Pomodoro y basilico with more than wood fired pizzas.

Pomodoro y basilico is so much more than just a bar restaurant in La Longuera 32.
It also has much more than Tomato and Sweet Basil,as its name would be in English.


  1. It's going the extra mile to make the customer happy.
  2. It has a most appealing food presentation,
  3. It has Italian cuisine menu versatility
  4. Wood fired pizzas which include a few Vegetarians
  5. Delicious desserts
  6. A Vegetarian starter which looks like a piece of art and is delicious
  7. Fresh, healthy quality produce is used for all dishes
  8. Special for November and December 2015 are fresh Porcini mushrooms
  9. Spanish, German and English is spoken
  10. Proper 'ardente Pasta', unless required differently
  11. Ideal for event catering with more than much space inside and an option of more privacy
  12. A cosmopolitain place for going out
  13. A most colorful interior decorating which doesn't stop by its front door.

Why Pomodoro y Basilico is special

You feel a jolly vibe which echoes Rome where the restaurant originally comes from. We have eaten there several times inside and outside. We have also ordered more than one pizza take away. Things were not so perfect, until the official inauguration. The restaurant reached perfection after its special pizza oven had arrived from Italy.

Photo gallery with some dishes

News November 08, 2015 Management at the Italian Restaurant is proud to announce that fresh Porcini Mushrooms () will be available during the months November and December.

Desserts at the Toscal Italian Tomato and Sweet Basil restaurant

Indeed, there are only a few selected desserts, some of which by the chef. The delicious Tiramisu is not to be missed.

Sorry for not having tried all of their so called 'Postres'.

What we think of this place

Portions at this Roman style establishment are fairly large, in our mind. What is much to be appreciated also is that starters are big enough to be shared. Good wines are stocked. Also exclusive German beer brands are available.

Meat at this Toscal restaurant melts on your tongue. Need I say more?

We have tasted the mouth watering "Tomato and Sweet Basil" starter and have shared it with 3 people. Unfortunately, I've misplaced the photo of it.

Most charming dry Pasta display

That assortment of noodles behind glass is almost like a small Pasta Museum.

The Tomato and Basil restaurant's data

  • Open: Daily from 12.00-16.00 and from 19.00-23.00
    while on Wednesdays only at supper time from 19.00 - 23.00 and on Tuesdays closed all day
  • La Longuera, 32
  • 38410 Toscal Longuera of Los Realejos
  • Tel: 0034 + 822 36 28 17
  • Tenerife - Spain

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Why Basil is so good for your health

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