Vintage bar Farina 1920 with delicious new Tapas.

The Vintage bar Farina in Calle Calle Calvario number 14 dates back to 1920.

Find it close to the bridge of Plaza de la Constitución the one with the Kiosco. Between the latter and the bar is also the town tourist office in the building of the Auditorium Teobaldo Power.

The establishment's age means that its business can soon be added to La Orotava's 100 year old cafes, pharmacy and shops. By the way, only the inside of this bar restaurant is somehow different now.

Vintage bar under new management

Ownership changed in January 2017. This is when a restoration and renovation may have attracted new customers. The floor seems to have been renewed but kept an antique flair. The basic interior of its architecture of liberty art (Modernismo) was kept. A new coat of paint besides modern illumination was part of the changes.  All this and more gives the previously looking gloomy bar a very light and cheerful appearance. 

A new classic, long bar counter was added to the very pleasing make over. So does the chrome and stainless steal, while the antique looks from yore give it character.

There doesn't seem to be any antique scale, cash till or the like, though. However, vintage prints decorate the wall on the right. 

Spanish and Tenerife Tapas on display

The Tapas that are on display are astounding. They are very well presented. They look very appetizing.

Of course, the classic Spanish Bocadillos of all sorts are also there together with a few cakes and pastries.

The price of a Tapa is Euro 3,50.

Anyway, this is normal while you only really find elaborate Tapas for Euro 2,50 a piece on a Tapa route promotion.

A lunch at the vintage bar

The other day, the Tenerife holiday home insider encountered three young men in the back of the bar at about one 1 p.m.  They all had ordered a three course meal.

 A Spanish Tapa Pintxo is always included. It may be chosen from an assortment of four or five.  A salad, and perhaps a pottage come second in this Menu of the day.

One could see that the men loved what they were eating.

Three course "Lunch of the day" with chicken

On another occasion, the Tenerife holiday home insider sampled a different daily menu. It came with juicy sweet and sour sour chicken drumsticks. A dash of Tabasco sauce turned them perfect to her liking.

The Pintxo she selected was superb with mouth watering sliced Tortilla on Serrano ham. All was placed on crunchy bread that smelled like fresh from the oven. The herbal potato salad with Gherkins inside tasted wonderfully home made. 

A give away Vintage bar meal price-wise

The Vintage Bar charges Euro 9 for its "Lunch of the day" which is more than excellent value for money, as two tapas are actually included. Bar restaurants in Tenerife North are usually economical. That's what the BR sign outside their premises stands for.

Conclusion to the remodeled old bar

Definitely, something was missing in the Vintage Cafe Fariña bar before its last restoration.  Then, its interior simply didn't feel homely enough. Today, it's much improved and also leads down memory lane by a few black and white prints on the wall.    

A customer who is mesmerized by one of them is depicted above. Later, he studied the assortment of exotic beers which includes a London Pilsner. There even is a pin-board beside it. 

The Vintage bar Cafe Fariña Orotava a success by 2019

The reason for the popularity of the bar is not only due to social networking which can be discovered in Instagram but also happens because of off-line social fields where the bar owners are engaged with.

Some interesting information about the historic era of 1920 of the Cafe Farina, as the old bar in Calle Calvario number 14 of La Orotava was called before.

A popular antique bar in the back of the vintage Cafe Ebano.

From vintage bar back to Bars in Tenerife.

A very old bar restaurant abroad

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