Surf photo and your beach story needed of Tenerife beaches Orotava.

The Tenerife beaches Orotava are a sight to remember, while they look like they are part of Puerto de la Cruz.

In fact, spot beach Playa Martianez by the Puerto Cruz skyline on the depicted beach landscape. In my mind, Playa Martianez with its breakwater is also the only relative safe surf beach of the Orotava neighborhood.

However, just now, look at an interesting short video which shows surfers on Bollullo...

Indeed, the Orotava  beaches represent nature at its respectable best.

It's the kind of nature, you don't mess with.

Never rely on the luck of another person who was spared a treacherous wave. You may just be hit by such a current in a scary way.

So what?

Aren't big surf waves or swells fantastic?

They are, but dangerous ocean currents are a different story.

By the way, don't ever challenge them on the Orotava shores by swimming from October until April. Then the currents are real bad.

When and where to surf the Bollullo

I am excited to show you a video with Tenerife windsurfing at beach Playa Bollullo. At least, a surf attempt to it may be spotted in this following short film. Lets assume that the Tenerife beaches Orotava surfers are local guys who know exactly where and when it is safe to surf.

My own experience

I was swimming at the Bollullo which is the most popular of all Tenerife beaches of La Orotava. I was lucky to have come out alive. Meantime, I was a champion swimmer in my youth.

The trouble with the Orotava beaches is that they make you feel safe when you enter the water.

Never heard of Tenerife beaches Orotava?

Learn the most important in a nutshell

  1. The biggest Orotava beach Playa Los Patos with just under 1km
    is for nudists, and without amenities
  2. The most popular Orotava beach Playa Bollullo or Goyuyo
    with just under half a km has a proper bar and a kiosk but, no beach wardens
  3. The least known Orotava virgin beach is Playa Pozo
  4. The fact that the Beach Playa Ancón with 16m x 30m
    is hardly used speaks for itself
  5. Drive just under 1 km to the Orotava beaches off the
    main road by taking the TF 176 El Rincón Dis
  6. Continue until the orange double story house with Bar San Diego
    and a parking ground.

How get there on foot

A popular walking trail exists from Puerto de la Cruz. It starts in La Paz, just behind the Hotel Semiramis.

Walk along the hotel past its main entrance. Reach a small tunnel, cross it and enter a banana plantation. There is a hiking path which leads you to Bollullo Beach. This hike takes about 30 minutes virtually all the way through bananas, except for the descent which has no rails to hold onto. A walking stick helps for keeping your balance.

Bollullo beach history

By the way, in the XIX century a Guanche funeral cave was discovered by El Bollullo. The Alcalde Alvarez Rixo of Puerto de la Cruz (1796-1883) supervised its excavation.

See more Tenerife photos of the paradise Bollullo region with a link to a good road and hiking map.

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