Lidl Tenerife and why it's different

Lidl Tenerife which started its first store in Puerto de la Cruz on February 04, 2010 has a long history that goes back all the way to Germany. There, its first outlet in its modern form was created in Essen in 1971 when the highly successful 26 year old concept of the Aldi brothers was copied.

Guimar stores with two functions

The 27000m2 big collection and distribution store at Guimar near the capital is not only used for delivering within the island. This brain of logistics where Lidl products are sorted and may even be cooled in different ways is an assembly point. Part of its wares are not only dispatched to the rest of the Canary Islands but may even go to foreign outlets all over Europe. However, not much food and drink from Tenerife is competitive enough for that. Yet, exclusivity follows its own rules, such as local cheese from all Canary Islands, honey and wines with a novelty made from bananas, for example.

Guimar mega store address

Plo.Industrial in Valle de Guimar S/N
38509 Guimar
Tel: 922 539395 or 922 539397

What are Lidl Tenerife's commodities?

Food, fresh, canned and frozen which includes produce and dairy products bought locally or sourced within the Euopean community. Everything has proper departments at the Guimar stores. Not to forget are the numerous house brands of Lidl. Then there are simple foods, such dried carbohydrates like beans, peas, lentils, rice, oats and even Gofio, basically what is sold in other Tenerife supermarkets as well. Not amiss are cleaning and grooming products, pet foods, alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. Bread and pastries are baked fresh in every Tenerife Lidl chain store.

Lidl Tenerife sells all sorts which includes clothes on a irregular basis

Three options of special Lidl promotions

  • Clothes, electrical and electronic gadgets, and again after some time.
  • Strictly seasonal products, such as Halloween and Carnival costumes or Christmas decorations
  • Extraordinary merchandise from specific countries or continents is on offer in all its 10 000 European branches on occasion, This may happen in Tenerife during a so called 'Asian, Mexican, German, Skandiavian or other week'.
  • Things I found at Lidl which I like

    • Excellent cheap Polaroid sunglasses
    • A mordern alarm clock.
    • My friend Angy often buys things there for the home, sports clothes or for fitness.
    • In this context she reminds me that Lidl accepts returns within a reasonable period
    • How Lidl Tenerife has grown

      • Since 2010, February 04, by the Puerto Cruz store the very first of the chain outlets
        by the TF5 freeway, n/s,
        opposite La Villa Alcampo Shopping Center
        38400 Puerto de la Cruz
        Tel: 902 243222 Open: Mon-Fri from 9.00 to 22.00 ( a recently extended time)
        Sundays: 9.00-21.00
      • Also since 2010, February 04, Lidl San Isidro South
        at Avda. Democracia
        Granadilla de Abona by El Medano
        Open: Mon. - Fri. from 9.15-21.15

      The shops that followed Puerto Cruz

      Upper Realejos Poligano Center, better known by
      the general ITV testing grounds where you can't miss seeing Lidl
      after passing it at La Corona, La Gañania, Manzana 4
      Tel for the public: Not available
      38410 Realejos (Los)
      Open: 9.15 - 21.15 Mon - Sat. to be confirmed
      Note: This shop on a steep hill is only convenient for locals that live nearby,unless you come from the mountains.

      More Lidl Tenerife outlets that opened doors in 2010

      This happened in different parts of Tenerife, such as Adeje, San Christobal de la Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife Añaza, Las Chafiras and more, details of which find here.

      Added in 2014, July 10, Lidl Puerto de Santiago

      • Where? Avda. Quinto Centenario, 66
      • Opening hours: 8.00-22.00 Monday to Sunday inclusive
      • Telephone for customer contact: 922 86 31 27

    • Note that Mercadona quickly opened an outlet at Playa La Arena about the same time
    • What does that mean? Obviously, competition is a blessing for the end user.

      There was another minor incident in this context. Mercadona Tenerife had augmented the butter price. Lidl opened its first store in Puerto Cruz with much cheaper butter. Quickly, Mercadona lowered its price again to be on par, both at the Martianez as well as at la Vera.

      Please note a mistake of address for El Burgado Puerto Cruz. This is very incorrect, as Lidl is around its corner by the traffic circle in Calle Teide. Calle Teide belongs to Los Realejos.

      The very special Lidl shop of Toscal Longuera by El Burgado

    • Definitely the nicest Lidl in the North, as featured above
    • Why? It seems to get direct sunlight all day long
    • Well organized shop and laid out like all Lidls.
    • Longer opening times which start by 7.30 already until as late as 10.p.m.
    • Conveniently located on 4 different Titsa bus routes from Puerto Cruz to Longuera, Realejos, Icod de los Vinos and La Orotava..
    • On top of the extremely steep hill above the Maritim Hotel
    • Butter, meats and its large and varied offer of fresh bakery are as good as Mercadona's, although it can't compete with Mercadona's fresh seafood
    • Lidl Burgado C/Teide is convenient to stop by on the way from Puerto de la Cruz, from Loro Park or from the beaches Playa Jardin

    Why Lidl Tenerife Burgado of Toscal Longuera is tops for Puerto de la Cruz?

    Not only its business hours are most convenient. Why?  This large supermarket is only closed on three days of the year. That's December 25th, January 01 and January 06.  Mind that the supermarkets Supercor on Plaza Charco of Puerto de la Cruz as well as Supermercado Econorte in La Longuera, 21 are open on these prime Tenerife holidays. Otherwise, get your groceries at the Burgado Lidl outlet late on a Sunday afternoon early at night and discover its extreme popularity. Then even late, Lidl Toscal Longuera is still humming with very huge crowds.


    Although all Lidls are pretty well stocked, I prefer Mercadona in the long run, Mercadona supplies me with a big offer of fresh fish and a few house brands that don't seem to have alternatives at Lidl yet.

    Of course on the other hand, Lidl also has brands that you don't find at Mercadona or at other Tenerife shops or Mega-Stores. I love its instant coffee the brand Bellarom Clasico.

    Getting to Lidl Tenerife of Toscal Longuera by bus

    The Titsa buses 352 and 381 and perhaps soon again the 354 are stopping about 30 meters from this Supermarket of Lidl of los Realejos Toscal.

    Would you like to know more about Puerto de la Cruz shopping?

    From Lidl Tenerife back to shopping in Tenerife

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