Teide excursions to a different world.

Teide excursions walking by Roques de GarciaTeide excursions Roques de Garcia

Teide excursions are unforgettable. At least, one trip to the mighty mountain is a must.

How getting to Teide?

  • By organized tours with coaches that leave from Tenerife hotels.
  • With a larger group taxi with a fee to be negotiated
  • With a rented car
  • With your own transport
  • With a public Titsa bus

  • Bus 342 from C.C.Tenerife South to Teide Bus 342 Teide back to Tenerife South
    C.C.El Duque at 09.00 From El Portillo back at 15.15
    Costa Adeje at 09.15 From Teide Teleférico back at 15.40
    Los Cristianos at 09.30 From Parador Turismo back at 16.00

    Bus 348 from Puerto Cruz to Parador Turismo Bus 348 from Teide back to Puerto Cruz
    Puerto Cruz at 09.30
    stops at Orotava at 9.45, Aguamansa, El Portillo Visitors center and Teleférico Teide near the Parador Hotel
    From Parador Turismo back at 16.00
    stops at El Portillo, Aguamansa and Orotava
    Costa Adeje at 09.15 From Teide Teleférico back at 15.40

    The critical time factor with Teide excursions and climbing Mount Teide

    Friends warned me that time may not be enough time when you arrive by bus from Puerto de la Cruz while on one of Teide excursions.


    The Titsa bus takes more than an hour with its stops. There may be long queues at the Teide Teleférico the cable car station that takes people to Spain's highest peak. The same may happen when you return from it and want to get back to the bus quickly.

    Therefore, it's safer to spend one night at the Refugio Altavista , more about which find further down this page.

    Feel free to search for different Titsa itineraries to get to Mount Teide here.

    Cost of cable car rides?

    • Adults: Residents €12
    • Non-residents €25
    • Resident children under 14 years €8
    • Non-resident kids €15,50
    • One-way for residents €8
    • One-way for non-residents €12,50

    Times for cable car rides up are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    The last cable cab is descending at 5 p.m.
    Of course, no rides are possible during bad weather.

    Do you want to download the Teide summit permit?

    Download by clicking here...

    Excursion to Montana Blanca Tenerife with dogExcursion to Montaña Blanca

    Want to rent a car ?

    Car rental Tenerife with tips.

    The photo beside show an excursion to Montana Blanca on the way to Mount Teide. Of course, we rented a car. A coach or a public bus wouldn't have allowed our big pet. Only small ones are admitted. We had a very happy dog. Jesse got to see the highlands and she could sniff out a different world.

    Teide excursions by car

    The different Teide routes

    From the South

    • Start your journey for example via Gia Isora Chio with the road C 823.
      Proceed from Chio on the motorway TF 38 which leads to Boca de Taude after 30 km.
    • From Vilaflor on the luxury Cordilera street TF 21 to Boca Tauce after 16km

    From Los Gigantes

    The coastal road to Playa Las Americas and then to Vilaflor may be taken, while the Chio road is an alternative.

    From Puerto de la Cruz

      Stone Rose Tenerife geological miracleStone Rose of Tenerife
      From Puerto de la Cruz via La Orotava on the C.821 and then by the TF21 past the Portillo Visitors Center into the Cañadas which takes 33km

      Mercedes forest route

      The so called Mercedes route is the most scenic but, longer way. You will encounter many lookouts, one of which is by the famous geological miracle the 'Stone Rose'.

      The Mercedes forest journey begins after La Laguna. There, a driver would take the C 824 or TF24 by which it takes 43 km from La Laguna until the Portillo Vistors Center. Your car will climb slowly towards Teide on that trip.

      French girls in Tenerife CanadasFrench girls visiting Tenerife
      The lovely French girls in my photo had crossed the Mercedes Forest on their Teide excursion. The photo was taken near the stone rose.

      Best time to start for the Mercedes mountain journey?

      It is recommendable to start such a car Teide trip by sun up. That will leave you time to descend later as far as Costa Adeje and Las Americas. There will be no chance for a longer hike with the Mercedes trip, except for a little short walking by the Parador and a few other sights. It's recommended to do different Teide excursions. Of course, you shall need a map, a compass, a GPS and bottled water for any long walks and hikes anywhere in the Cañadas.

      Coastal view from Mercedes Forest towards Santa Cruz de TenerifeCoastal view from Mercedes forests

      During one of my Teide trips I took a shot of this breath taking view, Your eyes wander over densely growing endemic pines towards a built up coast. The blue ocean is beyond.

      It's pleasantly cool and birds twitter in unpolluted air. Many more magnificent view points line the road to Mount Teide, where parking is never a problem.
      Pick nick spots are also indicated by the way side.

      Parador Visitors Center

      The visitors center at the Parador Hotel doesn't exist any more. Its little exhibition center for indigenous plants has been moved  to a bigger Teide reception and information place at the entrance of the Cañadas at the junction of the mountain roads TF 21 and TF 24.

      Teide observatory TenerifeTeide observatory Tenerife

      The Teide observatory of Izaña borders the TF24.  There, Star gazing has no limits at an altitude of 2390m above sea level. Open doors for visitors are once a year in June, to the best of my knowledge. Wondering about its latest and best telescopes?

      Look here.

      View from mount Teide

      All other seven Canary Island may be seen from the summit of the Teide. You are unlikely to discover number eight the island Isla Graciosa, as it's very small.

