Best buy shop is Leroy Merlin in Tenerife Spain for the handy man and Tenerife properties.

Best buy shop means Leroy Merlin Tenerife for its good prices of huge variety of 330 000 or more goods stocked.

Actually, this is not a shop but a best buy store. Why?

Leroy Merlin is such a big store with cheapest products for its range.

The only items I would not recommend at this big hyper store are fold-up plastic garden loungers, when they are on special. But, all in all Leroy Merlin Tenerife is definitely an ideal store for certain home shopping.

Good customer service tops it up.

Getting there is easy and so is parking.

Do your purchasing in this top shop on a ground floor and not in a shopping mall.


This hyper store with ground floor, only, is ideal for buying with wheel chair.

Look at the gay, red and yellow discount banners on the ceiling of Leroy Merlin.

They could be festival decorations. There are so many all over the store.

Indeed, this enormous shop has huge price reductions in all its product departments all the time.

Late autumn 2015 News Leroy Merlin latest offers

  • DIY wall panels in different sizes easy to apply
  • Home Heaters for real wood fires
  • PVC windows made to measure
  • Find much much more online at
    • Sisal rug bought at Leroy Merlin TenerifeA studio with Le Roy rug
      I bought this sisal rug of 2m x 1,50m at Leroy Merlin. This natural fiber carpet was a perfect buy. I could not find it in that size anywhere else. That was in 2004 and the rug is still going strong, although it has been much walked on. I paid €80 for the rug at the time. Later, I bought a beautiful bathroom lamp in brass with 2 long arms to mount on top a cabinet and to supply light to the cupboard mirror. A handy man helped me select it. Problem being was missing electricity in the ceiling. I could only find the lights at the hyper store Leroy Merlin. I can't supply a photo, as the place is rented out. The brass lamp is still working well. I forgot its price, but it seemed very fair at the time, 3 years ago. I needed both gadgets for a holiday home in Tenerife.

      A friend bought a kitchen cupboard neon lamp by Easter 2009, like the one shown above. It is 20cm long and nice and thin to connect under a hanging kitchen cupboard to light up a work space. He paid €12. He said, he could not have found it cheaper overseas. He added, Leroy Merlin had a huge supply of those handy light fittings in all sizes. What better buy could you get?

      Garden supply store Jardineria of Leroy Merlin La OrotavaGarden supply Leroy Merlin
      Depicted beside is an image which shows part of the bigger building front of Leroy Merlin by the traffic street. It looks like 300 meters long, at least. Discover Jardineria written on it. This represents its garden supply store which is only a tiny section of this hypermarket. Mind all is under one roof.

      Construction material  with drive in gate by Tenerife main roadDrive-In Construction material store
      Only the section for construction material has its own entrance.

      You can drive in with your car for a more easy loading of building material into your boot.

      The orange gadget in between the two portals for coming and going is a manual cement mixer.

      It was most probably a special. This best buy shop likes to advertise and to display it's Ofertas which means special offers outside the store.

      Barbecue oven on sale by Leroy MerlinBarbecue oven on sale by Leroy Merlin
      Portrayed beside is another example of a discounted item shown on first sight near the main shop entrance and the parking grounds. You see a barbecue oven. The brick, concrete and metal construction comes with handy, tiled work benches, storage compartments, where you could keep timber, grill tools and more. It has a proper oven in its center with a grill and a tall chimney. The typical yellow and red discount banner reads €585 for the old price, 32% for the price reduction and €395 for the new price of August 2011. Well, it all speaks for a best price shop.

      Data Tenerife Le Roy Merlin La Laguna

      • Commercial Center La Laguna (Centro Comercial La Laguna)
        about 10 minutes before capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife Spain
        off Freeway TF 2 (while TF1 motorway and TF5 are connected by TF2)
        on High Way Autospista Santa Cruz - La Laguna
      • Exit: Las Chumberas
      • 38205 La Laguna
      • Tel: 922 823131 Fax: 922 820769
      • Country: Spain
      • Province:Santa Cruz de Tenerife
      • bus line 017
      • Easy outside as well as inside parking for customers
      • Indoor toilettes
      • Fast food in basement and outside
      • ATM cash draw machines

