Playa San Marcos Tenerife is so much nicer than I thought

Playa San Marcos is the beach for Icod de los Vinos in Tenerife Canary Islands. 

It is a medium sized black sand beach of hardly 160 m of length. It nests in a cozy Atlantic bay which is formed almost like a horse shoe. It's flanked by a hill where pines and other trees grow in abundance. Part of them cover the world's largest Volcanic Tube system called Cueva del Viento where strange Lava formations abound. Volcanic boulders and rocks are also under water by the shore. Therefor, it is recommended to wear ocean shoes.

My friend Guenther and I stopped over on San Marcos beach for the first time on our way of a day trip toward-
Los Silos Playa Agua Dulce near Teno Mountains. 

The outstanding early May summer weather with around 30C was most welcoming when quite a few people were swimming. Little children and a small dog were frolicking by the water's edge, although pets are generally not allowed on Tenerife beaches. Nevertheless, a dog is even commemorated by this shore.

It used to belong to the owners of the Italian beach Restaurant called 'La Cocina de Doña Rosa' of San Marcos.

This restaurant of Doña Rosa where we had a cheap Pasta lunch was a rather inviting asset of San Marcos beach with its much talked about home made cakes at the time. It seems to have been taken over by Italia in Bocca a new owner.

A Winter visit to Playa San Marcos in 2023

A rather pushy waiter of Restaurant Italia in Boca approached my friend and me on February 17, 2023 to convince us to take lunch at this restaurant praising the fish of the day. My friend once had ordered the same there and was charged more for it in the end. The excuse was that the weight of the fish counted more contrary to the price he had given her beforehand. Hence, I am glad we had lunch next door at Restaurante Amarca instead.

My friend and I also shared a very good Amarca mixed salad not shown here. All ingredients were crisp, fresh and very appetizing.

Otherwise, no problem to find parking for our car. This, of course, may not be so easy in Summer and on weekends.

The Address of Restaurante Amarca is Avda.Maritima, 29 Playa San Marcos 38430 Icod Tenerife Tel: 922 815136

More amenities of Playa San Marcos that immediately meet they eye

The aquanaut club of Playa San Marcos

Sitting under the shady restaurant canvas roof you can see the San Marcos Aquanaut Club high up on a mountain outcrop by one side of the bay.

There was another magnificent panorama. We spotted it when we were standing behind the boat dry dock, a boat shelter, about 50 meters from the Italian restaurant Dona Rosa. There, the mountain crops by the other side of the bay invite experienced mountain climbers to take them on.

Playa San Marcos not ideal for swimming for people with mobility problems

Guenther told me later that he had tried to get into the water at another occasion and found it difficult.As mentioned before, the ground under the water by the shore is not at all even and one can lose balance. Luckily, Guenther found a helpful beach warden. Most will find uneven grounds a minor beach problem, though. 

How reach this beach from Icod de los Vinos?

People without mobility problems may easily take on the walk down to its sea-level by descending 235 meters.
Alternatively, there is the Titsa bus 362 to take you. It operates about once an hour from the bus station along five bus stops and arrives within 10 minutes near the shore.

Alpinism by Playa San Marcos

Unfortunately, I only found something in Spanish about alpinism at the Icod de los Vinos beach. However, it was part of Spanish news. Placing a link would also be useless, as the media deletes old publications fast.

Find out more about Icod de los Vinos the town of the world's most famous Dragon Tree here

However, here is a Facebook page about the Playa San Marcos. At least, it has photos and never mind the Spanish text.

From Playa San Marcos to Tenerife beaches which are on four coasts.

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