What's up at El Socorro beach?

El Socorro beach received a new cartel i.e. a poster.

It's for its nine summer holiday activities of July and August 2017. The peculiar expression Panza de Burro translates to Donkey Belly. It represents the hot cloud that may loom above Playa El Socorro at this time of the year.  
We shall keep you posted, in case delicious free Paella is served again on this beach during the usual Fiestas del Carmen of  Realejos July festivals. 

The Panza Burro activities.

  • July, August and September at 7.30a.m.
  • Gimnasia Suave (gentle gymnastics)
  • On Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • July and August at 9a.m.Escuela de Surf y Bodyboard( Surf and bodyboard classes) From Mondays to Fridays
  • On August 05 at 10a.m. Padel Playa (Beach Padel)
  • On August 12 and 13 at 1a.m. Voley Playa (Beach Volley Ball)
  • From August 14 to August 19 at 9.30 at night
  • Una Playa de Cine (Movies on the beach)
  • On August 19 at 10 a.m.Ajedrez Playa (Chess on the beach)
  • On August 26 at 10a.m. Fútbol Playa (Beach Football) 
  • On September 02 at 10a.m.Balonmano Playa (Beach Handball)   
  • Zumba Playa (Beach Zumba)(During all events)  

Paraglider festival on El Socorro beach.

Again, there isn't any this year, although it was hugely popular in the past.
In this context kindly mind that all gliders may use the zone of Los Quintos instead of the top Realejos Surf beach.

To other festivals of the popular Realejos Surf beach by taxi

To el Socorro by taxi sharing from El Puente, San Agustin and Realejos Alto from €1,25/person to €1,50 alternatively, as depicted

Of course, ongoing public bus services

Fiesta Del Mar with its 'Green Act' theme where the Aula de Naturaleza Rambla Castro plays a major part

Of course, you may call Teide Taxi Tel: 922 346055 or Los Realejos Radio Taxi Tel: 922 346096, in case you would like a quote for a longer track. Then, you perhaps could share the ride with others, as well.

Preferring to check on public bus times rather?

Titsa bus Information In fact Titsa is running special busses to this beach just for the big summer holidays.

Other news for the blue flag beach of Realejos?

  •     Outdoor gym equipment
  •     Toilets are now wheelchair friendly
  •     Its first aid station received a Cardio Defibrillator
  •     An info desk

Main page of this Realejos Playa for surfers for many photos and to learn about its bar, free Wifi, Webcam, getting there and more...

From El Socorro beach back to Tenerife beaches Realejos.

Ayuntamiento de los Realejos Facebook

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