Desigual in Tenerife for unconventional, marvelous shopping.

Desigual in Tenerife clothing caught my attention, yet again for the second time in Puerto de la Cruz.

I was with a friend who is an artist. She too, looks at fashion with different eyes.

boutique-interior-decorating unusualBoutique Interior decorating
The illumination of its boutique interior decorating deviates by disparate exclusivity like its Desigual in Tenerife clothing.

Where is that Puerto Cruz shop?

It's in Tenerife North in 3400 Puerto de la Cruz. It's on the Paseo the pedestrian walk of the San Telmo beach front next to Rancho Grande San Telmo, 10 with its terrace.

It also faces the 'Windy Corner' by the bridge.

The distance to the famous Lago Lido Martianez may be a mere 200 meters.

Sales news January 2018 and again in 2020

A 50% discount is advertised on a grand scale outside and inside this Puerto de la Cruz fashion outlet.

A first impression with Desigual of Puerto de la Cruz shopping

Desigual in Tenerife shop Puerto de la CruzDesigual in Tenerife
My friend immediately associated its designer wear with the Hippie culture of Ibiza.

The shop attendant confirmed that it originates from there, but, Barcelona is head office now.

What makes the Desigual design different?

Desigual in Tenerife surpasses any usual trend for two main reasons.

  1. A very strong graphic impact
  2. A revolutionary mismatch of colors and often asymmetric patterns

Otherwise Desigual

  • Black and flame lily red classic contrasts like that of the Poinsonia trees outside the Santa Cruz T. E. A. Center in midsummer.
  • Vivid color combinations which included neon tunes in the summer 2014 collection.
  • A hint of patchwork, but unlike 'Dorothy Bis' designer wear from Paris.
  • A focal point or a message portrayed by a bold picture or even a face on some clothes, as is common in murals of accepted street art.
  • Freedom of design and expression galore...
  • Color brush strokes on garments gone wild like in abstract art or with body painting.
  • A slightly skew 'Avant-Garde' cut of some of the dresses and jackets
  • Designs with images inside pictures, where sleeveless jackets were painted onto shirts
  • Anyway, more than half of all fashion creations in the shop are far from the norm of what you normally discover in other boutiques in Spain.

    All fashion photos that are displayed here are supposed to give a general idea about the Desigual style of designs only. They don't represent items that are still available, as this designer is constantly changing productions, as is normal in fashion.

    June sales in 2014

    Desigual clothing window displayDesigual clothing
    The photo of a window display from a Puerto Cruz sale of Desigual clothing is dated June 17, 2014. In fact, the discounted collection was definitely discrepant by its unusual color combinations. More spectacular dresses and items were inside.

    What does Desigual sell?

    • Dresses
    • T-shirts
    • Pants
    • Handbags
    • Shoes
    • Scarves
    • None of the typical Hippie bead jewelery

    Is Desigual fashion only for the young?

    No, Desigual clothing is for women, men and children.

    Noteworthy detail

    You may notice that the XXL very large sizes are not big enough by North European standards

    Susanna a fan who is in her fifties, but young at heart

    She knew the Santa Cruz branch first but, is very clued up with its brand, in general.

    Santa Cruz best Desigual in Tenerife shop

    Desigual in Tenerife shop in the capital
    Calle Castillo 47 downtown by Plaza de España
    38003 Santa Cruz de Tenerife (S.C. Tenerife)
    0034 + 922 27 58 13
    Monday - Saturday 10:00-21:00

    Why is this branch the best?

    Susanna a friend of mine says that it has the biggest selection of variety and sizes.

    In fact, you may even find the odd garments there, that you will not encounter in Paris, Stockholm, Berlin, London, Prag, Barcelona or Madrid, while there are shops in 105 countries now.

    By the way, Desigual isn't an exception in this case. I have found different fashion wear at Zara Tenerife that was not available in the Netherlands or in the UK, for example.

    How obtain Desigual in Tenerife discounts?

