Is Playa El Socorro different from other Tenerife beaches?

Playa El Socorro with swell for SUP and surfPlaya El Socorro with swell

Playa el Socorro is also known as an important Tenerife Festival beach. Mind it belongs to the town with most celebrations in all Canary Islands. Some say of all of Spain. More about this below. Otherwise,  it's absolutely tops for sports. Work-outs there start early in the morning.

We went there in June by 7.30 in the morning.

Then, serious sports people of the region come to work out and to surf and swim. Two elderly Scandinavian expatriate ladies were the exception. They finished their wake-up splash in the Atlantic and left the beach when we arrived.

Group beach aerobics

In fact, in June 'Soft Gym' free early morning group exercise was introduced on the beach for all ages from 7.30-8.30 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. It has been extended until the end of September so far.


It has much attendance.

The SUP surfer

Look out for the guy with a red board and a paddle... You will spot him eventually by the best swell. All other surfers follow him but will keep out of his way on the waves.

In fact, the friendly SUP surf expert of stand up paddle surfing didn't mind to have his photo taken.

SUP surf expert of stand up paddle surfing RealejosSUP surf expert El Socorro beach
We would have asked his name, had we known then how good he was with his board and paddle. Unfortunately, we could not stay too long, as we had so much still on our agenda.

SUP Stand up paddle surf race competition 2015

    Where? Los Gigantes
  • When? August 22, 2015.
  • Details: 922 868108 or

Top qualities of Tenerife beach Playa El Socorro of Los Realejos

  1. Silky black beach sand for walks and aerobics sport
  2. The blue flag of a quality beach in all respects
  3. Insider vacation hot spot that is hardly touristic
  4. Wheel chair access
  5. Adequate pedestrian walkways
  6. Wheelchair and regular toilets, showers and change rooms
  7. Red Cross stall, beach watch, life savers
  8. Daily seaside cleaning
  9. European ADEAC information board for beach complaints
  10. General good surf swell but not for learner swimmers
  11. Size: 230 m long people beach with a width of about 30- 60 meters, some of which round pebbles
  12. Location: On Tenerife Northwest Coast by the green Barranco Ruiz and Tigaiga gorges
  13. Easy to find by very well visible signpost on the TF5 near Barranco Ruiz grill grounds by San Juan de la Rambla;
  14. Nested in an idyllic bay between cliffs covered with indigenous flora and some coastal farms
  15. Only about 14 km from Puerto de la Cruz by the TF5.
  16. Occasional Realejos Fiestas party beach with film show events and Paella,
  17. International Paraglider beach festivals by Flypa (not lately, though)
  18. Most challenging Tenerife Marathon i.e. Playa el Socorro to Teide called 0-4-0 or 0-4000 (for its 4000 m steep track)
  19. Best summer family beach for Spanish speakers with July to end of August beach culture stall "Puntito de Socorro" with book, games and media library. (identification needed)
  20. Surf tuition by various surf schools as well as private coaches (mind the latter may not insure you)
  21. Paddle Surf also called Stand up Surf or just SUP
  22. Beach kiosk "La Surferia" with fast food as well as healthy, delicious daily menus
  23. Free beach Wi-Fi access, code of which given by La Surferia
  24. The comfortable free parking lane that exceeds 250m of length may be insufficient on hot holidays
  25. Economical, special beach Taxi trips possible from nearby Los Realejos by just asking
  26. Beach bus stop for Titsa 546 with hourly service
  27. Idyllic scenes, such as tame ducks that walk the beach in winter or keep to a duck pool in summer
  28. Outstanding Playa del Socorro sun downs over La Palma, above all in June.
  29. Much Tenerife hotel accommodation not far from the beach, while the luxury Apartments San Pedro by its look-out may be the closest.
  30. More apartment rental for short and for Tenerife longer stays possible within 15 minutes drives

La Surferia billboard of Socorro beachLa Surferia billboard
Look out for the charming La Surferia billboard for surf tuition by the bar restaurant with the same name..This eating place serves snacks and home made daily menus, such as also delicious. soups. They call them red, yellow, green, white and orange soups. The latter is a pumpkin creme pottage.

Playa el Socorro photo gallery with an additional 21 Tenerife photos

Featured are winter as well as summer scenes. Some were captured late in the afternoon, others over lunch time and the last by sun-up.

    Interesting to know about Tenerife surf classes.

    In 2013, we chatted to a young surfer on el Socorro beach. He spoke English well. He would have taught us the skills of surfing for a reasonable fee. Many young locals are well educated but are out of work and have time for coaching this watersport. More options may be at this Realejos surf school for young and old.

    Playa el Socorro in winter

    Playa del Socorro is not an ideal winter beach. This is often the case with smaller West Coast shores of Los Realejos that are in a secluded spot. Also more pebbles seem to replace beach sand then and there may be algae backwash.

    Puerto de la Cruz beach alternative suited for non- swimmers.

    From Playa el Socorro back to Tenerife beaches Realejos

    The beach Titsa Bus 546 in summer and Gran Fiesta de Vinos

    You catch the beach bus Titsa Linea 546 at Realejos Alto. The alternative is at San Agustin below Iglesia del Carmen at the end of the cafe underneath the church square opposite a little corner bar and outside the small Escuela de Ajedrez (school to learn to play Chess) Unfortunately, the  bus stop sign has disappeared. However, the so called Guagua 546 passes almost by the hour all-day on weekends and on workdays in the afternoon. Look up the time table Linea 546 at the Titsa blog online or call Titsa information at 922 531 300.

    This bus also gets you to the Socorro beach wine festival on Saturday 07, 2019. More at the  Gran Fiesta de Vinos Playa el Socorro by its Facebook Page 


    Unfortunately, the open-air cinema movies festival from 12-17of August,2019 on this surf beach is over. Go there by bus in 2020 and in the years that follow.

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