About Tenerife beaches Realejos and why are they winning popularity?

In fact, 'Tenerife beaches Realejos are the best', is what a friend of mine called Karel said about those little known seashores of the north.

He and his girlfriend came all the way from Prague to explore mountains, forests and seasides of Tenerife. They fell in love with one of the shores of Los Realejos in particular. I was so impressed, as those were not the first young foreigners who told me so.

Surfing Playa El Soccorro of Tenerife beaches Realejos

Actually, the most surprising is paddle surfing on Playa el Socorro. Depicted are two paddle surfers, one inside the Atlantic ocean and one outside.

An Austrian acquaintance of mine and her boyfriend are absolutely taken with Playa beach El Socorro of Realejos. Almost every afternoon, the two surf fans go there by bicycle.

Short description of Realejos beaches

None of them are more than 250 x 60 m in size. Most have black sands and or big pebbles. They are slightly wild and challenging, but cozy, romantic and often private and half hidden. That may also mean that they are hard to reach shores of Tenerife beaches Realejos.

Main Realejos beaches

The two Tenerife beaches Realejos of Playa del Socorro and Playa Grimona make up the most interesting, sandy seashores of its region.

In summer both seasides are joined to one, while the Grimalda beach is mostly covered with water in winter.

Latest news Los Realejos beach Playa Socorro

  1. The surf beach Playa el Socorro is now the only one with free Wifi of all Tenerife beaches of the north.
  2. Webcam of Socorro beach for surf weather live

A local German radio station also announced the latter. However so far, only the webcam of a nearby Realejos beach is online; I will keep you posted.

A beach surrounded by most stunning landscape

Portrayed is the Realejos Insider beach  Playa de La Fajana whose picture was taken in winter. That's when only a narrow stretch of pebbles is showing. This small seashore must be the hardest to reach of all of them. It's for surfing. I once saw several guys with surf boards climbing down those rocks like mountain goats.  Even a tent could be seen by the water's edge. By the looks of it, locals don't want this shore too exposed.

Tenerife beaches Realejos for top celebrations

Playa el Socorro is leading here. This applies to its 40 suburbs and the rest of Tenerife on a national level. Mainland Spain and the rest of the world may join Playa Socorro festivals internationally, sometimes.

Playa Los Roques Realejos is the background for the most impressive coastal New Years Eve fireworks of the whole Orotava Bay.

Enjoy the following Realejos Socorro beach video!

It doesn't only reveal surfers out on the swell of its beach. In fact, the video makes it look like the Socorro beach is safe for little children too. Take utmost care with that...

The important North Tenerife beach Playa el Socorro

Playa el Socorro facts, amenities, sports in and out of the water, surf tuition, competitions, cinema, festivals, culture, where to eat and much more

Total six Los Realejos beaches

    1. Playa Beach de los Roques by Punta Gorda
    2. Playa beach la Fajana de Realejos
    3. Playa beach Castro or Camel beach
    4. Charcos or Playa del Guindaste
    5. Playa beach del Socorro Realejos
    6. Playa beach Grimona Realejos

    Accessibility of four of those beaches much depends on the seasons of the year.
    Flood or tide play an important role. Therefore, most of their seashores are pretty much submerged in winter.

    Playa de los Roques by Los Roques and Maritim hotels

    The Los Realejos beach of Rocks Playa Los Roques is rather recommendable in summer. That's when a British Reiki master friend of a friend of mine preferred it to all other beaches of Tenerife North. He loved to listen to the murmuring of the water when it approaches to kiss the coastal edge. A rough beach of mostly pebbles, with unbeatable landscapes are around it. He adored to be mostly by himself there, while men seemed far away where they fished from rocks. There, he felt embraced and inspired by both ocean and land elements around him. It was his preferred way to holiday.

    Contemplate colors, shapes and sounds of Playa los Roques of Tenerife beaches Realejos by the following video...

    Playa Beach La Fajana

    Not only the man from Prague seemed to be very fond of beach Playa La Fajana. I once saw it after climbing down to the ruin of Los Realejos. I noticed that it was an almost hidden surf beach for local guys. Beach La Fajana may be reached from San Pedro or from the Rambla del Castro near Romantica 1.

    Playa Beach Castro or del Camelo

    Realejos Castro beachRealejos Castro Beach

    The Realejos Castro beach which is known as Playa del Camelo with the locals is even nicer than Playa Fajana that adjoins it. Both beaches are divided by a long breakwater shaped rock which looks like a camel that floats on water. This one of Tenerife beaches Realejos looks like a dream beach to me in its fantastic setting of palm groves. Besides, its cliffs and slopes look like totally covered by plants. If only getting to it or to beach Fajana wasn't so steep! Karel told me that I should not attempt to do so. Castro beach is part of protected spaces of Tenerife. This fact doesn't always exactly encourage the easiest getting around.

    By the way, try your luck at reserving an almost luxury accommodation above Castro beach with one of most priceless views of the island which find listed with varied Los Realejos hotels , as San Pedro apartments.

    Seashores of picturesque El Guindaste

    Learn more about the seashores of el Guindaste and see more of it at popular fishing spots of Tenerife locals.

    It should definitely be added that the looks and feel of the seashore of el Guindaste come very close to a romantic beach.

    Rocks frame a young couple on a rustic path to the water's edge. A gutsy diver further away is ready to dive from a cliff.

    Conclusion for Los Realejos beaches

    Did somebody tell you that most of those beaches are no good? Well, then that person only went there in winter or in spring. Some may be off the beaten track but that doesn't make them less attractive.

    From Tenerife beaches Realejos back to Tenerife beaches black and white.

    Facebook flypa until the festival of 2013 with unusual photos of Realejos beaches and with paragliders and free flyers landing on Playa El Socorro.

    Please mind that the comment box below is meant to help others. In case you have a question or want to tell me something, kindly use this contact form.

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