      Generally,  visibility is very good. This allows to make out the different Tenerife geographic zones by different levels quite well. The scientist Alexander von Humboldt who measured Mount Teide from the sea bed up marveled about this fact already.

      Spring flowers by Teide 450Spring flowers by Teide
      Teide excursions to the summit via the amazing Canadas del Teide are most spectacular in spring. A good route which lasts almost 5 hours starts by the Portillo Visitors center. This time of the year has also ideal temperatures for hikes and walks. Encounter the spectacular red Tajinastes which together with yellow retama strike an architectural chords in the unique landscapes. Both flower in June. By the way, even winter has its charm in this part of the world.

      Teide with snow in TenerifeTeide with snow cap
      A Mount Teide with snow cap which is quite common from November to April requires winter tires to drive there plus warm clothes. Mind that some roads, areas or the cable cars may be closed.

      Snow pistes for Teide winter sports are in the pipe line, by the way. We shall keep you posted.

      Natural rockery with wild daisies of TeideNatural rockery by Teide road

      Teide excursions Spring safari.

      Even the waysides of the Cordillera road to Mount Teide has its surprises in Spring. Natural rockeries with wild white or yellow daisies may be a real delight. However, not all indigenous flowers shoot out new blooms at the same time. Best time to capture Teide Spring is from April to June.

      Most known indigenous plants Teide Cañadas Tenerife Spain.

      • Teide Violet (viola cheirantifolia)
      • Dwarf Bugloss ( echium auberianium)
      • Flor de Pared (erysimum scoparium)
    • Teide Catmint (nepeta feydea var. albiflora)
    • Teide Edelweiss (gnaphalium teydeum)
    • Cardo de plata (stemmacanth cynaroides)
    • Retama del Teide (cytisus subranubius)
    • Tajinaste azul (echium)
    • Tajinaste rojo or Bugloss

      (echium wildpretii)

    Indigenous plant TajinasteIndigenous Tajinaste green and red
    The Teide Tajinaste Rojo which may reach 3m in height (Echium Wildpretii) thrives in volcanic soil at an altitude of about 1400m (42000 feet) and flowers in Spring. There is also a blue Tajinaste.

    Spotting wild beast on Teide excursions? Big exotic animals don't feature with Tenerife wildlife, unless you direct your eyes towards the sea.

    Look out for birds in peril, such as in Masca, which is not far off by air or bird distance from Teide.

    Creatures in the Cañadas del Tenerife

    • Several bat species with the long eared one most unusual
    • Several species of lizards
    • Bats
    • Indigenous wasps
    • The Teide bees
    • Hares
    • Wild dogs
    • Mufflons

    Wildwest terrain Teide 'Moonlanding' filmingWildwest terrain Teide

    This photo shows you why they say that Hollywood did shots for Wild West Movies in the Cañadas.

    It could very well be true, as far as the barren landscape is concerned.

    Mind some of the terrain by the Teide really reminds us of a moonscape.

    Mean tongues insinuated that moon vehicles were filmed right here in Tenerife.

    Teide phenomena its auroraTeide aurora

    If you are very lucky you will get to see this Teide phenomena.

    It's the strange form that hovers like a white disc above the Teide summit that draws our imagination.

    I think it was late in the evening when this shot was taken.

    Sleeping over at the Teide 'Refugio' Backpackers

    Call Tel: + 922 29 01 29 to book a night at the cabin called Refugio Altavista which is at an altitude of 3270 m. From there it's another 160 meters to Teide top.

    What is the 'Refugio' like?

    This formerly very Spartan volcano backpacker center was founded by a British scientist in 1891. In 2007, it  was enlarged as well as modernized. 

    Now, it's bigger and better and has even heating but, nobody is allowed to spend more than one night there. Why?  Demand is very high.  The Refugio has a salon, dining hall, and first aid room. You may bring food and drinks to warm them up in its communal kitchen. Some drinks and snacks may be for sale, though. Three  bed rooms accommodate 56 people. There are toilets but no showers.  Nowadays, you are given comfortable bedding with warm winter duvets. This guaranties a good night's sleep.

    The cable car station may be reached within an hour's walk. No park's permit is needed for those who sleep over and climb the summit from this Altavista Refuge Center before 9 a.m.

    But,  be safe and have this confirmed before you go.

    Parks offices Teide National Park

    • C/Emilio Calzadilla, 5
    • 38001 Santa Cruz
    • Office Hours are 9a.m.-2p.m.
    • When not to go to Teide.

      Avoid outings to Teide on main holidays like Christmas, New year and Easter, when parking there becomes a problem.

      Mind that the Teide highlands with their sunken crater are very famous... In fact, they were declared National Park in 1954 and World Heritage in Christchurch New Zealand by Unesco in 2007.

      Equally crowded during public holidays is another very high and rugged mountain range of Tenerife.

      Occasional Teide excursions study tours

      This is organized by the Museum of Man and Nature (Museo de la Naturaleza y el Hombre)of 38001 Santa Cruz Tel: 0034 + 922 535 816 (Mondays not attended)

      All sorts of Tenerife trips

      Do you want to know more about the biggest Canary Island that's called Tenerife?

      From Teide excursions back to Tenerife attractions.

      Please mind that the comment box below is meant to help others. In case you have a question or want to tell me something, kindly use this contact form.

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