La Paz Tenerife a Puerto de la Cruz elite suburb

La Paz Tenerife has been a VIP vacation spot since about the mid Seventies of XX. Some of the best hotels of Puerto de la Cruz are there.

However, it's also a delightful area for strolls through its streets, except uphill from the ancient quarters of Puerto Cruz.

This suburb called La Paz for short is a northern suburb of Puerto de la Cruz.
This hamlet named 'Peace' (la Paz)  was built on a hill about 100 m above the old Puerto Cruz at the level of Taoro Park. Here too,  more wind sings in palm trees. Mount Teide looks on from behind green slopes that are densely covered with pines. Most stunning ocean views are another plus.
Actually, you can see the former Taoro Hotel and Casino well when you walk down the picturesque and partly steep Calzada de Las Cabras. (goats' path). The photo was taken during a descent by Calle Leopoldo Cólogan Zulueta.

The rose park at the Canary Center

Everything grows in this Northern suburb of Puerto de la Cruz. Aso the most magnificent roses.

History of the most trendy suburb of Puerto de la Cruz

My tax adviser of 'Gestores Bernat' told me that her parents still remember la Paz when hardly more than its chapel Ermita San Amaro and bananas were there.
That was before an astro physics event in 1985. From then on, this location became a craze for real estate investment. Tall cranes helped to give birth to one hotel after the other.

A hotel in La Paz Tenerife with most remarkable park

Nothing gives away the amazing surprises of the Spa Hotel Botánico when you see it from the street.

In that hotel, more than one black swan  lives happily in a subtropical garden by a Thai lake.

Carps frolick under a Japanese bridge where oriental statues add to the Asian splendor.
This 5 star building complex which once looked like a regular mansion came into being after the astronomy event in the Eighties of century XX when business magnates, scientists, as well as kings and queens of Europe came to visit. Now, its high class Spa garden with oriental treatments  where Koi fish are part of the exotic make up is one of the oldest Tenerife luxury tourist enclaves. By the way, those were the days when the hotel's owner Wolfgang Kiessling started to put the entertaining Loro Parque shows onto world maps.

List which includes attractions of La Paz Tenerife

  • Ermita San Amaro a historic pilgrimage chapel of 1591 the oldest church of Puerto de la Cruz

  • Mirador La Paz beside lets you look down the cliff of Martianez with stunning ocean views of a surf bay and parts of Lago Lido Martianez


  • A  spectacular Cliff promenade where para-gliders pass by.
  • A Trail to Bollullo beach and the Paradise country starts after the Martianez ocean view promenade and Hotel Semiramis.
  • Golf La Rosaleda is one of smaller and less touristic Tenerife golf courses at Camino Carrasco 11-17,tel:922 3730 00


  • Private Casa Cologan Valois of Tenerife celebrities Irish origin
  • Puerto de la Cruz hotels with 3, 4 and 5 stars, some of which at La Paz Tenerife

  • Surprise packed Canary Center with flower filled terraces and yards in between shops, cafes, bars and elegant fashion outlets a shopping haven links to which find below on this page
  • A Russian speaking medical practitioner among German doctors who know English at Canary Center


  • Almost bordering the Canary Center is La Paz Supermarket Sumo Spar beside t where the town elite expats find exclusive groceries and expensive wines.


  • Jardin Botánico de Aclimatación de la Orotava  La Paz Botanical gardens founded in 1788 for plants from all over the world


Actually, the Botanical gardens of la Paz are right opposite La Cupola shopping center which is portrayed below.

  • La Cupola Mall with shops, real estate agencies, offices, restaurants and bars
  • Calle Aceviño Cafe Sandra with yummy cakes but, only open in winter and with free Internet access


  • El Aderno  a cafe and shop with delicious desserts, mouth watering pastries, chocolate art and some sweets and chocolates for diabetics

  • Restaurant Zebra Maria for good filet steak and Restaurante Tiroler Alm for small and big eaters which find by clicking here
  • International school to learn Spanish by, Edif. Tagor Botánico, L. 29,Avda. Villa Nueva del Prado s/n,Tel: 922 385021 PuertoCruz La Paz


Not to miss Abaco La Paz Tenerife

I should add one must see which is the Ábaco with museum, cocktail bar and the occasional classical concert. Casa Grande Ábaco is near a banana plantation, just up the road from the Cupola Mall of La Paz and the famous 'Botanico' botanical gardens.
Last time I went there was with my daughter and my son in law who love going out at Abaco for the occasional sun downer. 

Ábaco Mansion

    Location: Calle Casa Grande,
     Urbanización (suburb) el Durazno,
     38400 Puerto de la Cruz,
     Province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Spain
     Tel: 0034 + 922 37 01 07
     More Abaco information

Shopping which includes La Paz with Puerto de la Cruz.

The Agatha Christie link of La Paz

Agatha Christi has a street named after her in La Paz of Puerto de la Cruz. It's between Hotel Semiramis and  the Plaza Mirador Lookout and leads towards the Martianez cliff promenade. Almost every year, a festival in her honor takes place in Puerto de la Cruz at the beginning of winter. By the way, another statue of hers stands at Taoro Park.

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