Tenerife sports in a nutshell

The absolute Number one of popular Tenerife sports is Soccer while there is even a Women Soccer team, contrary to the other Canary Islands.

The 2014 World Cup was over, and Spain wasn't the winner. That was also the end of The Hyundai Park Soccer frenzy with its giant screen but, sports go on.

Jogging for more endurance with other sports

The lady is having a rest on the steps of Casa de la Aduana the oldest building of the town by the Muelle.

A video with very latest physical challenge in summer holidays on the biggest Canary Island

The so called Infinite Extreme Corrida in Puerto de la Cruz during its July Fiestas was followed by Los Realejos in Spring 2019. Its obstacles might have delighted the toughest US Marines. Mind the muddy ones were not the hardest to tackle. Not to forget are the island's famous, international  Blue Trail mountain endurance races that take place yearly in June.

By the way, Los Realejos is getting known as the heart of sports of Tenerife. Los Realejos is now also the capital of equestrian sports of all the Canary Islands. Its races and horse shows have become important events during its May celebrations more about which find under Dia de Canarias when the Autonomy of the seven Canary Islands is celebrated and most of their business comes to a stand-still. Basket ball, Chess, Swimming, Cycling, Junior Paragliding, Marathons and many more physical activities have become highly prominent in this municipality of Tenerife North. Not to forget is Motor Car Racing sport in this Northern province.

Sport number 2

Tenerife isn't short of physical activities. However, a center for Weight Lifting, Equipment Training and Gymnastics is preferred by many young people to boost fitness. More and more such centers are opening up all over the island.

A Karate Dojo which uses the Kyodaista style is connected to the Bahia gym. Many more dojos of different Karate styles are in other Tenerife towns besides Puerto de la Cruz.

The highly popular Cruz Casablanca Apartments Puerto de la Cruz have a very big center for fitness workout, a picture of which encounter there with name in Spanish. Tenerife Yoga classes are advertised quite often, if you were regarding Yoga like a sport.

Tenerife beach sports

Depicted is a match in March 2014. Middle age tourists seemed to have much fun. This was by Beach Playa Punta Brava in Puerto de la Cruz. Handball which can be more controlled in a small area is an ideal team sport for seashores as well as for holidays. In this case, only men took part with a single woman that seemed to coach them.

 Los Cristianos handball

The first tournament of Club Balonmano of Arona handball by Los Cristianos took place on May 09, 2015 with two age groups of youngsters that delighted passers-by. In that case both boy and girl teams from La Guancha and Arona were competing.

Football practice on the beach like in Brazil

Very long Tenerife beaches would be needed to play football.. Even El Medano shores are not long enough, as not to molest other sports or sunbathers. Therefor, this is sometimes not allowed.

Tenerife fencing called Esgrima in Spanish

Club in North Tenerife Diaz Molina at
Pabellon de Deportes (Sports Arena)
C/Rosario Sotomayor s/n
38400 Puerto de la Cruz
Tel: 0034 + 638321936 (mobile)
Web for Tenerife fencing with more addresses of clubs in other towns.

Tenerife Winter sports

Winter sports are not yet on the agenda of Tenerife sports. Only Mount Teide and its huge collapsed crater have snow between about December and Easter. However, most of the volcanic terrain by Teide is not suited for any sports, except hiking, walking and friendly snowball fights. The location is also part of a fragile ecological system.

A snow piste for Tenerife?

News in early 2014 announced the Tenerife Island government's intention to rectify the above mentioned facts. The construction of a snow piste for Winter sports by Mount Teide is now being considered for the first time. Mind, nothing has come of it, as may be noticed in 2024.

Outdoors Ice Skating in Tenerife?

It may be a real exception that ice forms on the shallow lake at Plaza de España in the Tenerife capital.

There are no Tenerife sports, such as Figure Skating and Snow Boarding either.

  1. Big installations for Trampolin jumping as well
    as an adventure mini golf park by the beach promenade
    of beach Fañabe on Playa de las Americas.
  2. Ping Pong Table Tennis at 3-star Tenerife hotels
  3. Hotel sports with Tennis, Padel and Bowling.
  4. Triathlons are on traditional Tenerife holidays, often,while  Swimming may even be taken out on the ocean.
  5. Cricket, Baseball (Beisbol) Handball and Volleyball are part of team sports in some schools on the island.
  • Tenerife Roller skating is not one of most frequent Tenerife sports, at least not where towns and villages are hilly and where terrains have not been set up for kids as yet. It will be better in the future.
  • Skate Boarding by the beach promenade of Las Americas and in Santa Cruz by several town squares.
    Depicted beside is Tenerife skateboarding on Plaza
    Europa Puerto de la Cruz where nearby police and people in the Town Hall with their friendly attitudes don't seem to mind.
  • The sport of Boles or Boules is practiced by some elderly on the top terrace of Playa Jardin in winter, above all.
  • More Tenerife sports called contact sports, such as Judo, Boxing and Wrestling.
  • Guanche sports include Guanche Wrestling, Bola Canaria (similar to Bocce) and the Palo Canario sport. Most teams and schools are found in the Anaga Massif mountains but also in nearby San Andres of Santa Cruz. The Palo Sport is a Marshall Art and is similar to the Zulu Stick Fighting sport.
  • The latest Tenerife Island Sport dates also back to the Guanches with pole vaulting Shepherds Jumping in awkward terrain from rock to rock or over gorges, a video of which follows, although in Spanish only...
  • A big sports palace is opposite Hotel Maritim where the

  • Guanche sports tournaments celebrate the ancient traditions.
  • Tenerife sports, such as Fencing or Professional
    Sharp Shooting is unheard of.
  • Many of the elderly locals think that Rabbit Hunting in the mountains is one of Tenerife sports.
  • Public Tenerife tennis clubs abound.

