Photo with Christmas lights to remember romantic holidays Tenerife with basic tips for digital night photography.

This particular one of Christmas photos called Christmas lights which glitter like thousands
of diamonds, in real life, was not shown before. It was not relevant to do so with the sequence of pictures of photo of the day context.

Christmas lights Puerto de la CruzChristmas lights

Digital night pictures of festive lights which are good enough to capture magic holiday moments may be done without special photo tricks.

But some photo settings are extremely important.

Most important beginner tips for digital night photography for outside decoration lights on Christmas

  1. Read instructions for the use of your digital camera and start to experiment...
  2. Do it with one and the same photo motive at a time...
  3. Always, take great care that your camera doesn't shake when you release the trigger...
  4. A tripod is vital for more successful digital night photography,
    especially, with artificial, moving lights which represent falling Christmas stars.
  5. Always shoot one photo with flash and one without to be able to compare results.

How I captured miniature Christmas lighting of a balcony with my old Konika

I was lucky and could rest my camera on a high window sill of a shop facing the balcony.
When the Christmas illuminations looked straight and clear enough in my monitor I took the shot with flash.

Should you have an old digital Konika Revio KD-500Z camera and lost instructions, contact me in the navigation bar on the left and I will gladly give them to you in detail to help you to take photos of festive lights or other exterior lighting...

Conclusion for my photo of Christmas illumination

The photo result of my digital night photography are very acceptable Christmas celebration lights which illuminate ornaments,

The Christmas mood conveyed by this digital night photography is well shown for the festive atmosphere created by this architectural lighting of a normal building in a main street. It's known that Tenerife climate is more than just its fortunate weather as the festive lights show. The welcoming Tinerfe├▒os use special illumination for a more cozy winter and Christmas season.

Photo sharing

As I shared my photo of the day I will gladly include this one, as it shows a different mood.

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Less is more in La Laguna

Lights to celebrate the birth of Christ in San Christ├│bal de La Laguna are not so abundant in its old, historical quarters as if not to spoil their serendipidity for Tenerife holidays with romantic flair which means less is more.

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to see decorations and descriptions without its illumination as well as the miracle mirror image which is the most special picture of the day Christmas Eve picture story.

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