La Montaneta de los frailes a volcanic cone for walking Tenerife.

La Montaneta de los Frailes, as seen from Toscal La Longuera of Los RealejlosLa Montaneta de los Frailes

La Montaneta de los frailes or Montana del fraile is of  volcanic origin. In 2016, it was about 600 years old, as per Guanche hearsay. It's part of the region of Los Realejos but almost borders Puerto de la Cruz as well as La Orotava.

It's a prominent focal point within the Orotava Valley.

It's a most unusual green volcano thanks to moist Elysian winds.

Depicted are its West slope which may be accessed from Calle La Higuerita of the hamlet El Jardin.
    Ferns grow on it but also huge fields with the Paris daisy, wild Lavender and more. 

The abundance of plants render the small mountain so pleasant for walking in Tenerife.  This volcanic cone  with its ellipsoid, closed crater has been a natural monument since 1987.   Also,  it's one of most unique world volcanoes, as it's privately owned. Its 25,7 hectares belong to Columbus S.A. of Puerto de la Cruz. However, it's free to visit for climbing for everybody. Read on to discover more of its surprises.

Where the name of the small volcanic mountain comes from

In the 18th century, Friar Antonio a lay priest from La Gomera bought it and accommodated other Augustine monks from the region, occasionally.

What makes it an exceptional stratovolcano for climbing?

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