    Portrayed beside La Romantica II tennis club pool, which is one of three in Toscal Longuera of Realejos.

    Gocarts Karting, Bike and Car Racing in Southern Tenerife  at www.kartingtenerife.com

    38004 Santa Cruz de Tenerife
    Terra Incognita Ramon y Cajel
    Tel: + 34 922 29371928

  • Address: Carretera del Chó s/n
    Between Park Parque de la Reina y Las Chafiras, 38640 Arona, Spain
    922 730 703
  • Office Bike Tours Address:
    and endurance training
  • Mt Sport Tenerife Cycling club at C/la Gomera,79, 38640 Arona, Tel: 0034 + 822 732129

  • Paragliding Realejos also stands for Puerto de la Cruz. There, many pilots land often with their Flypa Wings by the lighthouse car parking ground that is depicted above.
  • See photos of an amazing Paraglider pilot landing and learn about the sport at Tenerife Paragliding with Tandem and Flypa also known as parapenting or parapente in Spanish.
  • Major Tenerife golf courses and clubs

    • Abama golf in huge hotel complex by Playa San Juan where one of the best chefs spoils you
    • Amarilla Golf by Tenerife South Airport +0034 922 730319
    • Buena Vista del Norte Golf courses +0034 922 129034
    • Costa Adeje Golf +0034 922 752005
    • Los Palos golf centre Arona +0034 922 169080
    • The oldest Real Golf club from 1930 in Tacoronte + 0034 922 636607

    There, Tenerife Golf with 18 holes is practiced by thousands of tourist. However, it's a British expat the old golfer who writes best about golfing and the many championships and events on the island. Tenerife's greens are so popular because the weather for them is so unbeatable and so are the locations, the designs and accommodation by its clubs.

  • Marina Los Gigantes for British fans of Marine sports
  • The Association Bike Sport club
  • Los Realejos and Puerto de la Cruz also like the Tenerife Beisbol sport, which is represented by Los Marlins. Read Centro Insular de Beisbol (Island center of Baseball) in the photo...
  • Deportivo S.A.D. Santa Cruz Spanish Football is highly prominent and matches are screened on extra large TVs in virtually every restaurant and bar which is big party time. After a won soccer match fans drive slowly around my block of houses. They hoot non stop.
    It also happens when Real Madrid has won a game.

  • By the way, it's recommendable that some Tenerife towns like
    the capital as well as Los Realejos don't only spend money on tourism but on a good sports arenas, as well. Depicted beside is the Realejos Stadium Olympico, where one athlete a runner with international fame is high in his eighties already.

  • The Rhythmic Gymnastics club Gimnasia Tazmania Realejos made itself a name, above all since this is now an Olympic sport.
  • Yearly Tenerife sports events in Los Realejos

    The VI North Tenerife classic car race precedes the VIII Island qualification as well as the XIV Canary Islands competitions. More info at the web Rincon del Motor.

    Famous high altitude Marathon the Tenerife Blue trail

    More about this prestigious European Marathon

    Sports that have been stopped

  • The Tenerife Cock Fighting sport doesn't exist any more.
  • Organized dog fights as well as Bull Fights have also been stopped. The  Arena de Toros (bullfighting arena) in Santa Cruz is now being used for big outdoor pop music festivals, such as raves.

  • Awesome never to forget Teide Cordillera cruising

    An acquaintance of mine never forgot his motorbike tour which he did in the Canadas del Teide. The crater of Spain's highest peak is also highly popular for walking and hiking while this most rewarding of Tenerife sports gets you to explore an island of immense diversity.

    Horse Riding near Los Gigantes Santiago de Teide

    There is no professional Horse Riding in Tenerife nor are there international Horse Races. I have heard of a fun race with horses which took place during an Adeje Fiesta in 2013, though. Los Realejos also has Horse Races in April which is just for fun. It has also come to my notice that this hotel offers Riding to tourists.

    New 2012 Adeje fancy sports center

    2012 news were made by the new sports center of Adeje called El Galéon. It hosts virtually almost all known latest trends of Tenerife sports, except for snow.

    Bocce, Jeu de Boules, Boule- or Lawn Bowls

    Marvel at the elderly at the Puerto Cruz Garden Beach Park... They are busy with a game of bowls or better said Boules or Jeue de Boules, as the French call it. The latter is still practiced at Club Alvaro's in La Paz Puerto de la Cruz of Tenerife North.

    Aerobics at the Tenerife capital park Garcia Sanabria

     Aerobics are also best for the elderly, as depicted above or for anybody who isn't allowed to do Contact Sports for orthopedic reasons. Then, it's a good option to stay healthy just like Playing Bowls or Bocce.

    Have a story about any Tenerife sports ?

    Tell some funny story of the most clumsy golfing or Cayaking or  of a diving adventure of yours. Share anything cool at Tenerife articles where your getting public is made very fast and easy. Don't forget that great photo of yours either. It's fun.

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