The Tacoa Beer Hall with beer garden and more.

Beer hall is the best expression for the Cerveceria Tacoa Bar and Restaurant of El Sauzal Tenerife.


This Cerveceria beer place for going out and for events  is so big.

And its bock beer is so good.

Beer brewery museum for healthy beer

The five home made Tacoa healthy beer brands are all brewed on its premises. Their beer brewery strictly follows the German beer law which dates back to the year 1516. This means for beer purity that no chemical beer additives are allowed.

Watch home made beer brewing live at the Tacoa beer restaurant. There, the German called Jochen is the main actor of this living beer museum. Watch his beer making of bock beer of different sorts.
Find out when he uses barley and wheat for making his brew...

In fact, sample all authentic Tacoa drinks in their handsome beer glasses.

The 6 Tacoa beer brands

  1. Clara (light beer)
  2. Cobre (copper color beer)
  3. Negra (black beer)
  4. Trigo (wheat beer)
  5. Fiesta (festival beer)
  6. Surf beer

Depicted above is a selection of certificates and medals of merit by Tacoa with their beer made in Tenerife as displayed on the Orotava craft fair. The latest surf beer stands on the right.

What's special with the Tacoa for Tenerife food and drink?

  • Fresh beer off the barrel
  • Ask for double Bock beer which may
    have 16% alcohol or take the brand Negra
  • Pilsen without alcohol
  • Sun or stars to be enjoyed in the Tacoa beer garden
  • Beer garden with smoker corner
  • German cuisine, such as traditional roasts or
    German Bratwurst done with beer recipes.
  • Tenerife food, such as Tenerife tapas
  • mixed salads, seasonal vegetables and local potatoes
    called papas which have their own potato history with many types of potatoes
  • Italian Pizzas as alternative: at 'Pizzeria Secreto' next door
  • Convenient Tacoa children play room
  • Easy to find beer hall Tacoa by the old
    Autopista del Norte which runs parallel to the freeway TF5
  • Titsa public bus 101 with bus stop by the Tacoa beer
    hall El Sauzal about 15 minutes by car from Puerto Cruz by La Orotava
    or from the Tenerife capital

Beer hall Cervecceria Tacoa Restaurant address

  • Carretera general del Norte, 122
  • 38400 El Sauzal
  • Tel: 0034 + 922 564 173
    • The house of El Sauzal beer was exhibiting as Tacoa Microcerveceria at stall #30 at the Pinolere craft fair of 2015.

      By the way, cooking with beer, such as Tacoa beers is also delicious for grilled pork sausages on your BBQ.

      2 beer recipes

      Grilled pork sausages prepared with beer

      1. Prick a few holes with a toothpick into raw pork sausages.
      2. Cover in a pot with any beer according to your taste
      3. Add black pepper corns
      4. Bring to the boil
      5. Place on the grill until golden brown and done.

      Beer sausages with onions and tomatoes

      1. Fry some onion and tomato rings in a little butter, while a little garlic, a small green pepper
        and porc curry paste are optional
      2. Remove, cover and put onto a warming tray
      3. Fry pork sausages with a little butter in a pan until done,
        after you had brought them to the boild in beer and pepper corns.
      4. Add the fried onions and tomato rings

      El Sauzal Restaurante Tacoa is a typical example of how German cuisine complements Tenerife food and drink for most charming results. There, the natural carbohydrate food supplement Gofio of Guanche traditions, healthy potatoes called Papas Arrugadas, although coated in brushed salt, and Mojos or Salsas Canarias (slightly spiced sauces) will not be amiss.

      Best Tenerife food products for Tacoa beer.

      Spot Garbanzas, Spanish Olives and Cerrano ham where its best brand called Pata Negra is delicious with a good bock beer. Also sample any local cheese with Tacoa beverages. It may be fresh, semi cured or totally cured goat cheese. Part of it may be made with cows' milk. It may even be produced with the milk of sheep. All are perfect meal starters with healthy home made beer, such as the one by Cerveceria Tacoa.

      Two Tenerife museums at El Sauzal for beverage gourmets.

      Notice that it is interesting for Tenerife insiders that this Tacoa beer hall Beer museum is in the neighborhood of the Wine museum la Baranda El Sauzal for Tenerife trips, many of which for eating out.

      Contrary to the Tacoa beer bar and restaurant is Cerveceria 7 islas in Tenerife with its top international beer brands.

      From beer hall back to best Tenerife restaurants.

      Discover what a good UK Ale is like here.

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