      Find best buy shop Le Roy Merlin La Orotava

    • above Carretera Las Arenas coming from Puerto Cruz
      via its northern suburb Park Taoro on your left,
      or by taking Exit 36 La Vera
      off North Motorway TF 5 (Autospista del Norte TF 5)
    • For Leroy Merlin also look at orientation photos Realejos
      with aeral image La Vera...
    • 38300 La Orotava
    • Country: Spain
    • Province: Santa Cruz de Tenerife
    • Tel: 922 329800 Fax: 922 329838
    • Indoor toilets
    • Fast food in basement and outside
    • ATM cash draw machines
    • Easy outside parking for customers

    Opening times

    Leroy Merlin best buy shop is open on week days except Sundays in La Orotava as well as in La Laguna.

    Difference being is La Laguna opens at 9 a.m. while the La Orotava store unlocks its doors an hour later.
    La Laguna is more convenient to reach from from the South.

    Both shops close at 10 night.

    Please, note:Both branch stores have Tenerife holidays on February 02 for Fiesta de Candelaria, March 20 for Palm Thursday, November O1 Day of all Saints and Nov.30 Saint Andrea day(San Andres). They may also be closed on Dec 07,08,14,21 and 28. Call to verify...

    Nevertheless, some days without shopping convenience don't diminish the quality of this perfect buying store with 2 branches.

    Merchandise for handy man work to get at best buy shop Le Roy Merlin is for

    • reparation works,
    • installations,
    • camping,
    • shop fitting,
    • businesses,
    • decorating home and garden but, not upholstery.
    • I forever find Leroy fliers in my postbox where large drums of paints are offered very cheap on special. It would be hard to find a better one stop shop for the handy man's work in Tenerife which has so much under one roof.

      Check for hobby tools, although I don't think they have air brushes, for example, which you would get at an art supply shop. The best buy shop for artisans has a huge selection of garden gadgets with some pot plants on promotion as well as a huge selection of pots for patio decorating.

      Many of its stocks are usually very cheap and therefor best buys for most people.

      There are also other promotion sales.

      Good customer service helps you choose cupboards and furniture units for rooms and kitchens to build in, although, not the biggest variety, but their prices make them optimum buys.

      Get gadgets and parts for

      • windows,
      • doors,
      • floors,
      • ceilings
      • walls
      • for indoors and outdoors

      Buy at best buy shop Leroy Merlin

      • curtains and blinds,
      • garden furniture at, sometimes, lowest prices
      • lampshades, lamps, lightning equipment
      • carpets and rugs
      • timber beams and
        other structural material made to measure
      • all at most competitive prices

      Decorating tips

      Look at the unbeatable variety of plastic boxes and makeshift cupboards you can buy with best supply at this hyper store. They serve well for a holiday home in Tenerife with restricted space. Plastic containers and lockers are fantastic to keep on verandas or balconies outside, although, best under a roof.

      All protective material is ideally found at this best buy shop, of course.

      Buy or do it yourself

      Get your pictures framed at Leroy Merlin, while you may pick from an optimum choice material for it. Otherwise, buy best frames and pass-partous which are the card boards used as picture base to do it yourself. The best buy shop has it all.

      Delivery and installations of goods are options by this store where it's ideal to buy materials for properties, where always something needs to be added, renewed, repaired or improved.

      Conclusion to sum up repair fields served by Leroy Merlin

      • kitchen
      • bathrooms and sanitary
      • plumbing
      • electrical
      • hard ware
      • carpentry
      • landscaping
      • outdoor leisure
      • car and vehicle repairs and servicing to a remarcable extent
      • security
      • heating and air conditioning but not including entire swimming pools
      • home decoration for storing help and basics as mentioned above
      One stop shop Ikea Tenerife for furniture.

      From best buy shop back to shopping in Tenerife Spain with links to shops, markets, malls and more .

      The skills of handymen

      Back up to top?

      It's very possible, nowadays, since 2008 that some items are not available at above stores, suddenly. This is due to many factories having closed or restricted production worldwide. In this context I should mention that the barbecue ovens were still displayed in 2015 and may be so for a long time to come.

      Please mind that the comment box below is meant to help others. In case you have a question or want to tell me something, kindly use this contact form.

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