Tenerife festivals with food trucks on tour - Anti urban vaste

Tenerife festivals which are always copied from the first event to all the island's tourist locations are often messy affairs. Then, trash litters streets or even beaches the morning after.

However, this fourth edition of the gigantic street party with food trucks on tour in Puerto de la Cruz where food will be sold from large and small vans will be different again. Its objective is to help reduce urban waste.


Drinks and some food like Bocadillos, sandwiches, sweets, ice creams and even mouth watering  Mexican take away will be served in an innovative way. There will be cups which are not to be thrown away for all who are prepared to purchase them.

I was told that other trucks on tour  would also sell them to drench your thirst.  The pink one that I saw came with the festival emblem but looked like it was made of plastic.  However, it would help if you reused you cup over and over as a souvenir.

Entertainment at the Puerto Cruz food truck festival

The Live music bands La Chalana, La Chibore, Sazón and  La Motájin will play for you together with the Foodtruck DJs
Juana La Cubana, Victor Carballeira and Renzzo El Selector.

More about Tenerife festivals of Food trucks on tour in the oldest resort of the island

  • Where? Puerto de la Cruz-Tenerife-Spain Playa Martianez by its fountain
  • When: August 17, 2018 from 18.00 -24.00 and August 18 from 13.00 to 1.00

Why was this celebration repeated from earlier in the year?

End of August makes much sense. It's almost at the end of the long school holidays.  Many people are still chilling out on beach Martianez and San Telmo seashores as well as at Lago Martianez. Others may be hungry after an end of summer shopping spree at the Piramides Martianez and little shops in the area.

A food truck design echoed wind surfers behind it

What drinks will be on sale?

There will be international beers and all sorts of other beverage. I saw a little van that advertised a brand I didn't know besides the organic Tacoa and Tierra de Perros beer from Los Realejos. Of course, water will also be available. 

Urban waste must stop

Lets hope that everybody will get the message that polluting our environment must come to an end. But certainly, you know all about it. I saw a shop online that sells you take-away food with a discount when you bring your own container from home. A superb idea...

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How Punta Brava Puerto de la Cruz shows care for the environment

More information at Foodtrucktenerife Facebook here.

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