Carnival in Tenerife in an ideal, free surrounding

Did you ever watch a Carnival in Tenerife queen crowning Gala  at the Recinto Ferial or see contests of Samba dancing Comparsas, there?

They are not free but,  superb.  A video in Youtube of the winning Comparsa Los Cariocas of 2020 is a perfect proof why Tenerife comes straight after Rio de Janeiro for its international disguise festival with Caribbean tunes.

But where watch the free Coso Apotheosis the main parade best?

Nothing beats the location outside Lago Lido Martianez on Avenida Colón of Puerto de la Cruz to enjoy this Carnival Day Parade.


Tall, mature palms fan just enough air and form a subtropical arena lengthwise. No hotels stop any pleasant breeze from the Atlantic Ocean, but protect people's backs on the one road side.

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Hence, the tropical trees add on indirectly to the decoration of Carnival floats, while the Atlantic is only separated by the see-through Lago Lake paradise oasis a master work by the late César Manrique. There, waves beat its borders and Canary birds chant merrily into brilliant blue skies.

Lined-up chairs along both sides of the avenue provide comfort.
So do comfortable seats of the many street cafes for onlookers to enjoy Comparsas and musical groups.

Close enough space is here and there for those who want to be quick on foot to watch the big Coso parade with camera on hand to catch a shot of the Carnival Queen and other top motives

The Carnival in Tenerife spot with ideal photography light conditions

The afternoon sun is in a perfect position by the Lago Lido Martianez just after 4.p.m. at this time of Winter from February into March which may even be an early Spring.

The fun in the Parade Avenue outside Lago Martianez is always non stop and so are happy faces with amazing make-up.

A perfect arena for Carnival in Tenerife speech and drama

The ideal nook of the town Puerto Cruz with Mediterranean flair helps when entire families perform little disguise scenes to captivate attention, as here for an ancient Roman moment.

More praise for the Carnival in Tenerife Puerto de la Cruz of 2020

Its main Coso street parade was on time with hardly a gap between floats and carnival groups. Hence, waiting and boredom were no issue.

Also, nobody ran onto the Carnival Parade walk way to block a good shot from an approaching or passing-by float. No monitors obstructed the photographer's lense.  This regards the prime location by César Manrique's Lido Martianez jewel of outstanding natural swimming pools. It may have been different in other parts of the town during the long track of the parade.

What about the best area for the Puerto Cruz Gay Parade Marathon stage?

That needs to be different. Cobble stones are required which the Capital Carnival in Santa Cruz Tenerife can't offer to the best of my knowledge. However lately, the runners start off at Plaza de Los Reyes Católicos right beside Lago Martianez, where the San Telmo palms are still part of the start-up scenario. This is followed by steps and slopes until the cobbles start after San Telmo beach.


Of course, watching a Coso of Carnival in Tenerife can beat the perfect location of Puerto de la Cruz near Café Paris and the Lago when friends and family are more important and can't leave a town on the biggest Canary Island. A big plus since 2020 are special Titsa buses and that the Santa Cruz and Puerto de la Cruz Cosos are not staged on the same day any more, as shown here. 

From Carnival in Tenerife specific to location back to the Puerto de la Cruz Carnival in general with the latest agenda and other information

See the weather forecast by Aemet for the extended Carnival Puerto de la Cruz for Friday 06 and Saturday 07 of 2020 


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