveau art interior, Berlin flair.

Entertainment: Life music, mostly suited for the elderly from Northern Europe.

Dog friendly? Yes.

You can order Cocktail Tapas, as displayed, while those with Beef Tartar are not in the picture.

A la carte foodA la carte dishes
A la Carte dishes are of course, also available but this cafe isn't much used as a restaurant.

cafe paris cakes in puerto de la cruzCakes with chocolate, strawberries and cream, cheese cake, doughnuts and more

The Cafe Paris cakes and tarts made with German and Austrian recipes are absolutely delicious. The same pastries are sold at three more outlets of the owner of this chill-out place, the most spectacular of which is the Meson Monasterio Monastery theme park.

By the way, only order the ice cream of the house. Forget about commercial types which come frozen like rocks. 

Beach cafe view to Lago MartianezBeach cafe

The Avenida 'Colón' beachfront section is the most popular, as it's right opposite the Martianez pools. Indeed, you are facing a tropical oasis with gigantic waterfall, palms and tropical plants galore.

Cafe of Tenerife North with most visitors

1920 decor icecream trolley1920 decoration style

Imagine a Gaulish esplanade Café with amazing end of the 19th century or early 1920 decor. Visualize big artificial Christmas tree outside decorations in winter and a Caribbean landscape over the road at the Lago Martianez

That's when you look out from inside.  However, most prefer the 250 square meter big terraces with their large, red umbrellas. On a good day which is the norm, most tables are taken by all age groups. That makes it the Café of Tenerife North with most visitors.  There, not only wealthy pensioners enjoy the Mediterranean life style around them.

Berliner flair of Cafe de Paris.

Berliner flair of Tenerife beach cafeBerliner Flair

Cocktails, Sangria,  hard liquor and beers are not only popular by its elegant inside bar. Others just sip tea or coffee at the Cafe de Paris and enjoy its glitz and Berlin flair.
Not to forget are ladies and men dressed in Gatsby fashion by the end of February at this beach café.  They may come after the vintage car parade in the last week of the Tenerife carnival. In fact, the classic cars pass right in front of the Cafe de Paris and park off a few paces from it.

Dance at the French cafe

life music poster by  Tenerife cafeLife music Poster

This Cafe by the San Telmo beachfront used to have magic, live music from 6 p.m. onward. Then came a duo with its Latin 'earworm' tunes. Evening to late night dance was always on its agenda, as shown by a poster.

However, young people are better off with disco dance at the nearby Club Azucar or at the Blanco bar.

More Tenerife business for street cafes despite Spain Recession.

This large café hasn't only survived after the Recession since 2008. In fact, its Tenerife business seems to have grown. The anti smoking laws that favor terrace cafes also helped.

Marilyn Monroe sculpture life sizeMarilyn Monroe

This Marilyn Monroe life size sculpture stands by the steps of the dance hall of the Puerto Cruz Paris cafe.

Next to the sculpture outside by an Art Nouveau Tiffany Glass window are more surprises.

There,  you can smell a faint perfume  of the tropical  African plants that are depicted below.

Madagascar Christ Thorn Euphorbia MilliiMadagascar Christ thorn

Inside the cafe, several Toulouse Lautrec posters may be discovered.

Art Nouveau decor and interior design of Paris of the early XX century and the decade before abound. The Tiffany lighting with ceiling fan draws the visitor to the back with its Tapas bar.

All that adds to the genuine French touch of this restaurant/ bar which attracts more as a cafe, as said before. 

From Cafe de Paris back to Tenerife attractions.

And now about the real and most famous Cafe de Paris called the Les 2 magots on Rive Gauche the Latin quarter where the most famous intellectuals of the 20th century had coffee and cognac together.

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