Why Piramides Martianez Mall Tenerife shopping is different but tops

The Piramides Martianez Mall shopping in El Puerto is not only very convenient. Portrayed below is the  center as it was for decades until it was greatly improved above all by its middle section around 2019 and early 2020. Don't miss its awesome new look and many more possibilities further down this page...

By the way by 2023, the popularity of this mall has definitely improved greatly thanks to its new architecture of a very clever designed  first floor. It has also become a center for ideal entertainment, such as reality shows and Christmas as well as other events.

  • Close to the town hub
  • Just off Avda.Generalisima now Familia Bethencourt y Molina
  • Close to many hotels and restaurants
  • 3 minutes from Lago Marianez and the surf beach by the same name
  • Underground parking to avoid street parking penalties.
  • A Mercadona supermarket
  • Mall for week-end-shopping

Exact Address:
Centro Comercial Martianez
Calle Aguilar y Quesada 1
38400 Puerto de la Cruz-Spain

A Martianez mall area map

Opening hours every day 10a.m.to 9.30p.m.and on Saturdays from 10a.m.to 9p.m. Closed on Sundays

Mercadona deliveries to your home? Yes, in a restricted radius, such as,  as far as Panoramica Garden Hotel Los Realejos, for example,  provided you fill your shopping cart yourself within the shop. Hence, orders online are not possible. Kindly ask at the cash till if your address is suited for bringing your purchases.

Children playground Drago Siam Park2 Martianez news

This new park a so called Parque Infantil  Drago Siam Park2 looked very promising in May 2016. I have not seen it any more in 2023. Perhaps due to Corona? So will it come back? We shall see.

However,  the bigger fun fair by the free Puerto Cruz Parking ground steals its show during the long summer holidays. 

The park's following photos speak for themselves.

Obviously, this children playground or park is ideal for parents who shop in the mall.

News 2024: Unfortunately the playground was closed during the pandemic. Hopefully, it will be reopened soon, as it was popular.

News 2023 Piramides Martianez Deichmann shoes

Deichman Germany has opened a Calzado branch for shoe shopping in Puerto de la Cruz. You may notice a welcome change with lesser known brands, such as for hiking called Senderismo in Spanish. No English spoken there, so I mention it. I got myself some comforable winter booties with a warm fluffy inside to wear on rainy cool days at home, just in case Tenerife Winter will still come.

 More than one logo Centro Comercial Martianez is displayed at the mall, such as this one underground by the terminal for hotel buses. A time table for the hotel shuttle transport hangs on a wall. Most hotels that are not in the Puerto Cruz hub have such a service.

You find the Martianez Centro comercial bistro a few steps after passing the dry cleaner beside Mercadona. The name of the dry cleaner is:
Stiro Tintoreria-Lavanderia
Centro de Planchado (ironing center)
Tel.: + 34 922 383100

Parking basement Martianez PiramidesParking and bus basement Martianez mall

The Martianez Mall has three levels. It's light and spacious. You can do its rounds within 15 minutes easily these days, as more than half of its 60 outlets have been closed since 2009. The Recession isn't the only culprit.

They say that people opened shops at El Trompo of La Orotava instead. Why? Much cheaper rents.

 Pop into the following shop for gifts to take back overseas instead when you are in Masca.

Shops and services at Piramides Martianez

Stradivarius Spanish fashion where rebates start in June.  Stradivarius belongs to the Inditex group just like Zara Tenerife.

Boutiques are left that sell clothes, sports goods, shoes, leather goods, cosmetics, jewelry, tobacco articles, beach wear, designer perfumes, dried fruit and sweets per weight, toys and more. They all give you good customer service even on a Sunday. There are fashion chain stores, such as Springfield, a Burger King opened recently. More of this downtown mall is listed here

La Licoreria which had fantastic sweet souvenirs is memory now.

Most important at the Piramides of Martianez is its Mercadona Supermarket which I highly recommend for fresh fish, especially the one in season.  Unfortunately recently, Mercadona business hours on Sundays have stopped.

Shopping there for Euro 20 buys you free underground parking at the mall.

Many  have their groceries delivered to their door steps by Mercadona for Euro 5. Tourists at the very popular  Casablanca Apartments often do so too. They would even bring me groceries to my doorsteps while Hotel Panoramic Garden is the delivery boundery of my suburb of Los Realejos.

Other shops and Services at Piramides Martianez

  • Burger King
  • MO
  • Casa Ricardo Dried Fruit
  • Carolina Boix
  • opit-car
  • Optica Piramides
  • Cedro & Vanilla Tabacos
  • Pasteleria Diaz
  • Monica & Gorge hair stylists
  • Make up
  • Perfumeria Glamor
  • Encuentro
  • Springfields
  • Intersport
  • Family Toys
  • Zona Zero
  • Muy mucho
  • Talisman

Surroundings at the Piramides Martianez

Avenue called Rambla Puerto Cruz TenerifePuerto Cruz Rambla
Oasis La Orotava Palace Hotel and Piramides MartianezOrotava Palace Hotel Puerto Cruz

The totally remodeled Piramides Martianez shopping center

The revamping of this shopping Mall must have happened at the end of 2019 and/or beginning of 2020.The change turned it into a miracle of surprising architecture. Now, it looks like a much more impressive mall. Its top floor was almost totally restructured by giving it as much as triple the height by the looks of it. This allows for much light, air, space and, not to forget, visibility from far.

The center piece is almost like an open podium that can be accessed from various angles and terraces. This makes it ideal for  musical shows, for example. It allows the spectators to gather all around feeling free to dance and mingle. Passers-by from the nearby streets and Rambla are attracted from as far as Avenida Bethencourt y Molina, as sound travels far from the Piramides top floor platform. Nevertheless, much surprising space remains for large as well as for smaller outlets where clothes fashion is sold. Claustrophobia is impossible to feel in this most modern space of a mall, while lunching bargain food on its terraces may feel like a very welcome treat.  An exhibition of the Summer carnival of Puerto has been introduced for the first time mentioned on its Tenerife carnival agenda of September 2022.

Two recommended hotels by the Piramides

  • Hotel El Tope
  • Apartment Casablanca

Hot Tip when to shop at the Martianez:

Do your daily shopping at the Martianez Mall on the way home from Lido/ Lago Martianez...

The detour doesn't take more than 5 minutes on foot down Venezuela Road across the palm lined Rambla which by the way ends at the Martianez surf beach

 From Piramides Martianez back to Tenerife shopping Puerto Cruz with a link for the entire island.

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