Holiday rental prices for Tenerife properties.

The holiday rental prices for a Tenerife holiday apartment depend on duration and property size which may start with €35 per day, while a minimum stay varies. So are special day prices and discounts. The price for an apartment with more than 1 bedroom which sleeps more than 2 people, except for an additional small child is usually higher. This is also because more people also use more services, while holiday resorts charge higher community fees to flat owners depending on the size of properties.

€25-45 is generally asked for final apartment cleaning.

Tenerife luxury villa for rentTenerife luxury villa
Then there is Villa rental. A luxury Tenerife villa holiday is bound to have its price. An owner may even insist in a total payment of the holiday stay which could be 2 weeks or earlier in advance.


He too has much too lose.

How we could help you

This is where we can assist you, if you would like a verification that the property exists and that the agent appears to be trustworthy. This happened last Christmas when we were asked for this service by tourists with a large dog who were a group of 6 people. They wanted the depicted Villa with pool, sauna and many amenities in a very sunny paradise setting in an ideal location for getting around.

Costs generally included in the holiday rental prices

  • water, electricity, trash,
  • free outside parking
  • apartment linen, towels, blankets
    as well as dish cloth.
  • apartment repairs, except for
    damage caused by negligence
  • any unforseen problem solving attendance

Holiday resort rental with additional freebes.

  • swimming pool and garden maintenance,
  • elevator maintenance
  • 24hour/7day security,
  • information

Deposit Fianza

Some landlords ask for a deposit Fianza. This may be in the case of extended rental over several months. This deposit which may be the amount of 1-2 months of rent is refundable on principle.

Reservation booking deposit

A booking deposit regarding Tenerife holiday rental is 15% of the total amount. Some portals i.e. property owners ask more.

The remaining fee amounts to the rest of the rental which calculate by the daily rental tariff multiplied by holidays minus the paid 15 % deposit. It is due by the latest 10 days before rental starts, unless last minute arrangements were made.

A refundable security charge of € 55 is payable in cash before the handing over of the keys.

A rental contract for long lets may or may not apply, while identification is part of any service.

From holiday rental prices back to apartments Tenerife.

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