La Pimienta a must try for fresh fish.

La Pimienta of La Matanza de Acentejo had been recommended to us from a good source.

Hence we had to check it out.

How get there?

Kindly find out by scrolling down this page.

Best time to go there?

Nor the beginning of a month nor a public holiday will be ideal. We had arrived there on a Sunday by 1.15 p.m. without reservation. Already, about fifty cars seemed to be in the parking ground. Luckily, we found a space in the street opposite.

What is special about this place of Tenerife cuisine?

You draw a number by the the fish display counter that borders part of the open cooking area.
Then you inspect the fish you might like to eat. 

The waitress placed our two Viejas i.e. Parrot fish in a bowl with our name and number.

Now we had time to look around.

The thirty year old family restaurant was packed with people in two large as well as in adjoining tiny rooms.
However, luckily we didn't have to cue too long.

We could while away the time by watching how food was prepared in the open plan kitchen while we were waiting.

The food we ordered at la Pimienta.

The usual white bread arrived.

Guess what?

Something came that we had not asked for.

A small green Chili pepper (pimienta) the icon of the restaurant was lying innocently next to the bread roll. My companion who adores hot chili pepper had to taste it, as any hot pepper is extremely hard to get in Tenerife.
My companion's eyes immediately started to water alarmingly but, he bravely took more devilish bites. "Why do you eat it?", i asked. "Because I love it," was the amazing answer. Well, he certainly wont forget the Pimienta of La Matanza de Acentejo. 

Asparagus, Avocado slices and Tuna were surprising ingredients in the salad besides the more regular ones, as depicted above.
All was super fresh, just like the fish that arrived later.  So did the Papas Negras which were so called Potatoes Bonitas, by the way.

The half a liter of white wine had been an excellent choice. It was a light, semi sweet so called Afrutante. It wasn't a Malvasia, as that would have had stronger alcohol content.

An assortment of wines of the region is displayed on a small table. A lovely option to select an entire bottle of your choice...

Next time, i wont order potatoes, as the salad was very filling. I rather only have the sweet milk rice dessert again. It was delicious. It also wasn't too sweet which was much appreciated.

What was the bill at this Matanza fish restaurant?

Our July 2017 outing for two people for a three course meal with half a liter of wine cost us about Euro 40. This included tipping the waitress. The two parrot fish had a combined weight of 0,875g, hence just under 1kg. Cheaper places are bound to be in the region but,  none were recommended to us for very fresh fish.

Address La Pimienta with a map.

Important to help you find La Pimienta in addition to the road map.

It takes about three minutes and 1,3km to drive from the big farmers market of La Matanza to La Pimienta. Watch out on your right for a pointer to San Antonio by Calle Guia by about number 189 of Carretera General del Norte the TF 217. Opposite,  turn into Calle Higueras de Borallo which becomes Calle Toscas de San Antonio on the uphill section after the road bend.

From La Pimienta back to Tenerife restaurants.

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