Bars in Tenerife mean much more than coffee, beers and booze

Bars in Tenerife on a confined spot seem to be most numerous and varied on Plaza del Charco in the oldest Tenerife resort. There, find easily twenty and more bars within a radius of less than 100 meters.

They figure by all sorts of names names which don't always give away that they have a bar, such as Color Cafe, as seen below. Food served in bars is often fast food these days. There are exceptions.

Why? There are also bar Restaurants, as shown just now.

An alternative to the Plaza formation of bars is the one in a street, such as in La Noria in the Santa Cruz capital. More about the latter later.  Bars of all sorts by beaches in Tenerife South run parallel to the seaside. A similar fashion applies to Playa Teresitas with its Chiringuitos beach bars that are all white cabins, though.   

Bars in Tenerife are often Bar Restaurants.

Then by law, they should display the sign BARc outside, such as Bar El Rubio outside Garachico in the Isla Baja where locals go to eat fish and seafood.

Check out Bar Rubio for its economical mouth watering Paella.

El Rincon de Tintin a pub of La Laguna with live music and tastings of its custom beer

Maredsous a Puerto de La Cruz Belgian Custom beer bar which serves Tapas

Find Bar Maredsous at Calle Agustin de Bethencourt 3, Tel: 34 922 38 82 43.

The Maredsous Tapas in their chiller box are looking good.

Bars in Tenerife in or by Hotels

Such bars usually offer disco dance facilities. Sometimes, they are not owned by the hotel but have private owners. The Disco Bar below Hotel Valle Mar in Puerto de la Cruz belongs to Cafe de Paris.

Individual bars in Tenerife

Blanco Bar a Puerto Cruz disco cafe and restaurant, also known as a live music bar in Tenerife 

Paradise country bar Cafe Vista Paraiso by Cuesta de la Villa

Bar restaurants in the Tenerife capital

See more than three depicted bars in Tenerife in one spot at la Noria by clicking  here

May be the smallest Tenerife bar

That means a mind bogging 12,47 square meters which include toilets.

Coromoto doesn't do Tapas any more. However, the Bocadillo El Cuartito is said to be delicious. I will sample it when I shall pass again by the street of the Gofio Mills.

Secret Tenerife Bodega bar where natives go

Just now, glimpse one of most rare bars in Tenerife...

This Tenerife Insider bar has no name outside.

Four people who were my daughter Trish, a friend, our local guide and I sat at two round timber log tables and sampled a most delicious salad. The native chef took his time with an order. Meticulously, he worked in his visible miniature bar kitchen. He was weighing all ingredients and added fresh seasoning to his salads.

Salad with Yam to be sharedSalad of Yam to be shared

There, two or more people eat off the same plate with the salad of yam. It's the native way in Tenerife.

The furniture of this indigenous bar follows ancient traditions. The smell of age old wine barrels and roof beams warms the heart. Dignified elderly men assemble there to watch local television. Roaring waves outside add to real time action with unparalleled scenery. Only friends, family and very special people may enter this place.

Dog friendly bars in Tenerife

There are no known Tenerife bars where dogs may come inside. However, their street terraces are usually exceptions. 

The Alberto Bar with top views, a dog friendly terrace and stairs to Puerto de la Cruz

Another bar for a happy dog vacation

In fact it's also classified a BarC which serves varied snacks. In the photo notice our dog Jesse under the table of the Bar also known as Cafe Ebano. The surroundings were much too attractive when other pets past.

Los Guines a former Guachinche for dogs in its wine patio

Permanent Jazz bars or clubs needed

Many bars in Tenerife cater for special events, such as jazz with Ana Rodriguez. Find many of such concert places published by Spanish news of jazz. However, as said, a permanent Jazz bar/club is needed in the north of the biggest of all Canary Islands.

Restaurant la Casona which also has a bar has live Jazz entertainment on weekends in winter, as seen here.

