A Tenerife Restaurant for Christmas Eve in the North

Friends and I have been searching for a Tenerife restaurant in the North where we could spend Christmas Eve for the last ten years.

Today, I am excited to share one such place with you. I stumbled upon it with a friend on a rainy day. We had nothing with us to take any photos.

This Restaurant is Chinese and is open on Christmas Eve which is called Heilig Abend in German.

Restaurante Chino Pato Laqueado Pekin

A clean practical no frill restaurant
without special flair of romance or the like
C/AceviƱo S/N in Edificio Mar y Cumbre off Carretera Botanico
(at the end of the road of the Supermercado 2000 Sumo,
Hotel Teidemar and Hotel Riu Bonanza)
La Paz - 38400 Puerto de la Cruz - Tenerife
Tel: 922 373 489 Take-away food possible
Opening hours: 12:00 -16:00 and 18:00 - 24:00 every day
Large space for free parking

The Special Pekin duck for €29.95 is to be ordered in advance

Mind that a Christmas menu will only be available for groups of a minimum of 4 people. Singles may select food a la carte. It's recommended to reserve your seats, as places may be taken.

One of best value for money dishes out of 107 which a friend with food allergies and I have successfully tried

(Just tell the waiter "no colorantes y tal, por favor")
  • Roasted rice with chicken dish Number 25
  • Pefectly steamed and fried rice with tender
    well done chicken and slips of stir-fried vegetables inside
  • Its price was € 3,95 much value for money in December 2013, while drinks are also cheap

Menus at this La Paz restaurant start from € 17.50 for 2 up to €62.50 for 6 persons.

This restaurant seems to be one of few which doesn't close its doors prematurely.

And as said, the Restaurante Pato Laqueado Pekin is not closing doors on Christmas Eve, either...

Not a Tenerife restaurant Gourmet.

People who expect rather exclusive and exotic dishes will be disappointed. They could not be offered at the low prices that are charged.

Bodega in Realejo Alto the upgraded former Guachinche La Cueva los Guines open on Christmas Eve until 19h00 or longuer for a large group. Not exactly a Gourmet restaurant but good value for money...

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