Ride the air with flying fox zip lines in Tenerife...

The new and only Flying Fox zip line park Parque Forestal Tenerife is 15000m2 big. It was inaugurated on March 24, 2012 in the district of El Rosario of the Mercedes Forest.

There, Tenerife indigenous pines grow at an altitude of 1.380 up to 60m tall at El Rosario, while they may date back three million years.

Those precious trees will make the latest Tenerife activities on the way to mount Teide a success.

This new adventure park also means one more tourist attraction within top healthy outdoors of the biggest Canary Island. However, this zip line forest center is not only for visitors, but serves everybody.

Amenities of Park Parque Forestal Tenerife

The Flying fox recreation park offers an open for all picnic area as well as free parking for buses. A building greets the visitor. There, buy drinks, wash the road dust of your face or hands and find the briefing center.

Why Briefing?

Indeed, security instructions for the use of all the zip line ropes are a must to attend.

This doesn't just concern sportsmen but everybody. There are rules for using all 11 rope circuits with all their 90 differences.

Anyway, there is nothing to worry about. All tracks are clearly marked depending on difficulties. Black ones with ropes as high as 30m off the ground reach a length of 200m and are the most challenging. Orange circuits are better for a dad and son afternoon challenge, where family bonding has priority.

The flying fox zip line rope roundabouts have many rest platforms. There decide, if you like to proceed or not.

Extreme sports by ropes

Very High ropes are extreme, of course. They are rather those which are at least 18m off the ground. Others are very low. Dry riverbed gravel may represent a hurdle to surmount. Even a tight rope is there for those who want to confirm their sense of balance and guts. Therefor, this latest Tenerife recreational park is not only for family fun activities, but also for real adrenalin sports.

Parque Forestal zip rope benefits

Use the ropes to be one with nature, while you feel the achievement to rely on yourself, while the birds of the trees look on. Enjoy the adrenalin rush by this youngest of sports of Tenerife. Marvel at the most fantastic views, almost like the mountain eagle. Make out Santa Cruz de Tenerife from this area of the Mercedes forests.

How get to the flying fox zip line park?

A billboard near Santa Cruz by la Laguna directs to the TF 5 Salida La Esperanza TF-24 El Teide.

People from Puerto de la Cruz and La Orotava get to El Rosario by different access routes along the TF 5 within less than 20 minutes. The TF-24 is easy to reach from South Tenerife Playa de las Americas and Granadilla via Vila Flor or via Santiago del Teide.

Data for Parque Forestal Tenerife

Country Road Ctra. 24, km 16
El Rosario, La Esperanza, Tenerife, Spain
Tel: 902 091 471

Open all week-ends incl. main holidays, such as Easter, from 10a.m.-19.p.m.
Price: kids 5 or 6years old and 1,10m tall pay €17
From 13 years onwards and 1,45m tall - €22.

More names for flying fox rides

Zip lines are called Foefie Slides in South Africa and aerial runways or aerial slides in other locations. Meantime, the Spanish seem to have taken their expression Tirolinas from the Tyrolean traverse abseil ropes. The latter have been around for mountain climbing and alpine rescues. The Tyrolean ropes are also used in Tirol summer camps of Austria for recreational sports in a similar fashion like in Tenerife.

From flying fox back to Tenerife attractions.

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