Walking in Tenerife may be like a Sunday stroll but, can end up down a ravine.

Walking in Tenerife of Macaronesia is for the most part like venturing through paradise.

The best places are mostly off the beaten track where maps hardly serve for all sorts of reasons.

There are many such most desirable spots but, we also know that getting there may not be that easy.

Imagine Tenerife like an island whose trails are mostly climbing and are known for hairpin bends.

Look at the stones which mean rough walking, as depicted by the Rambla which gets you to the Corona of Realejos. Such pathways resemble the roads of the old Romain empire which were not the best surface for human feet. Generally, such 'so called senderos' circle past obstacle caves or next to a steep abyss towards Spain's highest peak which is rising 5000 meters from the bottom of the sea and almost 4000 meters from the coasts.

Around it are many more elevations, many of which are rugged and steep, while deep, treacherous gorges may separate them.

No big deal for mules or goats, no doubt...

Where best walk in Tenerife?

  • Downtown in virtually all towns, above all near the sea
  • Santa Cruz Rambla walks during day and night
  • Garcia Sanabria the capital's park
  • Puerto de la Cruz which includes its Parque Botanico and Taoro Park
  • Village walks, such as San Juan de la Rambla
  • Mercedes Forest
  • Anaga Mountains, valleys and beaches
  • Teno Mountains with Masca, Faro del Teno and Teno Alto
  • The pine forests or Corona of Orotava and Los Realejos
  • The Laurisilva forests or mixed patches which are in the mist belt between 500 and 1200m above the sea
  • The Canadas del Teide and other protected spaces
  • Banana plantations
  • The Tenerife paradise country
  • Barranco Ruiz
  • Montaña Pelada, Montaña Roja, Montaña Amarilla, Monte de Agua
  • Erjos bird paradise
  • Costa Adeje with the Devil's Gorge

Some mountain slopes, as you find them in Realejos Alto (Upper Los Realejos) are manageable and are not only trot by oxen during its Romerias and other fiestas. All this is quite easy walking while taxis and buses are no problem to find on normal days. There, unexpected surprises like sudden weather changes are problems. However, they can be easily solved by turning into a cheap inn or on working days into a shop.

Titsa public Transport to starting points for Tenerife walking

By the way, the Titsa public bus transport is very popular with many hiking clubs in the north of the island.

The Roques Garcia which are those bizarre Lava contortions in the Cañadas del Teide belong to their most popular walking tours. The pointy 'God's Finger' rock is just one of them. Indeed there, make out people on fairly gentle path ways.

Public buses for Cañadas del Teide walks

348 bus

at 09.15 and at 16.00
Puerto de la Cruz
El Portillo
Teleferico del Teide 348 bus at 09.15 and at 16.00

342 bus

Costa Adeje
El Parador
Teleferico del Teide
El Portillo

La Caleta at 09.00 to El Portillo and back at 15.15

Coste Adeje at 09.15 to Teleferico and back 15.40

Los Christianos at 09.30 to Parador Nacional and back at 16.00

Please call Titsa at 922 531 300, as the bus stop to Teide may have changed and even the times may not be the same.

Public bus times mostly apply to departure and pick up spots which please, mind when you enter the well marked walkways below Mount Teide.

Besides, using Titsa bus transport for the goal of walking in Tenerife is very cheap, as you normally get away with €1,25 bus fares for one way depending on short or long distances. Only mind that the new TenPlus card more about which here cannot be used for Teide trips. The latter are a bit more expensive nowadays.

Clubs for walking in Tenerife charge anything around € 15 - €25 depending on individual private guides or group walking ventures. You may ask for discounts when you join on a regular basis.

Planning your own excursions to the tallest peak of Spain Mount Teide and other island locations is an exciting proposition for those with a holiday home in Tenerife. Why? Such people spend at least 5 months on the island and have much time. Doing walking trips where it's easy to keep control where you are going is OK. Also included is info on a backpacker inn by Teide.

Don't do walks which take you into the unknown on your own!

Check list for Tenerife hikes

  • Soft Ankle boots which were designed for hikes
  • At least one professional walking stick.
  • Rucksack with a light all weather coat
  • Some basic first aid kit
  • A hat
  • Survival food, even Gofio, and water
  • A compass and possibly a route finder
  • Maps
  • Sun glasses and sun tan lotion
  • A human guide as ideal companion

People are not aware how easy it is to go around in circles and totally loose orientation around Mount Teide. Mind its huge area, some of which is off the beaten track.

Water is the most important when walking in Tenerife as the island has no rivers or natural lakes in its forests, bushland and highlands. All it has are Barrancos which fill up with water after rare torrential rains. Farm reservoirs are awkward to get to while their guard dogs could mistake you for an intruder.

By the way, shooting rabbits is off limits without a license to hunt.

Be on the look out for hunting dogs, in case it's hunting season, as not to run into a party.

