Bar Rubio Los Silos for superb seafood Paella.

Bar Rubio and delicious Seafood Paella at the right price are synonymous.

This has been so for my family and friends for a long time now.  What makes it even more attractive is to eat close to an ocean front in a real fishing village. Of course, fish is said to be excellent and fresh there too, but we never even tried.

How we discovered the legendary place of El Rubio.

Our Spanish friend Miguel from mainland Spain took my daughter and me there twice. A while ago, he told us about big improvements of the place. Also, service has become more speedy, he said. Certainly, this may cut down on waiting time for cues outside this eating place on holidays. Slow service wasn't an issue  with us, though. We always went to this picturesque seaside at Caleta de Interian with friends who loved talking. Mind also that the wall gallery with Santa Cruz de Tenerife carnival posters is probably still there. This too is a good conversation topic while you wait for El Rubio to bring your food. However, El Rubio the blond waiter never pitches. He remains a legend. 

Generous portions for big appetites

In 2013, I took a group of young, hungry Dutch people there, some of whom are depicted in front of the carnival poster gallery, including myself.  They were delighted by the huge Paella that was dished up for us. The wine of the house of origin Ycoden Daute Isora is good too, by the way.

Bar Rubio of the fishing folk of Isla Baja

  • Name: Bar Restaurante El Rubio
    photo of which shows how we, daughter Trish, Miguel,
    his dog and I had to wait in a cue in the road on December 26, 2011
  • Opening hours: 8 a.m. -11 p.m.,
    while closed on Thursdays
  • Best reserve for lunch: Before 2 p.m.
  • Serves: Seafood and various wines and beer
  • Wine bottles or wine by the glass: Priced very reasonably
  • Choose between mixed Paella with meat, chicken and seafood as well as seafood only
  • Location: Caleta de Interian, Los Silos, C/José Dorta Pérez,4, Tel:922 840975

Getting to bar Rubio just after Garachico.

Map of neighborhood by the Paella place

Note that a Tomtom or other Route finder may take you to this eating place from a back-end of Los Silos all along the ocean. Meantime, there is a very fast and more enjoyable way via Caleta de Interian from the other end of town next to Garachico.
Turn off from the TF 43 road at Supermercado Altesa just after Garachico. It's also at the first ocean settlement on the TF 43 that you encounter when you come from Los Silos.
Use the steep road by Altesa that leads almost down to the ocean. Park on the bottom anywhere near the water. Walk for about eight minutes along the seaside... 


It's so picturesque with its bay that is followed by remarkable tidal pools later on. Turn left into Calle José Dorta Perez by the VIP restaurant Mundial on the ocean front the Calle Miramar.

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