Toscal Longuera fashion shows 2018

Unfortunately, the extraordinary Toscal Longuera elegant, casual evening wear of particular designers of 2017 didn't come up during the fashion show on June 30 of 2018. The very young, promising top models, such as Jasmin Puentes de la Muñoza were also missing in the innovative early Longuera summer show.

By the way, the Longuera Tenerife Moda street shows  took place earlier this time in 2018. They celebrated the start of summer and the beginning of the three months of Spain school holidays.

Accordingly, the vibrant open market Zone of Los Realejos was filled with children and youth from 10a.m. until way after 11 p.m. at night.

This turned this huge street party into a much noisier event during the nocturnal cat walks. Kids ran back and forth during the shows by the end of the platform. Teenagers made fun of the models during the late hours, some of which showed off beach Tanga creations, while the beautiful, classic Male Lava Speedo design was spared negative critic.

The youth should have been tired out from the family fun activities that had been provided in the cordoned off suburb during the day. Again, jumping castles and much more entertained, as may be seen here.

Toscal Longuera fashion show novelties of 2018?

The Golden Needle of Toscal Longuera went to Five local designers. Very unique Canary Islands square, wooden handbags for males created interest while large fabric bags for both streets and beach seemed more practical.

Video created by the Tenerife holiday home insider which features large unisex fabric bags on the catwalk

Some male models had thrown them casually over the shoulder.

Informal was also a re-introduced "déjà vu creation" by trousers held by suspenders. Some of the guys had moustaches and haircuts that echoed a bygone era before the second world war. New was kind of a summer shawl for the male models. Perhaps, it made sense to ward off sunburns during extended outside stays with exposed torsos or shoulders. However, it had a slight feminine touch just like the square, wooden bag designs by Artesania Almería.

One last word regarding the freedom of fashion and its estetics

A German artist and designer once said that she liked the way the women in Tenerife were following any fashion. They didn't care if it showed off too much of their bodies or imperfections. The majority of Tenerife girls and women as well as the entire Canarian archipelago would never starve themselves to have a perfect body. Overweight i.e. extra kilograms on the scale are not preventing them to display Cellulite on their Tanga backsides and legs. I must admit that this is an acquired taste but reason being is that the native male population seems to love everything that's feminine with or without short-comings. Also on the Canary Islands, extra body pounds are considered beautiful just like in nearby Africa. Accordingly, credit must be given to a fresh and radiant, natural attitude by the majority of such models.

Hence, seeing chubby girls on the catwalks of Toscal Longuera takes some getting used to. So does the public when it calls out  "Guapa, Guapa" to them. It expresses total admiration. 

Perhaps, an eye sore  may derive from watching too much Haute Couture shows where the criteria for models are far more stringent.
More about La Longuera with its Tenerife Moda of Spain by last year, here.

Back from Toscal Longuera to Spanish fashion.  There,  the Company Indesit with Zara, Stradivarius and more brands is most popular worldwide.

The Diario de avisos mentions twelve designers with the fashion show information of Los Realejos of 2018 in Spanish

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