What about La Quinta Santa Ursula?

Tenerife upmarket suburb by Santa Ursula and Puerto CruzTenerife upmarket suburb

La Quinta Santa Ursula is a rather Tenerife upmarket suburb.

The modern, luxury La Quinta Park suites with their own hotel transfer set the ball rolling, years ago.

The scenic location on the Acentejo Coast with its good climate and the Spa turned it into a popular holiday destination.
    Nevertheless, the hamlet still has a bit of a rural touch here and there.

Every evening, a lady parks her car by a field with broad leaved but, unknown plants near our friend's house. Then she gets out to feed the poultry.

The breath taking views

You reach them by the bottom of the suburb by the ocean front by following Calle Codeso. A long and wide coastal stairway is at its end. That's when you encounter an impressive, green gorge. It's bordered by lush, endemic vegetation.  That's Barranco de Hondo, to the best of my knowledge.

Barranco de HondoBarranco de Hondo

You turn left on the bottom of the coastal stairway.

You reach the look-out the Mirador de la Quinta, eventually.  Take care with the steep Basalt cliff... There are no rails or walls.

La Quinta Santa Ursula sunsets

La Quinta is indeed famous for its sundowns. Then you may spot Mount Teide in the far distance behind the Acentejo coast.

Freeway and public transport

  A good infra structure to the TF 5 Freeway at exit 29 and many Titsa buses also help. Puerto de la Cruz and La Orotava are in the neighborhood. The capital and the Tenerife North airport are less than half an hour away.

Upmarket private holiday accommodation

Many holiday homes and villas were built at La Quinta,  as the place is called for short. This construction boom followed the area's hotel success but,  came to a stop in 2009.

Now many a bargain is still up for sale.

La Quinta Community Center

This center was built for the township's 1500 residents in Calle Pesquaderos.

It has a beautiful garden, swimming pools and an excellent gym. So I was told.

What about shopping?

Unfortunately, only a small supermarket and Cafeteria can be found for the extensive area.

It's outside La Quinta Hotel which also has time share apartments, by the way.

Guachinche restaurants

Find them here.

Also for eating out nearby

Cafe Vista Paraiso with magic views

Casa del Vino la Baranda Wine museum and other trips

Tacoa Beer restaurant with Ales and more surprises

Sunset 290 with oriental flair

Beaches nearby?

There are the Orotava beaches. However, they are not very safe for swimming. Puerto de la Cruz has the better options.

From La Quinta Santa Ursula back to Puerto de la Cruz

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