Discover Puerto Cruz Tenerife culture of today, yesterday and tomorrow...

Puerto Cruz Tenerife culture is first to be discovered by its past.

Without a historic cultural cradle no culture may be nurtured.

Library Tomas de Iriarte

However, the town's latest cultural news should have priority.

News 2014 In fact, on May 28th, the Tenerife's newest library the Biblioteca de Tomas de Iriarte was inaugurated. It's motto is learning and culture for everybody.

Now, lets start where it gets exciting, which was published by the following literature:

Undisputed testimony to Puerto de la Cruz Culture for Tenerife

Book on culture and history Puerto Cruz.Book on culture

Many cultural events were organized in the past through different owners of Hotel Marquesa in Calle Quintana. I was reading up on this and Puerto de la Cruz history in the booklet called Apuntes para un Centenario 1887- 1987 by Agustin Guimerá Ravina. This hotel alone is proof of past and present Tenerife culture.

Men like Alexander von Humboldt, indeed, stayed at this Puerto de la Cruz hotel as a guest. The biologist and philosopher admired not only nature, but also Puerto's cultural ways of life.


The Mueca festival of art of Puerto, El Puerto or Puerto Cruz, as the locals call Puerto de la Cruz, sums up most of the town's passion to express itself by art and cultural activities.
Not to forget in this context is its carnival which comes second after that of the Tenerife capital.

Discover flair and talent for design of local Puerto Cruzeros by the gay parade 2009 photo gallery of costumes of carnival...

The photo beside is of the art cafe in Calle Mequinez, It's in the trendy hub of restaurants of Puerto de la Cruz. This amazing 'Ranilla enclave' which reach within one minute on foot from Plaza de Charco is favored by down to earth fishermen, fishing fans, visited by lovers of good food, art, history and culture and walked at leisure to and from Playa Jardin.

Music noise pollution of Parque San Francisco?

In the past, concerts were held at Park Parque San Francisco. This is an ample, ancient building at the corner of C/Quintana and C/Betancourt. Its major renovations have been postponed again in 2014. It remains to wonder how the center's noise pollution problem will be solved in the future.

Canary Islands Institute of Spanish studies

Its well maintained building is in C/Quintana close to Parque San Francisco. It faces market stalls where flowers and plants are sold and where folklore street musicians perform occasionally. It's an international culture center of learning where seminars invite for expat and foreign participation. It has its own collection of books.

Puerto Cruz Tenerife culture called viniculture with festivals

Viniculture or Viticultura in Spanish is all about the culture of growing grapes and about producing wine.

In this context, discover another huge, old house which is in dire straits for repairs. It's called Casa del Pueblo. Encounter it when you proceed along Calle Vieja from Plaza del Charco. In 2009, works took place inside but, were stopped again. I was there in 1997 during a wine tasting event. Now, its cultural events of yearly prize givings to top wines take place in Puerto's Casa de la Aduana between May and end of June. By the way, I find it hard to believe that this place is said to have been a hotel. Its main room rather looks like a glorified large barn with a leaking roof.

Above is a video of the last 'Fiesta del Vino of June 14 of 2013' where the display speaks for itself and where 'la Tienda La Ventita' takes part.

Should the town library have been moved into Casa Ventoso ?

Casa Ventoso Puerto Cruz with Taoro Hotel on horizonCasa Ventoso

In 2008, Casa Ventoso (House Ventoso) of the early XVIII  was marked to become the town's library. The idea was abandoned. Nevertheless, the almost  2000m2 big mansion is again an important cultural center of town. It fulfills many functions.

It was used for a creep show called 'House of Terror' and for a crafts fair. The biggest Canary Island exhibitions of nativity scenes are shown there every year. Usually, folk concerts with the famous Sabandeños follow suite as well as classic concerts. However, sometimes local folk music is given priority.

Casa Palacio Ventoso  of Puerto de la CruzCasa Palacio Ventoso of Puerto de la Cruz

Casa Palacio Ventoso merits this second name. The outlay of its rooms follow a good architectural design and the building seems to be fundamentally sound. I noticed this at Christmas 2013 when it was a house of open doors.

Torre Ventoso or Torreon Ventoso of Puerto CruzTorre Ventoso or Torreon Ventoso of Puerto Cruz

In early XVIII, it was built by the wealthy Blanco family who was engaged in successful marine trade.

Mind that Puerto de la Cruz is said to have handled 80 % of Tenerife's exports at the time.

