Dia de Canarias happy days

The Dia de Canarias is an important public holiday of the archipelago of the Canary Islands which takes more than a day.  Folklore with folk musicians are just some of the traditional highlights. 

Los Realejos Fiesta del Caballo Horse festival

  • When? on May 30 at 10 a.m. Finca El Llano and at 3p.m. horse races between Cruz Santa and C/Los Remedios El Trebol for 1000m and for 1400m with 62 participants
  • Concert by the band Vocal Cantares at Casa de la Cultura at 8.p.m.

Generally, Dia de Canarias is a great time to go out on the town,  for relaxing and to be happy, such as at Cafe Ebano in Puerto de la Cruz.

It's when street art made of salt is displayed in some Puerto Cruz streets with Corpus Christi motives, such as in the background of the Ebano Cafe by Calle Quintana.

It's also the day of proud displays of the blue, white and yellow Canary flag.

Dia de Canarias long week-end for eating out

It's the time at the end of May when people visit different Canary islands. Depicted is Tenerife eating out May 30, 2016. Then many people filled the tables outside a restaurant in La Ranilla. 

History of Canary autonomy regarding its commemoration day

It celebrates May 30, 1983 first day of the archipelago's autonomy.
    A Puente (bank holidays) extends it when it falls on a Sunday.
    Sports and culture play a big role with it.
        Competitions are spaced out to give locals a chance to visit them on different islands.

The Canarias day good for the children

The new Siam Park2 on the roof top of the Pyramides Martianez Shopping Center seems to be on the way of a lovely attraction for children who love special jungle gyms, play castles and you name it.

Cultural activities

  • Marshall arts and Guanche sports championships on Tenerife
  • Silvo language competing on La Gomera
  • Water sports like sailing on Gran Canaria
  • Folklore with folk dance and music, such as by the Sabadeños
  • Markets displaying local crafts such as Ranilla Craft stalls
  • Tenderete musical get together in forest parks, such as in the Barranco Ruiz
  • Pick-Nicks with family and other group outings in recreational park
  • Several roads or Plazas with Corpus Christi salt carpet displays in Puerto de la Cruz, such as by Calle Quintana, Calle San Juan and in a Punta Brava Street.
  • EMP photography exhibition May 20 to June 16 at Castillo San Felipe Puerto de la Cruz

What does the autonomy entail

  • Self governing to an extent
  • Low Corporate tax for foreigners who invest and create business on the islands
  • Lower "value added" IGIC tax" than on mainland Spain
  • Free Ports of Las Palmas and Santa Cruz de Tenerife since 1852

From Dia de Canarias back to Tenerife

More facts about the communal holiday of the Canary Islands  here

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