Why the Puerto Cruz Rastro merits top five stars

The Puerto Cruz Rastro Flea Market and municipal Mercadillo is a real attraction of Tenerife. In Winter at least...

Getting to the Puerto Cruz Market with its second hand sales by Titsa bus

Drive to the shopping mall by Titsa number 381 as depicted below. Fetch it outside Mc Donalds at the Lago Martianez, by Plaza  Charco, by the garden beach Jardin, or outside the Puerto Bus Station. The Market Complex is marked Puerto de la Cruz Mercado on its front. It has a new Hipperdino Supermarkt on the ground floor, a florist and shops that offer cheap, colourful dresses and the like. Find teas and spices as well as a pharmacy and toilets there.

 The butcher on the first floor is where I prefer to buy meat.Then there are fruit and vegetable stalls nearby. People also consume seafood or other Tapas as well as pastries there while watching the world go by below in the huge indoor yard.



A once weekly Saturday market for its amazing used and antique goods in particular was soon not enough. It warranted an additional Wednesday by popular demand.

Now, special buses even bring tourists from Tenerife South.

The remarkable set-up of this Tenerife shopping enclave.

It wouldn't meet the standards of a chic mall, but people are much at ease in its Bohemian surroundings where high class dealers mix in. Tourists and locals alike sip their drinks and coffee on the outskirts of the many stalls that are arranged in any odd ways.

Two escalators flank the hall. They connect open galleries on three stories which include a most surprising rooftop market. 

On the ground floor, green pot plants and colorful murals liven up everything. Rows of new clothes in exotic fashion and patterns go hand in hand with antique collector items or bric a brac.

Anything goes from Retro and vintage to daring designs and fantasy art. Often, there's strong evidence that Tenerife is a leading spot of Spain for artistic and outrageous carnival design. This kaleidoscope of treasures invites for explorations and the thrill to bargain hunt.

The same vibes prevail outside, except for long rows of lucky dip tables where any size and kind of 2nd hand clothes are jumbled up. The whooping  price is only a single euro for four garments. Strangely enough, it hardly happens that you have to gang up with a friend to make the quantity viable. By the latest on your way back from upstairs you find the energy to confront that real flea market spot by the wall. No creepy crawlies that bite you, not that. However, usually your arm wants to fall off from turning heavy stacks of clothes when you dig into the piles. 

By the way, this particular spot is a reason to be early and big crowds in the narrow alleys by the walls can become hurdles.  

Address and opening times of the Puerto Cruz Rastro.

  • Location: Avenida Blas Pérez, 4
    near Barranco San Felipe on top of Playa Jardin
  • Tel: 922 38 61 58
  • Opening Times: Saturdays and Wednesdays from about 8.30 in the morning to 2 p.m.
  • Best day: On Saturdays when all 140 stalls are put up
  • Free parking opposite the complex as well as underground for those with proof of shopping
  • Information for potential sellers at mercadomunicipal.net/contacto

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