The house was also a college of Augustine monks at one stage. A German consulate used it and later, a bishop lived in it.

Part of Casa Ventoso is
Torre Ventoso a most elegant tower in Calle Valois.
It is a 6 story square stone construction with wooden balconies. Its Grecian white walls are immaculate.

Nicolas Blanco built this tower to be the first to spot incoming ships with merchandise that may interest him.

In 1812 a 'Declaration of Liberty' was signed in it.

In 1990, it was renovated and was to be opened for tourism and culture of Puerto de la Cruz, as was affirmed early in 2008.

However by 2014, this still has not happened.

Casa Iriarte museum facing Casa VentosoCasa Iriarte museum facing Casa Ventoso.

Museum Casa Iriarte

Surprising is that nobody in Government thought of a face lift for Casa Iriarte, the museum in dire need of restorations right opposite Casa Ventoso in Calle Iriarte. It is said that its building is privately owned.

Casa Iriarte is part of culture Puerto de la Cruz. The famous Iriarte brothers merit a better museum for their fables and illustrations..

Forget about the culture related 'Plan de excelente Turistica' with proposed spending of 5 Million GBP. It is yesterday's snow.

Puerto Cruz Tenerife culture progress made or undertaken

  • Many cosmetic face lifts to landscaping by plants and trees
  • Manicured highway turn offs with flower bordered fountains that are illuminated at night
  • A revamped Avda. Generalísimo now renamed Avda.Familia Betancourt y Molinaz
  • A more artistically paved Calle Hoya with new benches and the like
  • A renovated C/Mequinez and C/ Las Lonjas with a new Fisherman guild house and restaurant
  • A safer coastal trail Puerto Cruz to Bollulu Beach which is one of the Orotava beaches
  • Tapas routes to help the restaurant culture
  • Renovation of Rambla del Castro, as walking and hiking is one of the cultural activities in high tourist demand.
  • The remodeled beach front San Telmo a success story, except for more vulnerability by incoming waves. 

Puerto hotels which engage in cultural activities

  • Lunchtime folk concert shows at Hotel Tigaiga Taoro Park
  • Permanent art exhibitions by the Hotel next to McDonalds on Plaza Reyes Catholicos which is not the Catalonia Las Vegas Hotel
  • Veranda concerts by Hotel Marqueza in C/Quintana
  • Continuously changing cultural events at Hotel Maritim on the border of Los Realejos Puerto Cruz.
    • Besides, hotels may also publicize the town's events in their lobbies to bring Puerto Cruz Tenerife culture to tourists.

      Arts and culture of Church with chapel

      • The Catholic church San Francisco with its chapel Hermita San Juan
      • Altar of church San Francisco Puerto CruzAltar of church San Francisco Puerto Cruz.

      • Excells by: famous altar of Church San Francisco and Hermita San Juan
      • Struction of Chapel San Juan the oldest building of town besides Casa de la Aduana: in 1599 before the church was constructed
      • Architectural exception: Both Church and Hermita are connected.
      • Location: Calle Quintana by Plaza Dr.Peréz
      • Serving: Today this temple is used by different congregations of different European nationalities.
      • Its arts: From the 16th century and later added on treasures.
      • Casa de la Aduana

        Casa de la Aduana Puerto Cruz TenerifeCasa de la Aduana Puerto Cruz Tenerife

        • Oldest town building and totally restored
        • Built: 1620 by Familia Franchie for the Battery Santa Barbara
        • 1707: Declared Royal Custom house for Puerto de la Cruz
        • Latest assets: Tourism office, crafts shop, Museum Eduardo Westerdahl for contemporary arts, cultural seminar rooms

        Westerdahl, Puerto Cruz and the world

        Indeed, the rather prominent art scene of Puerto de la Cruz owes much to Eduardo Westerdahl who was also internationally renown as you may read up here.

        Tribute to women and fish sales women in particularTribute to women and fish sales women in particular

        A tribute to women monument to Puerto's Fish wife women has been erected in 2008 a few meters from it.

        The sculpture by Julio Nieto belongs to Puerto Cruz remarkable street art. Passers-by look at the dark bronze sculpture in astonishment.

        Hard working women of lower classes were often forgotten in the past. Without them no thriving economy would be possible. And, hence, less culture in Puerto Cruz...

