Ocean kayaking is really taking off to kayak Tenerife

Ocean kayaking is more and more in vogue in Tenerife. It's been around for a while. I saw videos titled Kayak Tenerife in some previous years. There is no better way to explore Tenerife shores with its amazing scenery than with kayaks. Make it part of your adventure holidays in Tenerife.

Punta de Teno by Buenavista del Norte TenerifePunta de Teno by Buenavista del Norte

Sea kayaking is something that everybody with a holiday home in Tenerife should get into. A kayak can be permanently stored there, you know...

However, I wasn't aware of it that you can actually learn to kayak with the team of El Cardón at Punta de Teno, outside of Buenavista del Norte in the Isla Baja. That's by the northwestern Atlantic town where the famous golf club Tenerife Buenavista Golf is located.

When kayak?

There is no kayaking offered with El Cardón during winter from October to end of April. Classes are from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. This outdoor sports company's motto is adventure with challenging nature, such as by paragliding, diving, climbing Teide, whale watching and more. This highly tourist orientated firm caters for young and old.

How much does ocean kayaking cost in Tenerife?

El Cardón charges only €10 for an hour for kayaking. A same day repeat session on high seas sets you back only €5 more.

Note that prices may be subject to change.

Tenerife Kayaking by Tenoactivo.com for snorkeling with

  • 2-seater kayaks
  • leaving off Los Gigantes to Punta de Teno
  • Departure time is 12 noon
  • Price of Euro 20 includes tuition,
    a standby motor boat for emergency
  • C/ La Alhóndiga, 45, Tel: 618 00 09 72
    38480 Buenavista del Norte, Tenerife

Adventure rowing with beach rubber boats

A couple of years ago, I saw funny rubber boats similar to kayaks on beach La Vista Los Christianos by Playa de las Americas, by the way. They were for hire to take into the surf, rather.

You can have water fun with a second hand air inflated rubber boat kayak, by the way.

Look for offers in Tenerife Spain under the category 'Segunda mano'. That means 2nd hand.

However, mind that it's better to buy rubber boats kayaks new.

Get Tenerife information about beautiful Punta de Teno and more, where scary roads shouldn't keep you from ocean kayaking at this uttermost western tip of the Teno Massif here. Anyway, you can part off by kayak from Los Gigantes which is the normal route.

No matter how you approach sea kayaking, start it off with a professional team, as the sea is not something that may be taken lightly.

Another very popular sport besides golf by Buenavista is endurance cycling for locals and tourists alike.

Rental of Ocean Kayaks

Esquela de Vela Ligera (Sailing School for light sails)
Los Christianos - Tenerife - Spain
Paseo Marítimo
Rental of Kayaks and all watersports equipment,
such as windsurfing boards and
catamarans and sailing boats
Contact Jil
Mobil: 610 080 1200
Tel: 922 792916
Fax 922 795264

An incredible hotel not far from Punta de Teno

Discover this accommodation around the corner from Buenavista del Norte which is the designer hotel San Roques. It has become the rage of everybody who wants something out of the ordinary in life.

European Kayaking?

From ocean kayaking back to watersports Tenerife

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