Carnival hats of unique fantasy in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Carnival hats are much more than accessories in a Tenerife carnival.

This is why they are huge in general. Every year, their designs surprise by exclusivity and originality.
The ones which captivate most are the headpieces that adorn all three queens the Reinas del Carnaval. The beauty and imagination of their designs which often surpass 4m of height know no limits. This is carnival fantasy of Chicharreros. Those Santacruzeros had immense, exotic influence from Cuba, Venezuela and Brasil.

Talking of carnival headpieces of Tenerife queens?

The Reina del Carnaval of 2017 Madame Soleil who is portrayed beside had such a headpiece. It didn't only show her diamond tiara which glittered with countless precious stones.  More than 100000 orange feathers that mimicked the sun extended it. The sky was the limit. So much to parts, bits and pieces.
 The Carnival hats of queens may be two and a half times the size of the person that wears them, as plumage and other decorations made of light materials extend the height. Their Tiaras easily weigh half a ton, as they may be loaded with thousands of pieces of fake diamonds, semi precious stones or jewels that border on science fiction.
Many resemble royal crowns. However, the head adornments of child queens may resemble the flowery wreath of a fairy, while surroundings look like they are part of it.

Remarkable child queen carnival headpiece

Admire the above photo with a most gigantic peacock headpiece. Here too, the amount of plumage that surrounds the head and body of the little girl is out of this world. Indeed, it must have been from hundreds of peacocks.

Carnival hats of ladies of honor

The glamor of their headpieces generally rivals the adornments of the carnival empress, as their designs were created for the Gala de la Reina where all were candidates to become queen.

Basic Tiaras or hats of carnival queens

They are the essential head decorations that set them apart from all others that appear every year. The yearly carnival theme dictates their looks.

The headpieces of Tenerife Comparsa dancers

The Comparsa dancer must not have heavy hats. They  need to be as weightless as possible.

Feathers and any super light material that  swing and float to the sound of Salsa and Rumba are ideal. Thin metal parts may give the head decorations height.

Other Carnival head dressing

Musical troupes may wear the hats of folklore but may also chose something that fits the characters which they present.

This could be a Zulu tribe from Africa.

The Murga decorate the tops of their heads less. But theirs often resemble clown hats.

Charming carnival hats seen at a Rondalla

Rondallas which are known to follow the fashion of the centuries XVI, XVII and XVIII have their own style every year.  They may dress their heads to suit the songs and the music they represent. This may be from an opera.  The hats above look like Cavalier, Beaver or Capitano hats.

Loosely displayed hats at the House of Carnival

Casa del Carnaval is only partly a Tenerife carnival museum , as not everything there is exhibited permanently. For example, the Carnival Queen display which has its own hall is changed every year. Otherwise, look out for more carnival headpieces that would have befitted the king of the Inca in ancient Peru. They have feathers of the most stunning colors and size.

Want to learn even more about a carnival design academy by a Spanish video here?

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