        Castle San Felipe

        • Years when built: 1630-1644.
        • Where: Playa Jardin/ Punta Brava
        • Purpose: To fend off pirates for Puerto de la Cruz merchants and ships.
        • Today's use: Occasional concerts to promote local musicians and to further the culture of music;
          international art exhibitions which are advertised on the facade of the building or at the tourism office. The square at the entrance of the fort has been cordened off to protect its genuine canon

        Congress Center Taoro Park

        In December 2008, I attended a Christmas concert at this Center. It is on the grounds of the former Hotel Taoro and later Casino. All is being maintained but is not open to the public.

        Church Nuestra Señora de Peña de Francia

        Iglesia Peña Francia Puerto Cruz TenerifeIglesia Peña Francia Puerto Cruz Tenerife.

        The church Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Peña Francia on Plaza Iglesia, 2 (tel 0034 + 922 380 051 ) 0034 is the biggest of Puerto de la Cruz with 3 naves. Its earliest version came into being almost a 100 years after the San Francisco chapel of Puerto Cruz. The Irish community built its altar for the sailor patron Saint Patrick of the Emerald Isles. Today, the church Peña Francia is almost perceived like the town cathedral. It's lovely bell tower which is stroked by the white flowers of very tall Oleander trees that move in the wind was added in 1898.

        Noteworthy church art of Iglesia de Peña Francia

        • A rather huge wooden Mahagony organ
        • Statues of town patrons Virgen del Carmen and Saint Patrick
        • Outstanding works by the Brothers Luis and Manuel de la Cruz Rios who lived in C/Quintana and who also did work for King Fernando VII in Madrid
        • A large Crucifix at one of the church walls whose artwork gives credit to the 'town of the 'Harbor of the Cross'
        • Noteworthy cultural happenings in form of classical concerts, some of which are Barroque.

        Town street altars

        • Many tiny wayside altars dedicated to Mary mother of Jesus, such as two by the old harbor with flower decorations
        • Dedicated to: the culture of short street prayers

        The Puerto Cruz cult of cemeteries

        Some of the locals pay regular visits to the Orotava and others to the Puerto de la Cruz cemetery which are not like their North European counterparts. But flowers prevail everywhere. Some stone monuments and sculptures are part of them.

        Notice in this context that the Anglican cemetery is called the Chercha which is almost opposite the Puerto de la Cruz stadium.

        Church San Telmo

        Church San Telmo Puerto Cruz TenerifeChurch San Telmo Puerto Cruz Tenerife.
        • Built: in 1780 by a group of merchants.
        • A Chapel whose elegant Spanish facade is in contrast to an unusual interior
        • Renovated by a German Interior decorator with a vivid appealing color scheme and enchanting details.
        • Patrons: Dominican Saint Pedro Gonzalez Telmo and Virgen del Carmen
        • Mass in German and in Spanish on Sundays

        Sunday lunches of natives of Puerto de la Cruz

        • They take rarely place at home but,
        • in gorges like the Barranco Ruiz recreational area
        • at forest picnic spots above La Orotava, such as Agua Mansa
        • less often on beaches but
        • in Guachinches, more of which learn here.

        Mansions of Puerto de la Cruz culture

        Hotel Marqueza front in Puerto CruzHotel Marqueza front in Puerto Cruz.

        1. Hotel Marquesa for Puerto de la Cruz tourist accommodation which played a major role for its town's culture and development, even for the lower classes.
        2. Hotel Monopol the former birth house of Agustin de Bethencourt y Molina (1758-1824) which became another Puerto Cruz historical hotel and which prides itself of a culture of its own.
        3. Inside-patio La Casona TenerifeInside-patio La Casona Tenerife

        4. La Casona mansion of Puerto de la Cruz
        5. Historic use: Former seat of many an aristocratic family which competed with the rest of wealthy locals by lavish parties, dance and music
        6. Today's use: which find out here
        7. House of Jose Agostin Alvares Rixo (1796-1683)
          who was a much loved Mayor of the town, a writer, historian and whose beautiful birth house in Calle Blanco is now for sale.
        8. Birth place of Thomas Iriarte of the 7 fables
        9. Location: Casa Iriarte
        10. Now used as: tiny museum and crafts shop
        11. Other: The picturesque, colonial Mansion with inside patio needs repairs
        12. Mansion Museo Ábaco with diverse winter concerts
        13. Theme park Sitio Litre (the mansion of the Family Little) which came into being 220 years ago and is the oldest Tenerife garden where illusive guests, such as Agatha Christie and the American writer Ernest Hemingway were honored as wax figures
          Location: Camino Sitio Litre (Near Commercial Center Martianez) - Tel: 0034 922 382 417

      Exhibitions and art galleries in the oldest Tenerife island resort

      Many international art exhibitions are given at Castillo San Felipe, Playa Jardin, Avenida Colon to contribute to Puerto Cruz Tenerife culture..