Walking in Tenerife in interesting regions

  What about hiking in the Teno Mountains? The following link doesn't give you routes or experiences but leads to other information and photos about the region. There, you see slopes by the coast of the fertile valley of 'Valle de Arriba' or get an idea for hiking Tenerife by the steep, rocky grounds of 'Masca'.

Alternatively, use Titsa public buses to get to Anaga walking trails in the north of the island, unless you have a rented car which is always better for getting there. Information is provided at the main bus info office.

Never overestimate your fitness for Tenerife walks or hikes...

Walking in Tenerife on your own into the unknown is not advisable.

Besides, there is always the problem that you will underestimate your own strength where steep hills in the forests below Mount Teide even at a height of 1500 meters are not to be taken lightly.

Walking along the Cordilera which is the road leading up to Teide would be easy but this is not practical because of road traffic.p

Alternative means to reach your walking in Tenerife by Mount Teide

An old TV commercial for renting a car I remember wasn't exaggerating the most rewarding leisure drive right up to Teide. Picture yourself in a cabriolet cruising a new surprising world you've never seen before. Walking in Tenerife may then be reserved for a small area near Spain's highest peak Teide.

Tourist tours for a little walking in Tenerife by Teide

Some tours to Spain's highest peak don't only drop you off at a little inn or two on the way but, also allow for time to do some walking in its Canadas.

Dangers of walking in Tenerife in its forests

My friend Guenther who is very keen to lose the size of his belly was invited to join his pal Simon to come along for a day walking trip by Agua Mansa above La Orotava. Simon could almost be called a Tenerife guide.

They took the Titsa bus to get there. They walked from Agua Mansa for about an hour up into the forests past La Caldera. Canary pines with all their birds were a peaceful delight. Interesting indigenous plants were by the way side providing change in the landscape. After about 2 hours they started the descent. Suddenly, my friend's legs didn't want to carry him any longer. Leg cramps followed. Road markers were nowhere when they needed them most. How tell a taxi where to fetch them?. After a short break Guenther pulled himself together and went on bravely. The direction was the coast with Puerto de la Cruz.

However, my friend collapsed after an agonizing 16 km walk. This included the initial climb from Agua Mansa. Not that he needed an ambulance but, this could happen to folks walking in Tenerife in little known terrain.

After a long rest, they continued the downhill walk. Suddenly, they met some local people. After a deliberation, it was decided to ask them for help to get a cab. The slightly strange looking Tinerfeños seemed to know the area well. They called a taxi on Guenther's cellular telephone and explained to the driver how to get there. When the locals heard from where my friends had descended they told them they were locos. (crazy people)

I was invited to this outing. Guess, how glad I was not to have come. Marita, one of my friends went along, too. She, also, had problems with this descent and felt it in her knees, although, she is a very fit 45 year old who often joined Simon on walks. She was only too relieved when the taxi finally arrived.

This group of friends of mine stubbornly tried the same journey again at the end of October 2008. They left early in the morning with the sun standing nice and high promising a good, clean walk. This time they took a taxi uphill to Agua Mansa and started walking in Tenerife pine forests, again. So far so good...

When they were in about the middle of their forest descent big fogs suddenly engulfed them. It didn't take long until they were soaking whet. Guenther's rain jacked wasn't good enough for so much moisture. He was soaked right down to his underwear in the end. So he told me. They managed to get back to La Orotava from where they took a taxi back home.

This easily happens with foreigners. Not to know the island's forests, especially in the north, also means bad estimates of their weather conditions for walking in Tenerife.

Tenerife mists are treacherous and very thick. All were lucky to not have caught a cold from this journey thanks to the otherwise very fortunate Tenerife climate.

Walking routes are seldom marked. Maps are also often not adequate.

Are you after walking in Tenerife adventure and a challenge, anyway?

It can be done at your own risk when taking precautions.

Please, mind that no food and drink are around the island's mountains. Only, guides and some locals know where to find rare mountain fountains such as the one at La Caldera by Agua Mansa near La Orotava.(Bus Stop Line 345 from La Orotava)

The only Parador (country inn/hotel) is near mount Teide.

Take a Tenerife hiking break...

Rest your feet, legs and above all your knees and experience what it feels like to sleep on the foot of one of the world's highest living volcanoes. Consider spending a night at the Parador de Canadas del Teide Hotel for an unforgettable break in Tenerife's National Park.

Terrain during walking in Tenerife can be tricky. Lunar landscape (Paisaje Lunar) which is a specific area by the Villa the town of the Flor is for real hikers, only.

Media reports on danger of Tenerife walking

About 6 years ago, Tenerife media reported on walkers who curiously ventured into an unknown Tenerife mountain cave where they inhaled lethal fumes nobody knows where they came from or what caused them.

A few slipped down ravines when walking in Tenerife.

Accidents like that, always, made the news in radio, TV as well as in other Tenerife media during the years since 2001.

