Abaco Restaurant for Tenerife Vegetarian Tapas with a toddler

The Abaco Restaurant of Tenerife was news for us in November 2017. However, we were familiar with its breath taking Casa Grande with museum and concerts.

To be able to spend a short while there over delicious cocktails or a long drink in its paradise garden were some more reasons why my son in law liked the Abaco's location. Therefor, he booked a marvelous Tenerife holiday home Vila with pool five minutes on foot from it.

Now figure how delighted he and his wife were, as they are Vegan, when he could order some simple Vegetarian food at the upmarket Abaco.

What Vegetarian Tapas did Abaco Restaurant have?

We had delicious Papas arrugadas that were the real wrinkled Bonitas that are yellow inside. They came with the usual Salsas. Those are the red spicy Chili and the green Coriander sauces.

The Pimientos Padron Bell Peppers were only slightly salted, which is the way they should be.

How were the Cocktails?

Good as always and highly fascinating for the toddler because of the colors and unusual glasses.

It helped very much that I the grand mother could come along to give the parents a bit of a break.
And this was great fun. Imagine the little frog or toad animal sculptures that sit by Abaco bushes. Little children love to look at them. They repeat their names and the sounds they make. They also love to see exotic flowers. There are quite a few by the Abaco Restaurant garden pathways where every corner brings new surprises.

The Radetzky March by Richard Strauss seemed to follow us. It came from a most original loudspeaker that was made of stone.

Always take the child by the hand there despite good illumination and a rudimentary fenced in pool. It's the stone steps you have to mind.

Other reasons to take an offspring to the Abaco Restaurant in its garden

Crumbs are picked later from the floor by birds, as the waiter told us.

There, so many things are fascinating for a toddler, such as a wooden cart wheel by the old barn and a horse coach painting in the salon.
Inquire about a live horse dressage show that was given at noon on a Thursday, two days after we were there...

The Casa Grande of Restaurant Abaco

The main Abaco building is also good to explore for  such a child. Angel figurines, sacred art, big grandfather clocks and paintings draw much attention at a very young age.
I thought I took photos of the child size musician and singer figurines but can't find them. They stand in the big salon near the bar and are not to be overlooked.
Unfortunately, the kitchen of the museum section of the Abaco seems to be off limits, now.

Conclusion to eating out at the Tenerife Abaco

Nevertheless, we all loved our outing. However, we could only see the empty podium of a mysterious looking music room. The latter comes alive with cozy lights on entertainment evenings. That's on Thursdays for a Flamenco show and for classical music and Opera Arias on other nights. Sorry, no idea what we spent for food and drinks. Cocktails are not cheap. But does it matter much?  Going out to special places is priceless. Also, I would not ask questions when I'm invited. 

By the way, I noticed that the free parking grounds by the XVIII mansion's view side toward La Paz which is part of Puerto Cruz seem to have been enlarged.

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