    • Become a Desigual member and get a card
    • Receive news for promotions, special sales days or weeks by SMS or e-mail for up to 25 % discounts.

    Those are shopping tips my friend Susanna gave me. I may assume that they are valid for all Desigual shops, perhaps even online.

    Desigual Puerto de la Cruz locationDesigual Puerto de la Cruz
    Depicted above is the location of Desigual Puerto de la Cruz with its highly popular Tenerife saltwater pools of Lago Lido Martianez on the horizon.

    This fantastic pedestrian spot may be a reason why they opened Desigual there instead of at the trendy Villa Alcampo hyper stores.

    To the Desigual Puerto Cruz shop from Tenerife South with Titsa

    Plenty bus times to Desigual in Tenerife North from the south.

    Getting back is different.

    The numbers are #325 for Los Gigantes Puerto Santiago via Icod de Los Vinos with a duration of about 1hour and 45 minutes
    #343 from Costa Adeje via Los Cristianos to Puerto de la Cruz and #363 from Buenavista del Norte

    Last Titsa #343 back from Puerto Cruz to Los Cristianos at 21.20
    Last Titsa #325 back from Puerto Cruz to Los Gigantes at 18.55
    Last Titsa #363 back from Puerto Cruz to Buenavista at 22.50(new addition)

    Normal prices of desigual dresses ?

    Their prices are exclusive but, affordable. I fancied a particular dress for €140. Too much for my budget but, not too much for something that's extravagant, good quality and not seen all over town...

    Desigual dresses at shop Puerto de la Cruz in June 2014Desigual dresses

    Look of 2 Desigual dresses portrayed beside

    1. A hint of gray takes the classic 'Rouge et Noir' (red and black) by the famous Stendhal novel one step further in one of the garments.
    2. A rainbow celebration with additional colors where nature may have gone astray. There, the designer ignored classic color compatibility painting rules. Furthermore, there are mismatch patterns.

    Both garments were caught during a June sale. So that's 'passé', as they say in fashion terms which means it's not the latest trend.

    The philosophy or designer motto of Desigual

    1. Select garments and fashion that make you happy
    2. Your weight, age or sex shouldn't be issues
    3. The atypical look 'is in' just like with Desigual's Toronto model Chantelle Brown Young with her skin disease.

    The Desigual design history summed up

    Desigual in Tenerife exists thanks to Tomas Meyer from Switzerland. He founded its first fashion shop on Ibiza in 1984. It went global fast from 2011 onwards. Its name derives from a partnership with the French House 'Cirque du Soleil'.

    Of course, you can buy Desigual fashion online, too.

    Discover the amazing success story of this Spanish company which claims to have a fashion that is anything else than equal, namely desigual here.

    Desigual brand in many shops on the island

    Notice the following photo where the shop Diagonal also displays the brand Desigual.

    However, the most noteworthy is that Desigual is deeply rooted in the style of the Tenerife folk clothes of ladies. This is just a coincidence, of course. The striped skirt of the principle lady dress isn't matching the embroidered top vest at all. See many such traditional Tenerife clothes just now when you click through to Tenerife festivals. They are all examples of "Desigual" that don't represent the brand. However, they are all desigual at their best.

    By the way, there is another shop opposite the bar Hannenbräu that also sells garments by the Ibiza Designer. Often I think that they are even more beautiful than those sold at the shop on the San Telmo beachfront. This boutique almost faces the little port by Plaza del Charco the main town square of Puerto de la Cruz.

    More Desigual branches

    Of course, many more Tenerife branches and outlets have sprung up over the years by this designer. La Laguna has its fashion. So does Corte Ingles. Most shopping centers in Tenerife South stock it, such as at Arona Centro Parque Santiago 6 and Paseo Orinoco Locales 12 and 13 Parque Santiago. Not to forget Centro Comercial Plaza del Duque in Calle Londres of Arona.  And then there are the online options 


    From Desigual back to shopping in Tenerife where tourists find information on how to get tax refunds at airports when they leave Europe.That's on the bottom of the article.

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