Hacienda San Pedro Tenerife for memorable eating out

Hacienda San Pedro with its Bodega San Pedro in the cellar is one of Los Realejos restaurants where even the plates show its name.

It's also one of at least six options to eat out at Meson el Monasterio.

You are looking for a so called Hacienda restaurant. You wonder where it is.

It is in the impressive double story building with big barrels on the side that draws you in. You see it, as soon as you get through a huge cast iron gate, unless you drove in by the big parking ground. This structure is only the start. Much built up space follows on this biggest private estate of restaurants in Tenerife North. You can glimpse that more seem to be ahead on a slope that could be a village road.

News January 2023 for Meson Monasterio

On Sunday January 15, the massive door depicted above was closed. This means, that the restaurant behind didn't seem to be open.  Following this I discovered on the Monastery main web page for its Bodega below that it is closed until further notice. It was however possible to be served on the first floor, as usual. The same closure applies to the Mirador Restaurant and terrace. All other places in the park have business as usual. 

The barrels announce the Hacienda's basement Bodega which is big. There behind them by the medieval well, we used to sit often, kind of hidden. Yet nothing that passes by remains undetected from your views  from that spot. 

This almost private place is ideal when you are waiting for a taxi. Otherwise, sit there to savor the estate's own beer brand together with some Tapas.  It's a good place to take a break with a dog and get a daily dose of free vitamin D. 

An upper floor restaurant at Hacienda San Pedro of Meson Monasterio

The buildings winding staircase gets you to the restaurant's first floor. It has both a cafe in the entrance as well as restaurant en suite. To order a snack is just fine in the less formal section. There,  not only the San Pedro boat draws you in but also a window with Nouveau art Tiffany.

Hacienda San Pedro for memorable celebrations

Such events are ideally reserved in the ground floor restaurant above the Bodega.  Friends or family from overseas will always appreciate eating out with special decor.

The unusual mural by the stairs to the bodega could just as well be in a Patrician Vila of Florence. Sit by its rails and sip exquisite wine that's enhanced by the faint smell of oak barrels. It rises from below in the open cellar.

Now, also comfortable seating in the Hacienda Bodega

Year 2006 was when only Germans seemed to know el Monasterio, while some met there for Champagne breakfasts on Sundays. That's why the Tenerife Holiday home insider was well aware of the place when she started her website at that time.

Sometimes, life folk music concerts take place in the Hacienda's bodega. Its events may be shown in television, later.

Food at Hacienda San Pedro with candle light dinners.

Order beef filet the Japanese way. It will be grilled by the waiter on a hot stone by your table. A few slices of best Cochino Negro Serrano ham may suit this occasion. So is the exquisite cheese that's displayed by the counter.

A friend a hotel owner from South Africa who appreciates good meat, wine and inspiring surroundings was extremely taken with the San Pedro restaurant. He refused to eat anywhere else during his one week vacation by Puerto de la Cruz.

A lunch with friends and a toddler

The waiter at Hacienda de San Pedro went out of his way to make a three year old feel comfortable with us, while the granny went to select our seafood upstairs by the boat. A baby chair was provided but not needed in the end.

We had Conejo and fish the first time we went there. It was fish only together with starters when we returned for lunch another time.

Salads and French fries went well with everything and kept the child happy. Obviously, we were very pleased with the food and besides, there were things to do all around us by this Hacienda village of Tenerife. 
The restaurant has a tempting selection of cakes, tarts and pastries. We postponed to have  any of those, sometime later. 

Always surprises at the restaurant of Mesón Monasterio where you enter the park

Hacienda San Pedro a winner in the XV Patapa Tapas Contest of Los Realejos in 2018

It came second for its creation the Tapa de la Bisabuela, while hotel Rural Bentor was the winner number One. Unfortunately, winning Tapas are hardly on offer after a competition.

Address of Hacienda San Pedro

  • La Montañeta, 12
  •   38410 Los Realejos
  •  Tel: 922 344311
  •  Fax: 922 370510
  •  Contact: info@columbus-sa.eu
  •  Closed on Mondays

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About the amazing Los Realejos estate of restaurants with park whose name translates into monastery

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