How get unemployment pay on job search Spain Tenerife?

Unemployment pay in Spanish provinces like Tenerife has been possible since the implementation of the Schengen agreement of June 1985. From then on free migration was the order of the day. This means open borders for free people movement within all 26 EU members. Only UK people within the EU need travel documents for European countries.

Get unemployment payment with fair strings attached

However, the European Union law only pays for continued unemployment under certain conditions.
This is for people who make use of the free migration, while they are available for work.
For example, they have to put their names down as job seekers, such as for job search Spain. This would also be valid for Tenerife, which is one of provinces of Spain.

Prepare your job search overseas in your home country

Find out in the UK or in whatever EU country you reside permanently, if unemployment benefits are continued after a three months' job search in another Eu member state. There may be differences within Europe.

Courses without being paid, while out of work

Otherwise, you can stay on in Spain and it may even be in a holiday home in Tenerife, for example. You may be offered a free course in Tenerife to learn a new trade, provided your basic Spanish is good enough to follow Spanish tuition. Of course, you would not be able to receive more unemployment pay for Spain from then on.

However, you will be able to enjoy such financial support again, should you find Tenerife jobs with full work contracts. Mind that each job must last a whole year and must not be dismissed by yourself, except for a very plausible cause.

SPE and ETT Spain

Otherwise, there is a chance to find work in Spain with public services (servicios publicos) SPE or ETT. It has happened that foreigners without work found a temporary paid occupation which was turned into permanent employment for rights of EU unemployment pay. Even nowadays, people over the age of 45 have a chance with ETT services, provided they continue their job search of Spain.

Where do 3 months' temporary job seekers in Spain receive pay for not having work ?

Once, I helped a young lady from Sweden in Tenerife to get out of work benefits on the island. Her financial unemployment help was sent to a specific bank in the Tenerife capital.

Small differences in out of job payment procedures

Nationals from other Eu countries may receive it in different ways. This information can only be obtained by the INEM office of your Spanish community.

Use our help and know-how

Let us help you to get unemployment benefits, while enjoying Spanish holidays in the Canary Islands. At the same time, be free to handle Tenerife work inquiries, while a market research for self employment may also be of interest.

Please, mind

Our services are for the Puerto de la Cruz/ Realejos/Orotava region, only. Our charge is more or less €60 with NIE application included. You will also enjoy a free insider tour of La Orotava.

From unemployment pay back to unemployment benefits

About the Schengen agreement

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