Santiago del Teide's Casa del Patio for history and horse fans

First, La Casona (mansion) or Casa del Patio (House of the Patio) manor Visitor Center and hotel news:

End of November 2009, its farm estate of 27516 m2 was ready again for the world.

Its finally finished rural hotel in the town Santiago del Teide on Avda .General Franco opened its doors shortly after.

Admire more lovely country side of green farmlands of the Teno Valle de Arriba in the neighborhood of the house of the Patio. The region which includes Masca is highly popular for hotel guests who love to walk as well as to explore.

Good things take time

In 2003, plans to restore the ancient country mansion got under way.
Costs of EU 5,5 000 000 were estimated at that time.

Finally, the Patio house  of the 17th century became reality. Also the Island Cabildo had to be thanked.

Now, even the rear of the so called La Casona the mansion looks good.

Casa del Patio museums and services now

  • A good restaurant for casual visitors as well as hotel guests with Mount Chinyero sights from its veranda.
  • Museum of 1909 volcanic eruption of Mount Chinyero.
  • Wine museum with Tenerife wine tasting which opens from 8a.m.-6p.m.
  • Sale of local pottery, embroidery, Tenerife goat cheese, Cerrano hams, sausages, local liquors, Bienmisabe, honeys, wines, fruit and more.
  • Rustic Tasca Café- Bar.
  • Ample parking ground and hotel access for the disabled.
  • Experiencing rural Tenerife by horse riding away from tourist hot spots above the town of the giant cliffs.

Typical farm remnants

The old 'House of inside court yard' farm mansion reveals more than any other Tenerife country estates of times of feudalism gone by.

 So are the structures above which were in use 300 years ago.

The history of Casa del Patio Santiago del Teide

On 3rd of July 1663, Fernando de Hoyo y Solórzano became Lord of the manor of 27,000 square meters of land for 3200 silver ducats.
He paid to the Royal House of Spain through the ex military leader. The latter had become governor of the district Santiago (del Teide) and was a family connection of Don Fernando. From there on, the family de Hoyo y Solórzano Lords of Casa del Patio had exercised feudal law in their land for a very long time.

Guanche survivors after the defeat of their leader Mencey (Diaz) Pelinor de Adeje became farm slaves, often. Many may have ended up on this biggest farm of Santiago del Teide.

A real community around Don Fernando's Casa del Patio

A church parish was founded on September 9th of 1679.

The Bishop Bartolomé Garcia Jimenez saw to this within an area which was sparsely populated and had little water nearby until much later by 1950.

Don Fernando de Hoyo de Solórzan agreed to built the church San Fernando Rey ( King) next door of his farm house.

However, the famous chapel Ermita de Santiago apostle  which is related to a miracle was never incorporated. It helped indirectly to save his farm and people from the lava of the Mount Chinyero eruption. It is still in the rural village Valle de Arriba.

New era of Tenerife history from 1812 onward

The history by the town of giant cliffs which affected an abandoned feudal estate

Also important for the old manor were later times that have been reported in the history of the biggest Canary Island.

You can see pictures and learn what's new at the Patio estate with its 40 bedrooms on 3 levels here.

From Casa del Patio back to Fincas in Tenerife, some of which fall into the same period, such as the three most important which are all in Los Realejos. They are  the estates Hacienda de los Principes,
Hacienda de la Pared and Hacienda de la Gorvorana.

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