What about the Madrid law, Spain nightlife and a better Spain economy?

Spain nightlife is famous. They say that Madrid and Barcelona never sleep.

Going out after 9 p.m. for dinner, at 11 for the movies and after midnight for bars, nightclubs as well as discos, is the Spanish way of life.

Certainly, many locals and tourists like staying on at beaches after watching sundowns.

Best is to shop at night

However, the time after rush hours in the evening starts the best time for shopping in Tenerife Spain. People doing so contribute to better nightlife. They also improve the Spanish economy as they shop in relaxed surroundings with time to kill and to select more, as well as wisely. In the meantime, they enjoy special, free Spain nightlife celebrations all the time.

Look at the photo depicted beside which shows shoppers at La Villa Alcampo Centro Comercial Shopping Center La Orotava. That's just over the road at the top of Las Arenas and La Vera Puerto de la Cruz.

Certainly, amazing Christmas decorations outside and inside its malls, as shown in the picture, draw you into the Spain nightlife. It's inspiring to go out after dark for shopping with festive led lights. Alcampo malls all over Spain and Tenerife are renown for all kinds of celebrations.

Alcampo La Laguna Tenerife nightlife by 2011 carnival event

Santa Cruz Spain night carnival at Alcampo shops La LagunaSanta Cruz Spain night carnival at Alcampo shops of La Laguna.

In March 2011 a friend and I whitnessed a carnival event at the Laguna Alcampo Commercial Center by the TF5 freeway by Santa Cruz de Tenerife city. There, carnival competitions took place in front of C&A and other big clothing stores which had Rabaja sales signs outside, as you may detect in the picture. Thousands of shopping or carnival celebrators created top fun for Tenerife Spain life at night. Not only the carnival outfits by three posing girls, such as depicted besides but many more Tenerife carnival costumes could be admired.

Alcampo La Villa of La Orotava of the big Tenerife  hypermarket chain started its own mall parties of Tenerife reality shows in 2011, some of which took place at night. Above all its nocturnal fashion shows are there to stay.

New laws to benefit not only Madrid's economy

By the way soon, you may be able to enjoy shopping around the clock.

The whole of Spain as well as all its provinces like Tenerife have been on a new nightlife alert since 2011. Many are eagerly waiting for the so called new Madrid law. This new Spain law stands for more economic freedom, such as shopping for 24 hours a day.

Imagine that more than 8 million people passed through Alcampo in 2010. Certainly, they will improve night shopping even more. Shopping mall Christmas celebrations with talent shows for singing, dancing and modelling will continue to top up the fun.

Amusement Park funfair nightlife Puerto de la CruzAmusement Park funfair nightlife Puerto de la Cruz.

Sure, not every little shop will like it.

Within the hub of Puerto de la Cruz shop owners will be grateful, provided the shoppers are there.

Puerto is famous for night celebrations and even has a funfair occasionally with an amusement park.

Business owners in villages or outskirts might open up at night during their Tenerife fiestas, when much life fills their streets. Provided the so called Madrid law will make way for this. .

Well, they can always introduce more shifts for workers. Many unemployed should be grateful, as an extended Spain nightlife shopping will help them to earn a living again.

Other top Spain nightlife Tenerife spots

By the way, Tenerife is all geared up for shopping and Spain nightlife everywhere on the island.

Las Americas nightlife Arona TenerifeLas Americas nightlife in Arona Tenerife

No need to tell you about Playa de las Americas nightlife Surely, you have heard about its Sunset strip or about Tramps where many a top DJ plays modern Samba or more trendy tunes for an international audience.

See Tenerife Arona photo tour which is an example of great shops like Cardin and Zara by the Safari Center. Check out holiday shopping which includes Costa Adeje where many locals are happily buzzing around at a coastal night market as well.

Or just stroll on one of the oldest Canary Islands Ramblas with its street art and refreshment stalls which all draw a relaxing Tenerife capital nightlife .

Explore the nightlife at nostalgic bars of La Noria of the Tenerife capital.

Do you like to listen to Tenerife blues singing, jazz or classical music or just fancy a place for going out at night with an astounding cool country feel? Then don't miss funky or relaxed Spain nightlife at a Puerto Cruz estate, which is even a Tenerife museum, portrayed by Tenerife photos of Abaco mansion.

Find out about night tours for Spanish speakers or others at your nearest tourist office. Trips after dark take you to famous spots in Santa Cruz, Puerto de la Cruz. La Orotava and La Laguna.

Enjoy nightlife of an old Spanish town for San Christobal de la Laguna romantic holidays.

By the way, there is also spooky nightlife in Spain. Nights are made alive by men who carry torches in Vigo not far from Denia on the Spanish mainland or by almost identical traditional Spanish Easter celebrations Tenerife in San Christóbal de la Laguna.

Not to forget are Puerto Cruz or Spain night party festivals, such as Tenerife events for Halloween, of course.

Imagine a Tenerife holiday home being the non plus ultra with Spain nightlife...

From Spain nightlife back to shopping in Tenerife.

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