The Canarina Canariensis endemic flower has gained status

 The Canarina Canariensis is now the emblem of Los Silos and the Isla Baja of Tenerife.

Encounter it by the entrance to Los Silos that is facing the ancient ex-monastery Convento San Sebastian.

An Icod de los Vinos iron smith by the name of Moisés Afonso has turned it into superbly crafted street art.

In fact, it has become a monument by the wayside in its own right.

I met Moises the artist once at a workshop at the  Pinolere crafts fair above la Ortotava. Moises learned his trade from his father and is slowly gaining national fame for creating metal art in Spain. Mind, he doesn't do wall art in metal.

Names and habitat of the Canarina Canariensis?

  • Local names: Bicacarero, Bicácaro and Bicacacara, Campanilla, Cabeza de Gallo.

  • Habitat: Rain forests or better said cloud forests of Laurisilva Monteverde and its Brezal outskirts
  • Tenerife locations: Mount Madre Agua of the Teno Massiv, Anaga Massiv, Corona forestal of Aguamansa, Barranco Ruiz and Icod el Alto, Garajonay La Gomera
  • Habitat temperatures: 14 to 15 degrees Celsius
  • Pollination: By the Canary bird Chiffchaff and similar birds
  • Edible fruit: Yes, berries when they are orange
  • Dies down? No, it's perennial
  • Roots? Tubers like the potato, but smaller
  • History? The plant dates back millions of years.
  • Nutritional record: A staple of Guanche diet of the former aborigines of Tenerife
  • Medicinal properties? None are known as yet.
  • Getting to the Mount Madre Agua forests? Follow indicators that start over the road by the Ex-Monastery Convento de Los Silos
  • Getting extinct? No, contrary to other Teno endangered plants
  • Other botanical characteristics? here

It is rather surprising to hear that this indigenous plant that only thrives on some of the Canary Islands is successfully grown in a Botanical garden in Berlin Germany. Usually, soil as well as climatic conditions also must be a perfect match. Also astounding is that it grows on Gran Canaria in the Gardens Jardines de Viera y Clavijo.

An endemic flower being proof of immaculate environment

In fact, it's a great pleasure to hear for the community of the Isla Baja and Los Silos that the Campanilla flower the topic of this article thrives in a healthy neighborhood. The same applies to the water that feeds it which comes straight from the mountains.

I saw the Canarina Canariensis  again when last in Los Silos at its Cuenta Cuentos Story telling event by middle of December 2023. It still stands proud as a true icon of the town and its region by the entrance to the old quarters. Unfortunately, I looked in vain when walking down the hiking treck from Erjos to Los Silos past Madre de Agua,  a few months ago. There simply hasn't been enough rain for the Canarina. Spring most likely will bring more luck to see its blooms.

From Canarina Canariensis back to Los Silos

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