Tenerife living was what UK retiree Julia made of it.

Tenerife living meant everything for elderly British Julia. The first Carnival in
 Tenerife which she saw while on vacation got her hooked.

Tenerife carnival with amazing costumes
She wanted a holiday home in Tenerife. She found it in rural Tacoronte. From then on she spent every mad season there. She became an expat and settled in this villa for good after she retired from her work in England.

Now, she could stroll through her wild cottage garden every day. Nature spilled over this paradise with bushes, herbs and flowers, while the neighbors horses looked on. She grew vegetables on a
small scale. She harvested oranges that grew outside her kitchen window. She made delicious marmalade.

Tenerife living by Julia as Carnival costume designer

She worked mainly for local schools but also for friends. Tenerife carnival attracted her enormously and her life never stopped evolving around it. She also made many friends at the biggest Tenerife English library in Taoro Park. She often entertained them with parties at her large indoor garden room. Indeed, she managed to make the most of life in Tenerife.

Carnival costumes home made

She also turned one of her bedrooms into a carnival storage room. It was full of colorful and spectacular costumes which she had done up herself. It would have made a museum proud. She organized carnival plays and similar shows in Spanish schools where her carnival outfits were very welcome. Obviously, she also made many Spanish friends during her stay in Tenerife.

Carnival children dressed for the funeral of the Sardine

Carnival children

Julia loved children. A son of hers lived in England and came for the occasional holiday. She told me that she adored Carnival children most. I don't think that she made much money a living with her costume design but, this was her passion.

Tenerife carnival the non plus ultra

Julia would never miss a carnival in the city Santa Cruz. She might rather spend a night in one of the many hotels when too tired to travel home. However, Tacoronte is not further away than a good half an hour by car from the city. Nowadays, carnival and drinking has become a problem for driving. It's not tolerated any more. One more good reason to sleep over in in one of the Tenerife capital hotels.

Unfortunately, something happened. Julia the retiree carnival costume designer has disappeared. Retirement and Tenerife carnival were not meant to be for ever for her. Last time when I spoke to her she said she was going to join a son in Australia.

She had found a buyer for her big home in Tacoronte. Fortunately for her, that was before the Tenerife real estate crash.

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