A Tenerife village that locals and expats love.

'But this is our Tenerife village and we love it', said British Steffny the other day when I asked why she had come back all the way from la Paz where she lives now.

I hadn't seen the elderly tennis player for a while. Her apartment in Romantica 1 of La Longuera had become damp. However, this wasn't the only reason why she had moved, Her friend Angus Low had settled at the Davida Home for the elderly at La Paz of Puerto Cruz.

How come he left his beloved Realejos suburb?

Angus broke his hip, oh dear and that at age 94.

Nevertheless, the amazing former bowling champion started to walk again soon after.

That's when I encountered the happy man and Steffny, as so often on a Saturday when the village is buzzing with people. My UK friends had tea at their favorite hangout. That's the street café and bar Cafeteria Paraiso in Toscal Longuera.

Stunning views of this Tenerife village.

magnificent sunrise in Toscal Longuera Realejos
A magnificent sunrise, as happens so often, greets this location that is part of the 'Rincon' the beautiful Orotava valley.

Besides, not only stunning sun-ups but also beautiful sundowns were enjoyed two days after the famous summer solstice of this region of the municipality of Los Realejos.

Needless to say, there are more breath taking views of Toscal. Also, you see almost the entire Puerto de la Cruz from a little park by the oldest building of the village the 500 year old Hacienda La Gorvorana which may be restored, after all.

Village photos Toscal Longuera which include holiday scenes

Not depicted are the two important tennis clubs of Romantica 2 where tournaments takes place.
  • Club de Tenis Romantica
    C/Claveles, 21, tel: 0034 + 922 364024 or 666 773001
  • Club de Tenis Miramar
    C/Tulipanes Urb.Valparaiso Tel: 922 364008
  • Indeed, this settlement of approximately 7000 inhabitants by almost 25% of its municipality Los Realejos doesn't only have the advantages of a small town. There people still greet each other on the main street, as early as 7 a.m. in the morning.

    Often, several flocks of pigeons cruise the skies in astounding ways. You would think they were holding flight shows. Many of the birds roost on Azotea roof tops where some breeders keep them for sports. In fact, not all last floors are used for Northern penthouses of the island.

    Toscal Longuera village church and congregation.

    About Angus and Steffny amongst other UK expats

    From Tenerife village back to La Longuera for more information and business of this part of Realejos.

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