Candelaria Tenerife for the ideal car travel break.

Candelaria Tenerife is highly recommended as optional stop-over to all travelers who go by car from the South Airport on the TF1 freeway toward the TF5 to Puerto de la Cruz.

Six reasons for an ideal break at Candelaria Tenerife

  1. Half way between the Tenerife South airport after 45km and a total of 91 km to Puerto de la Cruz
  2. The legendary Black Madonna history of Guanches as well as Spain which is depicted by a mural next to the renown church of this town
  3. Visiting the archipelago's most famous temple the Basilica of Canary Islands' pilgrims
  4. A sunny historical city of welcoming locals by a spectacular bay of the Atlantic ocean
  5. A perfect excuse to have fresh seafood or Paella by a church town square which dates back more than 400 years.
  6. A good break for a traveling dog as well as little kids

Swimming dog in Atlantic watersSwimming dog
Admire our swimming dog in the ocean by a sandy beach of Candelaria Tenerife. This incidence can't be on the above list, unfortunately. We noticed too late that animals were not welcome by this seaside.

A leisure walk of about 300 meters takes you along Calle Obispo Pérez Cáceres to the famous Plaza de Candelaria. This is the perfect spot for a meal by this huge town square of the town Basilica.

A toy airplane on Plaza de CandelariaToy airplane
There, we also helped a little visitor of ours to enjoy a toy airplane, while we were waiting for our food to be served by the 'Restaurante Plaza'.

By the way, a nearby souvenir shop called Casa de las Imagenes more of which find on Facebook attracts people of all ages.

Religious images in a souvenir shopReligious images of Candelaria
Calendars, religious images, figurines and motives fill the large shop from bottom to ceiling. Miniature Black Madonnas sculptures and tiny Saints Hermano Pedro, sea shells and all sorts of other crafts in bright colors also draw the attention of little kids.

Miniature town Candelaria by the waysideMiniature town of the black Madonna
You may also show toddlers an enticing reproduction of the miniature town Candelaria under two huge shady trees by the wayside during Christmas holidays. That spot is even closer to the car park.

More in Candelaria Tenerife

Other nice places for chilling off or for having a relaxing walk with your dog in Candelaria can be seen in the following photo gallery.

Eating out Vegan in the town of the Tenerife Black Madonna

Finding the town's seaside public parking ground near the Muelle (quay)after leaving the TF1 freeway is fast and easy when you follow pointers. Only don't bring a car on the main pilgrimage days in February and on August 14 and 15. Both major events are called  Dia de Candelaria, by the way.

Fishing has always been a long time income provider of the town of the Black Madonna. 

You can even buy ecological baby clothes as well as many stunning Tenerife craftworks and antique looking toys  in Calle Obispo Perez the town main shopping street near the Basilica. Also look out for ancient clay pots that are made the Guanche way without a turner wheels.  

Regions of Candelaria Tenerife

  • Araya with its public forest park for barbecues and pick-nicks and children playground at Los Brezos
  • Barranco Hondo with its ancient village houses and traditional balconies and the nearby lookout Mirador del Picacho
  • Arafo for its views and its Guanche pilgrimage route to La Caldera of Orotava where I once saw a sign pointing to Candelaria.
  • Cuevecitas another of Candelaria's agricultural jewels
  • Igueste with remnants of one of most ancient post conquest settlements and the picturesque hamlet Caserio de Jiménez with its red clay roof tops
  • Nature Reserve of Las Lagunetas besides the Corona Forestal del Teide both popular for forest nature walks
  • Nature Reserve El Paisaje Protegido de las Siete Lomas
  • Las Caletillas with hotels and new beach fronts as well as sailing school
  • Playa de la Viuda

Extraordinary Candelaria Tenerife Events

Carnival in Candelaria in February or March is known for an extra. That is the festival of Murgas when the winners from both Las Palmas and Santa Cruz de Tenerife repeat theirs shows.

Another famous yearly Candelaria reality show takes place in the middle of August when young folk competes for the best singing. All Canary Islands take part.

From Candelaria Tenerife back to Tenerife towns

About the black Madonna legend and Guanche Candelaria caves as well as some anthropology in case you forgot to click the picture link.

More about the Town of the Black Madonna in Tenerife

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