Carnival posters add more street art to the Tenerife capital

Carnival posters have become part of Spanish traditions on mainland Spain in Cardiz, as well as in its sunny holiday province Tenerife which is the biggest of the Canary Islands.

Of course, it's great fun to plan and to prepare the celebrations where marketing with graphics is important.

The carnival publicity of 1996 with two stylized Harlequins cast in stone was one of the first that were created.

More than 56 such poster designs with varied themes have been done since 1962.

Their carnival theme caleidoscope

  • Walt Disney
  • The rocking Twenties
  • Famous movie characters, such as Charley Chaplin
    or Frankenstein
  • The Rock and Roll era
  • Red Indians on the war path
  • South American cultures like the Inkas
  • Egypt and the Pharaohs
  • Africa
  • The world of animals
  • Anything which fits in with fun and disguise, to name just some mottoes

Another colorful poster was designed for the capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife in 1995. This year is marked in its upper part. The blue ocean and palms emphasize a fortunate climate. The carnival beauty with her party glitter and garlands stands for fun, fame and glamour.

The yearly poster design contest

In the past, known craftsmen from mainland Spain created the posters. From 2009 onward, local Tenerife designers were preferred. From then on, everybody had a chance to win the poster contest for the most famous mad season of Santa Cruz.

Even so called Talleres which are workshops enrol adults and children in the Tenerife capital to become creative with Carnival design.

The fat lady hasn't sung yet - No poster 2019 chosen yet

Ten posters for voting best cartel de carnaval 2019

Tenerife residents can now select the poster they want for 2019 out of ten best ones already chosen as published by Spanish Media here

  Want to see more mad season posters?

See many of the printed carnival fun advertisements by the following video...

Location of the Carnival posters made of floor tiles

Find this most unusual "open air carnival museum" opposite the Recinto Ferial Fair Grounds of the capital Santa  Cruz de Tenerife beside Parque Maritimo César Manrique alongside Avenida de la Constitución.

They were all cast in stone and slightly spaced out in one long row in the pavement under shady trees. A large parking space for cars is next to it.

Tiny plaques above them indicate names of sponsors, such as the Lanzarote surf shop Pampero.

The man who should be thanked for this street art

Mayor Don Miguel Zerolo Aguilar was also honored in this spot.

His ongoing carnival support was praised in calligraphy on one last poster.

Thanks to him the poster paintings on stone became reality.

The artistic writing was placed on white ceramic tiles which complements this extraordinary street art of Tenerife.

Not to forget is the Puerto Cruz Carnival Poster artist Jonás Manuel who has created works for all Canary Islands since 2017. See them titled Frenesi at the Puerto Cruz Casa de la Juventud in Calle Zamora 38 from February 04 to February 28.

From carnival posters back to Tenerife attractions carnival.

What many find also interesting is Tenerife street art with gigantic sculptures in the open

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