A perfect Tenerife holiday apartment of romantic cliff houses.

The Tenerife holiday apartment Romantica 1 with inviting lounge suite was lovingly furnished as a holiday home in Tenerife by one of my friends, who is a Finnish lady who also speaks Russian.

Everything which may be needed for a very pleasant holiday with romance is inside.

Indeed, all its photos portray culture of living by a good life style.

Where is this Tenerife holiday property?

This Tenerife apartment is on the island's north coast. However, it may not be easily detected by a satellite.


It is located below the Explanada of La Romantica 1.

It's part of modern cliff houses which were built onto extremely steep terraces above the hiking path of a most breath taking Atlantic shore of Los Realejos.

Picturesque Tenerife villas

The location of this coastal property where many an enchanting flower paradise cottage is to be found is that of a fairy land which abounds with tropical and subtropical flowers and fruit. The yellow and purple Kiwi is as much at home there as is the Papaya and Banana. It is the ideal haven for painting romantic landscapes, for writing poetry of love, nature and all hobbies of leisure. It is perfect for a quiet honeymoon at any age.

What apartment appliances are there?

Even find a coffe machine amongst other gadgets in this Tenerife holiday home apartment's well equipped open plan kitchen, where a large modern fridge/freezer, a ceramic hob and even an electric oven and Microwave appliance are not amiss.

This kitchen adjoins the lounge.

The triangular lounge suite faces sideboards and other furniture.

Electronic gadgets for entertainment stand there, such as a Sat.TV.

Admire the oak furniture which is enhancing this Tenerife holiday apartment for romantic vacations in Romantica 1.

La Romantica 1 and La Romantica 2

By the way, there is another suburb called Romantica 2. That's the one which is even closer to Tozcal Longuera and which has two tennis clubs.

Both Realejos Romantica suburbs are connected also by a hiking path which runs parallel to the ocean.

Smell the ocean from the Romantica bedroom of the Tenerife holiday apartment. The double bed is partly hidden in an alcove behind a curtain.

A large built in wardrobe covers an entire wall and has a big mirror.

A gracious sideboard, bookshelves, pictures and good light fittings play the part.

A door leads from it to a bathroom ensuite.

The bath room is practical and friendly with tiles which go up the ceiling.

It has a mirror cabinet, good lights, rails and much more.

An automatic washing machine is also there.

A shower cubicle with sliding doors is in the bathroom.

The color of the bathroom is that of mellow sunshine.

The bedroom of the romantic apartment is behind the dining nook which could be closed off by a curtain.

Walk past the dining table with six chairs toward the balcony. This veranda also serves as the Tenerife holiday apartment's entrance hall. A small winding staircase lead upstairs from it to the Explanada.

Step onto the balcony of this Tenerife holiday apartment. The veranda's canvas roof conveniently rolls in and out to adjust to the sun. A practical, tiled washing basin with running water stands by for outside entertainment. It also helps to water veranda plants or to clean the paws of your pets.

Discover the miracle views beyond this balcony.

Tenerife north coast fairy land at its most alluring

There, the romantic scenery of the old Los Realejos ruin is one of most renown of Tenerife Island. Ferocious waves beat an intriguing building's foundations on the ocean's edge. Sometimes, occasional lovers rival this scene when they pause in the middle of the wooden bridge above the picturesque gorge. Others venture along mountain pathways towards a nature reserve. Esily detect them in the foreground of breath taking Tenerife nature which stretches as far as San Juan de la Rambla on one side and the Orotava bay on the other.

Explanada Square of La Romanitca 1 Los RealejosExplanada Square of La Romanitca 1

Enjoy this view also from the pedestrian zone Explanada where an international community of foreigners lives side bei side with locals. The verandas of apartments of low townhouses on the right show towards this big square. All others which include my Russian friend's Tenerife holiday apartment can only be detected when you look over the edge on the opposite side which is above the sea. Needless to say is that the occasional outside celebrations bring people together in this peaceful, romantic community. By the way, several of the properties in this neighbourhood are Tenerife holiday homes.

There is a wrought iron entrance gate which leads to the next level of this Romantica 1 suburb. Find plenty parking space there.

Restaurant Restaurante Terraza del Mar

Terraza del Mar Restaurant La Romantica 1 TenerifeTerraza del Mar Restaurant

Also discover the greatly improved restaurant Restaurante Terraza del Mar Los Realejos which is under new management since summer 2011. It serves lunches, dinners, coffes, large celebrations and events. It's within a few steps of the Explanada of Romantica 1. Just now, find out more about this restaurant high above the Atlantic which is next door to a romantic Tenerife holiday apartment.

Encounter Longuera Toscal Tenrife business and shops and more easy getting around to Los Realejos and beyond within a 5 minutes drive from La Romantica 1.

Get to la Villa Alcampo the Commercial shopping center of Orotava by the TF5 for Christmas shopping from Romantica 1 within a 15 minutes drive.

The distance to the north airport Los Rodeos is about 25 km from La Romantica 1 Los Realejos, while it takes about 90 minutes to arrive at the Airport Reina Sofia of Tenerife South.

Getting to the border of the town with the garden beach Playa Jardin near Punta Brava. Loro Park takes less than a quarter of an hour via the Longuera road. The distance to the romantic El Socorro beach behind San Pedro is about the same.

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Minimum rental price

The cheapest rental price is €495/month when you rent by contract for 1 year.

Water and trash are included in the running costs.

There are a refundable deposit charge as well as a fianza, while one or 2 months depend on the property owner. Contact us here, if interested in this beautiful apartment on the explanada above the sea.

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