New business idea La Longuera to learn from.

The new business idea of la Longuera a mere village of Tenerife Spain whose motto is 'La calle es nuestra' which means 'The street is ours' isn't totally new.

Its entire open business zone was to be revamped in 2009 in this context for a better shopping appeal.  It had to start at Toscal Longuera by the Café Boutique Relieve and had to go until the Hotel Panoramica Gardens of Realejos or further.  Then, the mayor himself delivered proof of more additional important business strategies during the Longuera fashion show of 2017. 

By Christmas 2017 magnificent Tenerife Christmas decorations in the street were a sign that the town hall people were on the right track again to help business. Street posters to encourage people to shop in La Longuera to help its community were not good enough.

The motto was first put into practice during the major road works in La Longuera on the 10th of September of 2008. It has been repeated since then every year because of its success.

Tenerife business of this suburb of Los Realejos had a few new ideas, certainly.

As usual, special goods or sales were displayed in the
street La Longuera. However, the only real novelty in 2009 was to make children contribute with business ideas.

All in all, there were trials and errors.

street-fair or rather a tiny section of itStreet fair section
Portrayed beside is a tiny street fair where books were sold for €5 each.

Now, some of its shops are open until late in the afternoon, contrary to the initially envisioned times until 2.p.m.

Also, its residents may sell private goods in the road on that day.

Working from home moms and students can put their home made jewelry or whatever for sale.

So any new business idea is welcome.

Some were lucky, such as Beatriz Diaz Gonzalez.

It's the lady with a red long skirt.

She didn't have a workshift at the nearby bakery on that day.

Obviously, she celebrated the day with a street lunch from a nearby bar.

A big attraction for visitors were cheap Paella dishes. They were served in makeshift pavement restaurants while drinks were on special at Longuera Tapas at number 56. It's under new management now and it's called Bar Cafeteria Longuera.

Total changes with more than one new business idea?

Five young ladies took over who are all sisters. The place is humming and has occasional events. Not only the big, tasty sandwiches and other food make you wonder. Somebody said: "They changed the system". How? More than one woman's touch? Obviously, good team work and new strategies like opening for early breakfasts to start with.

No pedestrian zone for La Longuera?

Viva the street cafe La Longuera without passing cars. If this was to stay, that would be fantastic. However not everybody agrees with me.

The owner of the hardware shop Marsan told me that people will stop coming to the shops when they can't park their cars in front of them.

A park house or parking ground is needed. There's ample space when you walk two minutes up El Monturio road. However possibly, the town of Realejos or whoever owns it wants too much money for that ground. What a pity if that was the case.

The kids enjoyed most to have the street for themselves by the looks of it.

A new business idea was to involve the young

Admire the young business in the photo above. In fact, one of the commercial novelties was to encourage school children to also sell what they had made. In fact, La Longuera schools are trying to interest kids to find a new way to do business.

A table dance idea

Table dancers in Toscal Longuera  in swimming trunks at 27 degrees Celsius.Table dancers in Toscal Longuera in swimming trunks at 27 degrees Celsius.

Tenerife´s good climate helps many a street business. 

It brings out the crowds of browsers, shoppers and even thinkers.

Perhaps, one or two may get new visions of commerce for years to come. 

Brilliant Tenerife weather on this day de Fiesta always, except in 2017.

October 14, 2017 was the day when Hurricane Ophelia started to make its way from Miami via the Azores past Spain toward the UK.

So far, the typical great Tenerife weather of autumn which also applies to the North is there to stay. It has always been a steady companion on this day  by the Middle of October from 2009 until 2016. And so have the street fashion shows.

Every year more chairs are provided for the Toscal Longuera fashion parade in the street. Obviously, young and old come. All watch and enjoy it very much. 

Longuera business street festival of 2017.

There are no Spanish parties, festivals or Tenerife fiestas without Salsa music or musical hits from the latest pop charts. Most probably, they were again broadcasted by Radio Realejos, this year.

A town business vision

A new company of Realejos of Tenerife had a boot at the Longuera street party. Pamphlets based on a new business idea were on display. Book a sightseeing tour with them for a group of eight and it's for free. Do a course with them to become a tour guide for los Realejos where the idea is to make commerce and tourism join hands.

It's a pity that many of the owners of a holiday home in Tenerife will never know about this, as they only come back in winter.

Call them at 0034 + 922 35 55 42 More information for Spanish speakers This company also offers work shops for learning to be a tourist guide, if I am not mistaken. They also call themselves Escuela Taller 'Empresa (company) activa' Dinamización turística y Comercial which is easy to understand in English.

From new business idea back to La Longuera to discover why this suburb by Puerto de la Cruz is so popular.

The result of a much larger street festival in Ireland here

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