Tacoronte has more than the wines of Acentejo.

Tacoronte and its name indeed date back to the Guanches a people with a neolithic cave culture.

The region was ruled by Mencey Acaymo at the time of the Tenerife conquest. However in those days over 500 years ago,  neither sugar cane nor vineyards adorned its fertile slopes inland, while bananas date 200 years back.

The relatively dry, sunny climate of this part of Tenerife is most surprising. It starts at less than 4 km from Tenerife's airport Los Rodeos but,  is a world apart by  weather change

Oscar Dominguez at Tacoronte.

Make out a white castle in the image below.

The surrealist painter of La Laguna Oscar Dominguez spent many a summer vacation there when he was a mere boy.  More about him here.

The  Tenerife holiday home insider and author of this article learned this from a native. He is a descendant from the Mesa family like the father of the artist who owned the property on the green slopes above the ocean.

Acentejo coast a pearl of paradise landscapes for tourists and locals.

Several look-outs along a pristine hiking path allow contemplating wonderful wild cliffs and bays by the ocean as far as Buena Vista del Norte with a little luck. Mount Teide is also visible, often.

A 4 km long road departs in the vicinity of the municipal market and trails down to Mesa del Mar from there with invigorating views.

Mesa del Mar and Playa de la Arena beaches.

Then there is also el Pris with its town beach. Not to forget the hard to reach Playa La Garañona and the natural rock pool of Tejina Jover further on.  Find the latter via cross road signs to Guayonje and to Tejina.  The TF 161 proceeds to the Jover pool, later on. An alternative route is via the TF 13 via Tegueste.

Important Tacoronte history and culture

The regions inicial settlers, such as Sebastián  (Sebastiao)Machado from Guimeraes who founded an Agustine convent and his father Lope were Portuguese. So were Don Diego Pereira de Castro and his nephew. All had been connected financially or otherwise to the conqueror  the Adelantado de Lugo.

Iglesia Santa Catalina with unusual lateral bell tower.

Exquisitely carved woodwork adorns the church pulpit and its stairs.

Some of this temple's exquisite paintings are by the famous C.H. de Quintana from La Orotava. Church visiting hours are on Thursdays and Saturdays from 10.a.m. to 12.a.m.  Not to forget is the large town square with Church Iglesia del Cristo and its ancient convent of traditional Canary Island architectural style.

End of feudalism.

The abolition of the Mayorazgo law of forced inheritance by the new law the Ley Desvinculadora of 1820 made it possible that properties could be bought by anybody.

This made the wine industry in the XIX century even more prosperous which led to sociopolitical changes.

In 1812, 30,09km2 from coast to mountain slopes became the Tacoronte municipality. By 2013 it reached over 23000 inhabitants.

Today, the region's certified quality wines of (DO) origin of Acentejo are an important asset besides its locally made goat cheese.

Fiesta del Cristo where wine and religion go hand in hand.

The photos of the growing vines were taken by an urban  street between Plaza del Cristo and Plaza de la Iglesia Santa Catalina of the old quarters of town.

Indeed, Many sports competitions and concerts have been scheduled. Two day and two night processions with the Christ statue take place. Several Queens Reinas of art and of wine are an important part of the religious celebrations that stretch over a period of four weeks until October 30, 2017. Note a main procession always takes place after the Eucharist of 12 noon on Sunday.

Example of festival program.

Sports and outdoor activities

Sports clubs for hiking, walking, sky and scuba diving, work-out gyms have become trendy. The region's Club Real de Golf has the oldest Tenerife golf greens at Calle Campo de Golf 1, El Peñón. Tel: +34 922 636 607 and Fax +34 922 636 480

Rural versus town life.

Town streets that lead to the coast including its old quarters are well marked. The Eastern rural region that reaches toward the mountain is different.

There in 2004, I once battled to find the small holding of a British lady. Also, properties were spread out substantially contrary to the congested urban ones.

Her kitchen yard smelled of ripe  Oranges, Lemons and Lavender which grew outside the door, while horses looked over her fence.

Why no entire bliss?

The lady told me that too many locals had left the farms and vineyards. The construction industry, real estate, tourism and related services lured them away.

Other town attractions.

Tacoronte Public Transport news.

The most astounding novelty is an electronic Titsa bus schedule announcement screen in the middle of town by the bus station. Now,you can see which buses are due to arrive there and how long they will take.

From Tacoronte back to Tenerife towns.

All about the wine of the Acentejo region with its interesting future here.

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