Bars in Tenerife mean also success in business or failure

The saying that a bar business is always a safe enterprise when nothing else has been working isn't valid in Tenerife. Why? There are simply too many bars. They often only differ by their specifications, such as Tasca, Cafeteria, you name it,  as well as by their locations.

The rent free 60ies style bar Cerveceria Teteria Sueño de La Lucia of C/La Longuera, 60 of Realejos didn't last more than one year until Spring 2014. The good food and drinks at reasonable prices didn't help, as the waiter hardly ever smiled. Very probably, its Bohemian theme also needed a matching neighborhood. 

Then, a new,  modern bar called Jeers that followed it had no luck either after it had removed its red tables and chairs on the street terrace.

Third time lucky?

Then, a much more low key but higher quality business with charming staff took over. It was the Taperia Punto de Encuentro a bar restaurant of La Longuera.
However, it resettled for family reasons on the ground floor of Hotel Puerto Palace in Puerto Cruz, while many of its  Longuera customers were looking for it. Then eventually in 2018, the owners returned to mainland Spain to be near a son's university.

The following business innovation bar with shop had an interesting scheme. Wonder why the new business ideas didn't work out by this Puerto de la Cruz bar of Tenerife.

Most bars in gigantic premises fail, as rental prices are too high. This has happened over and over in Casa Lara in Toscal Longuera

A new trend and life style

Click the photo link  for some interesting information. Shopping in vibrant La Longuera means socializing. By the looks of it, this is the village life style which so many British expats in La Longuera love, above all in winter.

The Longuera Sports Bar El Paraiso which is open on January 01

This popular Realejos sports bar El Paraiso displays two large TV screens with Sports channels. It is one of older bars in Tenerife. In fact, it has sponsored the local Soccer Club for many decades. It dates back to the Seventies of last century. It's at La Longuera 25 of Los Realejos right in the middle of the Open Commercial Center. 

British bars in Tenerife and why beer and sports is a good match

Nowadays, most bars in Tenerife for British Nationals are in Arona by the Adeje coast, Las Americas, Los Gigantes and at el Medano. A few popular Tenerife sports bars that are loved by English speakers remain in Puerto de la Cruz.

Bar Medano is said to be a proper British bar with sports channels but, without real vibes.  So what does it take to have flair and to become one of successful Tenerife Sports bars

Bars in Tenerife with free Internet?

Tenerife bars where guests can freely log into the bar's Wifi are rather common now. Just ask the waiter for the bar's code. However, the Internet service is quickly overloaded and the connection may even interrupt.

Amazing Tenerife student bars

Discover how university town students often dominate their own bars... The sensational Cervezeria 7 Islas one of top Tenerife bars in La Laguna  and a most important international bar with  beer from almost every country of the world. Under new management by the way... I shall keep you posted ASAP.

News for more student bar hangouts Tenerife

The town of La Orotava above Puerto de la Cruz became the second Tenerife university city in 2013. This study center is sort of a daughter of the big Madrid university on mainland Spain. That should give a boost to the town's bars.

It's best that you order drinks and Tapas inside the bar La Parada. Then, ask to be served on its terrace under the beautiful trees. 

Bars and more called Cafe Grimaldi at Casa Lercaro of century XVII

There are even more options than depicted here for eating out at the so called Cafe Grimaldi

Best eating out in Orotava at the Tenerife Bars and Restaurants Grimaldi further up the road from Plaza de la Constitución.

