A Carnival queen 2012 of Santa Cruz de Tenerife comes as a surprise

A Carnival queen is the most important personality in a Latin Carnival which includes South America, besides mainland Spain, the Balearic as well as the Canary Islands. In Brazil, the Carnival King has more prestige, though. 

On February 12 of 2012, the nineteen year old Carmen Gil Gonzaléz of La Laguna was elected as the Reina Adulta the main queen of disguise for Santa Cruz the Tenerife capital

She was different with hardly any makeup when I saw her during the Gran Cozo Apoteosis on February 21.

Click the photo to see an enlarged and more detailed version where you may wonder what the hand wants to say.

The Tenerife adult queen election Gala

Carmen Gil Gonzalez who represented Zona Comercial Transvia already astounded the jury during the Gala of the crowning ceremony at Calatrava's Recinto Ferial. The dainty young lady was humble, but authoritative and majestic at the same time.

Later, the mayor of Santa Cruz had the opportunity to hand over his city's scepter to a worthy, dignified candidate. Her crown which reminded Cleopatra's by shape emphasized her imperial manners. So did the unusual, jewels on both her slender arms.

Santi Castro Saliarca designer of the Carnival Queen 2012 costume

Carmen Gil's costume with theme Imperio was his third trophy in two decades. His previous prizes dated back to 2003 and 2008.

Roman empire symbols

Click the picture of the Santa Cruz queen of carnival beside to enlarge it. Marvel at the cultural details of Roman sovereign decor or call it Roman empire symbols, as used during much of Rome's Imperium. Spot the eagle in the very front of the Carnival's queen as well as ornaments in a semi circle which represent Laurel leaves.

Golden lions with wings round off those ideas and flank Queen Carmen in a befitting fashion. The dress of the queen of the season of disguise harmonizes perfectly with the rest of the regal attire.

For how long will Carmen Gil be queen of Carnival?

It will last until the new queen for 2013 is elected.

What about the other royalties of the Tenerife carnival?

Santa Cruz de Tenerife capital also has a Reina Infantil the Little Girl Queen with all her ladies of honor. A little prince is also part of it, lately.  Then, there is La Reina de La Tercer edad  the Elderly Queen.

Accommodation Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Santa Cruz hotel in Tenerife capital for carnival multiple choice

Hotels for you to sleep over in Santa Cruz when you attend a carnival queen election that usually stops after midnight

Have a look at the following video which shows why Carmen was the best candidate to take over the reign of Carnival until the year 2013...

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