Again, I must stress: Better join a group or, engage a good, well known guide! One of the best is an elderly German whom I believe to be retired now, though.

Maps are available in most stationary shops called Librarias but, can sometimes, only, be deciphered by skilled hikers.

Snakes and scorpions are not living in Tenerife and are, very rarely only, encountered on neighboring Gran Canaria Island.

Bees or hornets can be dangerous in Tenerife Highlands if you unexpectedly stumble upon a hive.

In very rare cases you may encounter Tenerife wild or run away dogs which may suffer from rabies.

On many stretches one can see the ocean when descending from Tenerife heights downhill which is at least one natural orientation point.
Mind descending from Agua Mansa in the evening...

This is also when all slopes above the Orotava Valley are covered in fog which is such a surprising experience when seeing it from above. The moment you reach the Cordilera (mountain motorway) coming out from Caldera Agua Mansa (kettle of Agua Mansa) you discover this. Standing under blue skies with tall green ferns in front of you a big fog wall cuts off all sight, suddenly. You can't believe how this can happen. You feel like floating above suspended upon a cloud while the all embracing ocean of Tenerife doesn't seem to exist any more.

I experienced this for the first time when walking down from an Agua Mansa pick-nick to our car.

You would have to walk for miles to penetrate this thick surrealistic looking mist. You would feel like an actor during a spooky movie, almost.

Insider tip for walking:

You could also do something useful
if you preferred climbing the slopes in case you wanted more than walking in Tenerife .

There was this elderly legendary figure in Los Realejos who stalked the island's slopes. He crawled them and climbed them to get to the litter left behind by a parasite on the cochineal cactus.
He used to scoop up the black bugs with two tins and stuffed them into a huge sack he carried on his back. He did this for a living.

This particular bug is producing a substance which delivers a beautiful purple die. Collecting, bottling and selling this die was a Tenerife bread winner for many for a long time.

Climbing to the Montaneta Meson Monasterio lookout

An easy long walk from Montaneta de Frailes of Meson Monasterio  to Puerto Cruz which means mostly descending without being too hard on the knees...

The most romantic coastal hiking path of Tenerife .Once in a while after rains, the Rambla de Castro needs repairs on slippery stretches and washed away ground.The worst which repeats itself comes before the Barranco Romantica I and is below Hotel Panoramica Gardens a hotel with one of best panoramic views in Tenerife North. Find several options to get to Rambla de Castro and a total guide about it.

Option #2 a banana farm finca de platanos

Walk along the banana plantation by San Pedro of Rambla del Mar...

Need best hiking shoes?

Puerto de la Cruz the Mecca of Tenerife walkers has the best shoe shops in and by Calle San Juan very close to the Muelle of the old harbor of Orotava

Organized hikes?

Call us at: + 34 922 363685 to find out which organized walking tours are departing on which day from Puerto de la Cruz to different regions of Tenerife. Kindly understand that routes are subject to change.

Botanic walking excursions (also for diving) by biologist Cristobal Coviella Ulrich Tel: + 34 607 677 252 (cell phone)
Calle Cólogan, 14
Puerto de la Cruz

Tel: + 34 922 371 731 or Tel: + 34 654 153 410
email: info(put 'at' symbol)ecosubtenerife.com
ecosub(put 'at' symbol)inicia.es
Guided walking trips with botanical tuition in Spanish to El Botanico (Botanic Gardens Puerto Cruz) Mondays at 10.30 a.m. in Jume and July 2008
Minimum is for 5 participants.(bring friends...)
Price: EU 15/person which includes entrance ticket Botanico.

Trips in German language: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10.30 a.m.

Meeting point always entrance of El Botanico.

Theme tours with the Ulrichs for walking in Tenerife called 'What's in flower where' to Tenerife Forests and Canadas on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays. The price of EU 45 is not including lunch.

Walking in Tenerife on Europe's biggest coastal promenade

This coastal Rambla as the Spanish may call it goes on for 9km along the Adeje seashores    from Los Cristianos, via Playa de las Americas, Arona, Playa del Bobo at San Eugenio, Playa Fanabe until Playa Paraiso with many tropical flowers, shrubs and palms by the wayside, while surprising shopping centers, bars and more invite you for breaks...

Get familiar with the Cañadas del Teide

Get to know some helpful basics about weather, altitude changes as well as wildlife and endangered birds of the Tenerife crater area here...   

Find the latest hiking trails near Candelaria the town of the black Madonna some of which are old Guanche routes.

Holidays by Arona and into fitness?

Find out about several Tenerife nature explorations on foot for groups of 20 by the official tourism department Arona from Jan., 17th of 2012 onwards at www.arona.es,(922 761 600) or visit its tourist office. Walks and hikes for medium difficulty are on its agenda.

The Tenerife walking Festival and its Facebook page No, unfortunately, I am not a member and I am not affiliated.

From walking in Tenerife back to holiday in Tenerife

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