German Carnival bars in Tenerife that stood the test of time

  • Bar Pub Köpi Avenida with over 50 years of excellent track record on corner Calle Venezuela and Avenida Familia Bethencourt y Molina (Tel: 0034+922 383307) in 38400 Puerto de la Cruz for eating genuine Matjes Herring (Lidl sells it as alternative, delicious version) a renown Hamburg fish dish, good Currywurst, delicious Sole fish, mouth watering salad, best Baked Potatoes or French Fries
  • Achim and Ricardo's charming little Bar la Barca which is open every night from 8p.m. to 2a.m.
  • Where is la Barca? In Calle Monturrio,5 of the suburb Toscal La Longuera by Puerto de la Cruz.
  • Any specials? The king of beers König Pilsner and small, but exquisite perfect little meals, such as Mexican Chilly con carne which are long time favorites with the bar's repeat guests who are often chefs
  • Challenge Bar la Barca with any cocktail you want...

Cocktail bars in Tenerife

The Puerto Cruz de la Cruz Abaco is one of my family's favorites for a cocktail and Tapas at night.  Walk right in and explore its paradise setting with Tenerife Abaco bar photos.

Cocktail route competition at bars in Tenerife

Nowadays, bar cocktail route competitions have become trendy just like those for Tapas. Best, colorful, alcoholic drinks win. In the south, I would always prefer Harry's bar in Arona (Tel: 0034+ 922 383307 open 10a.m.-2.a.m.)with its mellow music and views of the  musical fountain which is depicted with the bar at the Safari Center.

German Hannen Bar Puerto Cruz

  • Street corner bar with rustic furniture outside on Plaza del Charco the hub main square of Puerto de la Cruz
  • Popular for its authentic German Hannen Bräu beer off the barrel.
  • Favored bar as hot spot during Carnival and to drench real thirst.

Rural and mountain bars

Our local guide introduced us to one of the Teno Alto bars with a shop (a tienda) whose goat cheese and good local wine he fancies.

The cheese of this small country business is advertised in three languages by the green timber door outside. It conveys a warm welcome with olden days flair. The door's glass reflects a tiny mirror image of one of my companions. You enter and can take a seat on one of the bar stools.

Auditorium Bar at the seaside in the Santa Cruz de Tenerife capital

Contemplate the bar's ocean scenery under stars at night or when the sun goes down. It's by the  Maritim Park of  Santa Cruz which has free parking. It's also right by the TF1 Southern freeway.

Beach bars Puerto de la Cruz

Enjoy occasional live music and delicious fish to eat in winter and perhaps in July or August in the depicted bar next to Castillo San Felipe.

That's at the most popular Beach Bar Restaurant of Playa Jardin beaches. Service is generally very fast.

Beach bar El Charcón further along Playa Jardin at the Punta Brava seashore is popular with Spanish seafood lovers. It has facilities to close its make shift windows when it's windy.

Molly Malone Bar live Irish music video

Let me include this  Irish bar of Des Reid, as an exception. Why? I prefer to add event bars under the topic entertainment. The location of the Molly Malone bar is C/Las Longas opposite the Tourist offices by the pier of the tiny Puerto de la Cruz harbor.

Compare a Tenerife bar in intriguing set-up to one with similar name

Bar Castillo
whose photo was taken in
Avda. Pedro Schwartz, 5
38120 San Andres

Bar el Castillo
Calle La Manga, 5
Tel: 922 591212
38120 San Andres

Perhaps, its' one and the same, as it is a street corner bar.

Bars or Cafeterias in Tenerife with Vegan/and or Vegetarian food

An interesting terrace bar in Canadelaria with Vegan food.

It is close to beaches and lovel for eating out under a tree al fresco with a dog in Candelaria Tenerife.

Cafeteria Malaika of Calle Mequinez Puerto de la Cruz with its Bio Food has closed, as it has a new name and a new manager.

Finnish La Bamba Kareoke Pub to be re-opened

  • Where? Calle Ingram, 4 Puerto de la Cruz
  • Facebook info: La Bamba Kareoke Pub
  • Note: not a cheap bar, as entertainment is provided

From bars in Tenerife back to entertainment Tenerife where some bars also feature as clubs, such as the Cuban Disco Azucar.

New! What's your Favorite Tenerife bar? Please share it with the world and tell all about it below at 'Comments'. Thank you...

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