      Caja Canaria sponsor for Puerto Cruz culture

      Art exhibitions for painting, drawing and photography to further local talent is often financially helped and organized by Caja Canaria. This is a financial institution with central seat in Santa Cruz.

      Interested artists from Puerto de la Cruz or anywhere else in Tenerife without their own galleries may try:
      Public Relations Caja Canaria
      Plaza Principe (Center Santa Cruz)
      or Caja Canaria Plaza Espana 6th floor
      which is the sponsoring department for concerts and musicians
      Information for painting artists may be received, there.

      Puerto de la Cruz art galleries and private art studios

      Manufactum Tenerife art gallery and Puerto Cruz culture update 2012

      Best Puerto de la Cruz art gallery since 2011 has been the Manufactum by the Italian artist Giuliano Montisci. Discover his Tenerife exhibitions and find Puerto Cruz art shows' updates. Montisci's designer flair of unusually artistic real gallery furniture is remarkable.

      Gallery Calzada Martianez Puerto Cruz TenerifeGallery Calzada Martianez

      Gone with the wind gallery

      Recession may be one reason to blame for the disappearance of the big shop and gallery of the following business:

      Jewellery art and Art gallery Calzada Martianez or Gallery Calletón de las Cabras, as a very funny inscription said above its door
      on the bottom of Calzada Martianez
      1 minute from the shopping mall Piramides Martianez
      and 2 minutes from Hotel Apartamentos Casablanca of Puerto de la Cruz

      Galeria Magda Rivera
      Modern Art
      This art gallery in Calle Vieja, 30 of Puerto de la Cruz has shut its doors. Try to find out more at Tel: + 969/ 699 662 057
      or consult the homepage at

      International Art Gallery
      (Lobeto Giral) C/ La Hoya, 20
      Tel: + 922 38 42 18

      Calle La Hoya, no 17-4-A
      38400 Puerto de la Cruz
      Tel: + 34 677 343 195

      Calle Virtud, no3 (with CAlle Esquivel)
      38400 Puerto de la Cruz
      tel: + 34 677 343 195

      Galeria de Arte Elena
      Av.Colon, 4
      Tel: + 922 86 84 86

      Galeria de arte La Colombe
      C/ del Botanico, 1
      Tel: + 922 37 50 82

      Puerto's town architecture

      The town of La Orotava's former port made its mistakes. It should never have replaced its authentic fishermen houses with apartment blocks of the 70ies an 80ies period which were also built at its outskirts. Remaining are only those of the old quarters la Ranilla and Punta Brava, besides the more stately mansions here and there. Today, it is proud of what's left of its historic and historical architecture and thrives to maintain it in good condition.

      Horse races

      Puerto de la Cruz doesn't hold horse races any more, as was the case in the XIX century on the Sortija of Taoro. However, every year Feria de Caballos races take place on asphalted roads between Los Realejos Alto and Cruz Santa on Dia de Canaria at the end of May.

      No more bull fights either, contrary to mainland Spain.

      Environmental awareness as a part of culture

      Discover interesting proof of environmental awareness which is expressed by graffiti and eco art as well as by street art by Puerto de la Cruz and international artists. Graffiti comes for free and is much more critical and has a message. Street art may only be decorative and is normally paid.

      El Puerto town has puppet shows events and hosts new festivals all the time. It has so many besides its carnival, not all
      of which you find listed in Tenerife celebrations.

      The cultural care for the environment by  artists expressed by street murals.

      From Puerto Cruz culture to Puerto de la Cruz to see more of its cultural magnetism by unusual photos

      Parallels Spain Tenerife culture and Portugal culture

      It is fascinating to see what Portugal culture and the Spanish Tenerife culture Puerto Cruz have in common, while much of it is almost dictated by the Catholic faith as well as by architecture, art and history of art to some extent.

      Portugal culture
      Learn about the Portugal culture of good Portuguese wines and food, which doesn't come short of the Algarve, as well as Portuguese history, Guimaraes, monuments, such as Jeronimos and Descubrimientos statue in Lisbon and much more...

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