Wondering about shoe repairs in Tenerife?

cobbler with workshop on pavement
The cobbler in the photo is doing shoe repairs in the open. Nope, this isn't in Spain nor in Africa. The location doesn't matter in this context... This cobbler workshop has been created on a blanket in the street. It's been done like that for thousands of years.

It would be great if Tenerife business was allowed to be handled like that.

Unfortunately, there is far too much red tape.

Want to see another picturesque shoemaker surrounding where boot and shoe repairs are done like 500 years, ago?

Cobbler workshop La Orotava Tenerife

Shoe mending in Orotava's old quarters

Who wouldn't take a fancy to the following little business?

Go and see its cobbler workshop on Plaza San Franzisco, 15 in La Orotava. But be prepared that nobody speaks English there.

That workshop for shoe repairing is utterly picturesque. Old postcards, framed ancient photos, pictures and figurines of Saints stand between broken shoes and handbags on shelves. The shop is so crowded that no more than 3 people could be in it besides the artisan. Also, you would never discover this place, as no name gives it away outside. There is only the number 15 above its. door. The shop's dark wooden entrance door looks so come down that I would take bets that rent of this insider place costs next to nothing.

Only, a few steps down the road from this workshop is Casa de los Balcones where tourists marvel at one of the oldest houses of more wealthy people than the cobblers of Tenerife.

Coming to think of it, there were Mr.Min shoe repair and key services at Alcampo of La Orotava. I haven't seen them lately.

shoe repairs Puerto de la Cruz La PazTommy's shoe repairs has closed down

Tommy's in La Paz is gone - go to Zapatero Express instead

Find Zapatero Express in Calle Valois, 39. 38400 Puerto de la Cruz Tenerife

That's almost opposite the Shop Arregla de Ropa a clothes repair service of equal expertise craftsmanship. There at the Espress service, you can also have shoes enlarged that are hurting for being too tight

Trilingual billboard by cobbler
There once was Ramón who had a nice trilingual billboard to advertise his business. Even Tommy knew the shoe boot repair by Ramón who did a good job for more than 20 years. Ramón of the Cosmopolitan community Toscal Longuera Realejos is history now. Ramón who was married to an English lady was well known for his good service all over the north of the island with all those who had a holiday home in Tenerife.

Shoe boot repair by Playa de las Americas

Do you need to have your shoes fixed in Tenerife south? Well, I've heard that there is the repair shop for shoes and leather goods at the shopping center of San Eugenio by la Arona. You reach that conveniently from the freeway.

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