Viernes Santo art in the street in Tenerife North

Viernes Santo (Good Friday of the Holy Easter week)   of Puerto de la Cruz is one of a kind. It's almost a magic, colorful show.

Not only the Ku Klux Klan look alike Cofradia and Hermandad members with their long robes (capirotes) and conical hoods with eye holes give an outstanding  mood to its processions.

Extraordinary sacred art that represents important figures of the Semana Santa of Christ's circle plays an important part.
Note that there is no discrimination for penitents.

Men, women and children of any age take part to commemorate the sacred funeral (el santo entierro) of Jesus Christ which happened on this Friday in Jerusalem during the days of its occupation by the Roman Pontius Pilate more than 2000 years ago. 

Where does Puerto's Good Friday procession start?

It takes off by the beautiful Plaza de la Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Peña Francia by Calle Quintana.
This remodeled pedestrian street isn't only wheelchair proof. It also provides permanent high spectator seating to the left and right of the stairs that lead to the church square. That's opposite the Antique Hotels Marquesa and Monopol. Their wonderfully carved balconies add the Canary Island touch to any occasion.

Good Friday street art in Calle Quintana behind the scenes

Procesión Magna on Good Friday in Puerto de la Cruz

  • When? At 20.15 at night
  • Where? Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Peña Francia of Calle Quintana
  • Via the other roads: Calle Zamora, La Hoya, Plaza de la Iglesia,calles Cólogan, Luis de la Cruz, Agustin de Betancourt y Quintana
  • By? 14 Cofradias (Guilds) and Hermandades (Brotherhoods) and other Catholicsa

Notice some casual choreography while a scene develops. Marchers of different age seem to form a circle and a man in a violet gown moves about theatrically. 

What makes Viernes Santo's Magna so memorable?

  • Location, best of which by the Plaza de Iglesia
  • Time of day
  • Extraordinary sacred art carried by penitents
  • Magic sculpture illumination and street lighting
  • Colors
  • Procession participants of any age and sex
  • Musicians with drums and vent instruments

The most stunning sculptures of Viernes Santo Puerto de la Cruz

Maria Magdalena was mentioned on Maundy Thursday (Jueves Santo) during Christ's last Supper with his disciples. Her uncovered, unusual hair came as a surprise to the Tenerife Holiday home insider who is the author of this article.

Saint Santa Veronica's parade display is most stunning too.

Ku Klux Klan in Puerto de la Cruz?

No, the persons in white and black as well as red and white and violet robes are no visitors from the Southern States of the Mississippi Delta. The high, pointed hoods have eye slots to look through. That makes the outfits rather spooky.  Masked penitents, as depicted, have been accepted by the Catholic Church since century VI. They have been a common but,  not obligatory presence in all Spain until now.  

Gallery with more Viernes Santo scenes and saints

Sometime later, you may click the photo Domingo de Ramos Palm Sunday to learn more about it.

The solemn drum beat of musicians dressed in black and white that proceed the Puerto de la Cruz penitents doesn't sooth the situation.
By the way, the drumming renders a Good Friday march in La Laguna even more eerie.

In Spain in general, a silent procession Procesión del Silencio takes place later at night. It is at 10p.m. in Puerto de la Cruz and follows a shorter circuit. It also starts and ends at Plaza de la Iglesia of our Church Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Peña Francia.

End of show

By the way, you too are welcome.

Tenerife Good Friday in general

It's a day of fasting and other restrictions that depend on world locations. Penitence, adoration and prayer are recommended.  This day when Christ died for all humans on the cross is always a public holiday where many Catholics live. 

From Viernes Santo back to Tenerife Semana Santa with Realejos as example

Something interesting in this context about liturgical color code for the days around Easter here.

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